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I am here to enjoy meeting other bloggers and to share my love of craft ,mostly crochet, my thoughts and my daily happenings here in Alicante,Spain, my adopted country. I belong to a local choir because singing and music makes me happy. Flea markets and book shops are two of my favourite places to be. I read lots......sci´fi/fantasy,buried treasure, and off world adventures. I have a passion for history! I walk and walk and walk for about 10 months per year during the hot months I swim.

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

What a mess!


Need I explain!


They finally found the leak !  Now I have to see if we still have some spare tiles to cover the ones they broke otherwise the whole wall will have to be tiled again!  

The wait now begins to see when they are coming back to fix this mess and put the tiles back...sigh!


 Looking on the bright side of things this sweet little chap joined the family on 6th April 2021,which is coincidentally my father's birthday too. My father who would have been his great great grandfather. Dad would have loved to have seen another boy in the family. He always said he was inundated with women, after having 7 girls I am inclined to think he was right πŸ˜€

My great nephew Cole David Julian says hello!πŸ‘Ά

 I thought the hat I sent him would be too small but it looks as if it will last him a couple of months. Mind you these babes grow so quick!

Here you have Cole all cuddled up in the blanket I made for him which I displayed to you here at the end of that post.


 Goodies Swap

Cherie from  North Yorkshire Craft Guru blog and I have been having an improvised goodies swap. I received my parcel last Monday from Cherie and as Cherie has received my parcel to her as well I can now show you what I received.  

Lots of eye candy and with loads of pretty sparkly bits! Unfortunately the photo doesn't pick up the glitter,such a shame.



Opening the parcel was really delightful as all this spilled out and I didn't know what to look at first.  Pretty pretty ribbons, golden and silver cords and lacy fabric.  Fabulous!



I just love buttons and these are gorgeous. Difficult to say which I like best but I'll just say all of them because they all are so cute!

For me these are tops!    These dainty fairy antennas are perfect for my flower fairies. I didn't know you could buy them.  This is so much easier than making them as I have had to do up to now,as you can see in this photo of a previous Flower fairy RAOCK that I made.


In a recent email Cherie wrote "I hope you have fun making something with the contents."    You can be sure of that Cherie! It wont be straight away but I have plans already. Thank you so much Cherie,everything will be used!

Tree barbers

 Our Palm trees have had a hair cut

The Yellow blob you can see half way down the Palm tree is the man from the gardens dept in the local council who has just given that Palm tree its haircut. They used to do it by shinning up the palm tree with just a belt I see they use a traditional ladder now 😊


Well shorn!

About feeding:

I have the egg shells all mulched up ready to use on my indoor plants. I am still hesitant about sprinkling it on the orchids so will ask google for more info.   I have read green tea is good for indoor plants too.   As it is I have one orchid that is determined to flower for spring and here you can see she is all about doing that.

My St Valentines gift is also doing well. Amazing how long the flowers last.

Happy blogging 

Keep well


Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Coconut Walk



HRH Prince Philip 1921-2021    " Rest in peace "


Waiting for the plumber! I do wish they'd give an approximate time of when they are going to call in. 

Water started dripping down from under our apartment (we are 1st floor) yesterday and so we have to check it out if it is us or not. I think it is because I see water has accumulated in the bottom of the drum of my washing machine.  This last year it has been nothing but problems with the sink and washing machine pipes. 



I shan't be smiling if he keeps me waiting all day!





Random Acts of Crochet Kindness Group.

I do like to think my RAOCKs travel around the world so I have sent this keyring across the pond to the USA to Kathy at Hummingbird Studio at the lake.  She has finally received it! πŸ‘


The  Paseo del CoCΓ³ (Coconut Walk) is finally finished and was opened last week.

It is a small stretch of land and coastline which follows on from the Postiguet Beach promenade (the city beach)

It was just a long dirt track quite narrow in some places behind some of the old coastal railway lines. It had become popular for people to use it as a shortcut to the Albufereta beach defence wall Walk which links up further along with the Alicante City coast road. 

Well they have modernised this eye sore and it now extends the Postiguet promenade further along the coast to join up with with that Albufereta Beach wall coast Walk.  





I must say over the last 20 years the city council has constantly been improving the public infrastructure with new roads,parks, promenades,walks and most particularly bicycle paths and so on. It looks so much better and cleaner since I came to live here with Sr P in 1975. 

Sr P is particularly proud of his city (very much a city lad) and often says to me lets go here I heard they have restored this place or converted it into...bla bla ....this etc. I never tire of this there always seems to be something different or new.

It was very busy last Sunday and people were thoroughly enjoying the new Walk and of course as no cars are allowed any more they didn't have to dodge the cars trying to get through either.


On the left you can see the old railway buildings they are fenced off at present. Lets hope they are going to do something about tidying that area up and getting rid of all the graffiti on the walls.!

They have converted this part of the Walk into a play and keep fit area.

