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I read lots......sci´fi/fantasy,buried treasure, and off world adventures. I have a passion for history! I walk and walk and walk about 10 months per year during the hot months I swim.

Friday, 31 July 2020

The winner

Santa Barbara Castle

I tried to set up a video clip to show you how I was using the Random Number Generator online to select the winner. Blogger kept rejecting the video clip so I took a screenshot!  
As you can see there were 20 entries in all.....


the Winner is........ 




which corresponds with the blog "A new life in Wales "



Please contact me and send me your postal address
Amanda 😊

Monday, 27 July 2020

The Inevitable!

Exactly that!!!

I am smiling :-)

I really did not want to try New Blogger out at all especially after all the problems I have had recently with Blogger but my old Aunty May used to say best git ee over and dun wit.....,down to earth but wise old lady was my Aunty May! 
Well I did and initially all was well. I wrote up my last post "The Real Thing"while testing New Blogger. I had a few snags situating the photos on the post as they kept skidding back to where New Blogger wanted to put those images! I finally got that sorted and finished my post. I published it and it uploaded to my blog window. As I always do I logged out of the blog and checked if I could see my post online!! Yep...all fine there.....!!
 I then noticed  no thumbnail image appeared on my blog roll to indicate I had a new post . I checked the Reading list and no post appeared there either just the previous post. There you have it I had a new post that the blogworld could see on my blog but the blog roll image and the update on the reading list was missing completely.  After waiting to see if it they would appear from the depths of bloggerland on their own by logging out and logging in to blogger again but did not happen ! I therefore tried this that and the other to try and activate those two missing elements!  Consequently I got really fed up and reverted back to old Blogger and the missing thumbnail image appeared in seconds as it should do on my blog roll and the post appeared also likewise on my reading list!!

So much for the first try with New Blogger !!     I am hoping this is something that may have happened to other bloggers out there and if so I really want to hear how you solved it..please!!
I have read somewhere that old Blogger will change to New Blogger at the end of August for everyone!!  I hope they will have sorted this glitch by then!!


Another lockdown make which I finished at the end of April and displayed from my balcony window.


bit of a gloomy cloudy day..tch!

 have a great week!

Take care