This is where it joins up with the Postiguet Beach promenade.

On the left of the Walk you have the Mediterranean in all its picturesque bluey green glory! 


 It was a wonderful sunny morning. 


 I even manage to get a shot of Sr P (very rare) trying out one of the new snazzy coloured benches.

I have never seen such colourful benches before and look a red litter bin too πŸ˜ƒ


I have given it some thought and finally I have come to a decision!

 I like the snazzy benches and litter bins πŸ’ƒ


It now has a name!

Before I forget I also wanted to tell you that the Park I took you to a few Sundays ago in this post here ,which I mentioned was called Park No Name has finally been named (they must have heard me criticising)!  It is now called Parque del Mar (The Sea Park).



 As always I do very much like to use natural remedies rather than buy a bottle. I have been reading about using egg shells as a plant fertilizer.


They also mentioned that this type of fertilizer can be used on orchids but before I risk the health of my precious orchids (I have three I spoil lots!) I would like to ask you,the Green Fingers bloggers, your advice.  What do you think about using this on orchids?

 New follower

Welcome to my new follower!  I haven't been able to find out exactly who you are on my friend connect lists. Its getting a bit confusing now there are 231 followers. I really don't know how those bloggers who have 400 or more manage!  However when you have the time please pop in to say hello. I always love to receive comments on my posts🌟
 Happy blogging to you all
keep well
Amanda :-)


Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Somewhere over the mountains


Hugs to you all for helping me promote my daughter's new teaching venture.


A friend suggested to my daughter that as she lives so near to the airport and to the International Trade Fair Centre she should rent out her spare room to travellers. She was a bit dubious about doing this but she finally decided it could be a way of earning some extra cash so she advertised it at the end of March on What a surprise when the very next day a Dutch couple contacted her about renting the room for one night on 2nd April as their flight was leaving at 6 in the morning. We all did our bit to help to get the room ready and it all went perfectly well and all Covid precautions were respected. The lady left a very nice review on the page. This could be the start of a neat little business, perhaps.

 WARNING  photo overload!


Last week we finally got up into the mountains and my main objective was to look for almond blossom and this is what we found:



 So.....a bit too late, there was no blossom left. I really suspected as much but was still hopeful. We do normally go almond blossom trekking in February,that is the right time, but as I wasn't feeling so great it all got postponed. Nevertheless it was good to see all the millions or thousands of almond trees across the fields on their way to producing delicious almonds and we will go back to our usual haunt (see here) in September to have a nibble on the windfalls like we do every year.   We then decided to go on to Biar a town further up into the mountains where Sr P's Aunty had a villa. Years back we used to spend a few days there every summer to get away from the hot exhausting heat down in the city.   

Although it was chilly up there it was a perfectly lovely day. We went straight to the town centre for a walk around our favourite spots and to see what had changed there which wasn't much.  I still have difficulty speaking the local language which is Valenciano but the people are very considerate here and slip back into Spanish once they see you don't understand. Actually thanks to my MIL I do understand quite a lot of Valenciano as it was her first language and in her last years she slipped back to her childhood and would only speak in that language so it was a matter of having to understand it when I was alone with her.

Church Our Lady of the Ascension


 Mass was underway so I couldn't go in to view the church. Lovely to hear a guitar being played and children singing. 

The Town Hall opposite the church.


A door that caught my eye 


Another door! I just love those door knockers!   A dragon! 

After a little refreshment we sat on the terrace of a local bar and afterwards decided to face the climb up to the castle

A lot of huffing and puffing later we finally got to the castle walls.


 Which meant we were nearly there.


We didn't go up into the castle itself as we have been there several times and more than anything I wanted to capture this view

It was breathtaking!   

Tia Pilar's villa was situated on those mountain slopes behind the church tower.


We decided to take another route to get back down to the town centre and the car park by following the castle wall around to the top of another street.

 which took us back down

to the car park.   



I haven't any RAOCKs to show you this week as I am making something for a friend and I can't show you what it is as yet. 



I have just started reading Dissolution by C.J. Sansom that Liz at Shortbread and Ginger  recommended. I must say although I haven't read much as yet I am impressed with the author's power of description which sends me back to Harry Tudor's times during the suppression of the monasteries.  It feels like a good book because I am eager to pick it up again and read on.




I would like to wish "safe journey" to Betsy on  The Simple Life of a Queen who is travelling  to her new home in Omaha USA.   "Wishing you the very best in your new home Betsy"

 Happy days dear bloggers

Keep well

Amanda :-)
















Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Cartoon Cat


There have been a few distractions this last weekend and a touch of heartache.   Daughter NΒΊ1, after the dismal end of her own language school venture which she had to close down last March due to the pandemic, has been depending on online classes and English-Spanish translations to earn her way and also keep my grand-daughter in technical college to finish her studies. As a one-parent family as well and even though we help where possible it is a struggle.  

She is burning the midnight oil to think of innovative ideas to appeal to her pupils and students to make her English and Spanish online classes as enjoyable and motivating as possible and also to promote her classes.
The more fun they have the more they will learn and I so agree with that! There is nothing worse than a boring class and I as a teacher have to add there is nothing worse than a classful of bored pupils or students. The learning light will flicker and eventually dim altogether and then nobody learns anything!  

As Thomas Ra ( remember I posted about him here :-) is so popular with her young pupils/students ( he does sometimes sit right in front of the monitor when she gives classes so they have been introduced to him) she has recently been using her cat Thomas Ra as a subject in her classes,the children love to say hello to him and watch him grooming himself. 

She is at present inventing a cartoon about Thomas Ra and yesterday she sent me a couple of her first images that she will add to her cartoon layout

These are two of the shots from the cartoon she is creating:


 Pretty good I think considering she is learning how to use the cartoon app as she goes along.

Her online classes being online means she has been able to offer her classes to the national arena but surprise, surprise she has recently started Spanish classes with a Polish lady in Poland. This has given her the stimulus to open up and offer her online classes worldwide.  Now I know that this sounds like publicity and you are quite right if you are thinking that!  I am her mother and whatever I can do to help her and my grand-daughter to get back on their feet I will do!   I have never advertised on my blog posts and nor do I want to and this will be the only exception. She is of course advertising herself on different worldwide online tuition sites,some are free but others cost money which she cannot afford. Publicity is very expensive!   More than anything she needs to get the word out there worldwide, so as she has a social Facebook page for her classes and also uses it to promote her business I would kindly ask you if you could ( if you are on facebook) like the page (link below) and share it on your own Facebook page please.  

Thank you! I am sending you my thanks in advance whether you do as requested here or not....but also to thank you for reading this. I am not comfortable with this type of post but this situation my blogger friends has brought about drastic measures.

Free2talk OLT  facebook page


 Crochet doodling again and using up some leftovers to make this ribbon yarn butterfly. 

Hook 3,5 Katia Tahiti ribbon yarn,pattern from Planet Penny


I doubt very much that I shall make another butterfly with this ribbon yarn. It was hard work😧

 RAOCKs  dropped off in the park last Friday.



 Keep well

     Amanda πŸ™‚

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Is it lost!



It is over 5 weeks since I sent my parcel to my niece in Australia , which I wrote about
here. She still hasn't received it!  I just hope it isn't lost. I cannot recall any of the parcels I have sent in the past ever taking so long. 

I am going to give it another week and then I will have to go back to the Post Office here and see what they can do about it... tch!   

 πŸ””πŸ””Whoopee! The parcel has arrived...that's about 6 weeks to get there but at least I don't have to worry now!! (added 25th March) !

 Sunday morning

 After a rainy,chilly and windy week with snow falling on the mountain peaks it cleared up  just right for our Sunday outing. The outing still wasn't up in the mountains as we had previously planned but instead we went for a walk along Urbanova beach 10 minutes drive outside of the city. 

There was a chilly wind at the beach but the sun was shining and the skies were blue again and quite a few people were flying kites on the beach which was good to watch.





 It was such a pleasant stroll along the promenade watching the children in the sand and youngsters playing ball or just sitting on a bench curled up reading a book.  I saw the police patrolling checking that people were wearing their masks and also wearing them correctly and not under their chins.There was a really pleasant ambience,people enjoying the walk and chatting with family members and children happily running around playing as children do. An enjoyable sight which impressed me because it was so normal and frankly it was just so good to feel the normality of it all.

Can you see the snow on the mountain tops in the background?




 Big Red Rose RAOCK , the size of my hand, all ready to go in my stash to be left out this week.🌹. Such a shame the camera hasn't picked up the little sparkly red gems I left under some petals.

RAOCKs are great for using up bits of yarn.  Hook  4, Mixed yarn, No Pattern



My sister sent me this book last week from the UK.


She knows how much I like to find out the origin of idioms.  The English language is packed full of popular phrases and sayings(idioms) that we use frequently in our daily life. I often find myself wondering where certain phrases or expressions come from. I am finding this book is clarifying for me that question I constantly ask myself.

Let me just give you an example I found out about this curious idiom quite some time ago :

e.g "There is no room to swing a cat in here.   no room to swing a cat is the idiom

This actually originated from Navy jargon around about 16th century. When they referred to a cat in the Navy they were talking about a whip, a rather horrendous instrument called "cat' o nine tails" which was used to punish any unruly sailor.  The whip itself had nine long tails studded with spikes and to be able to strike the poor sailor in question ample space was required so they had to do so on the deck of the ship were there was plenty of space. Today we use this phrase when we want to indicate that a certain space is excessively small because there is no room to swing a cat. 

 Fascinating,isn't it? 😊


 Hope you are having a good week


Keep well


Amanda :-)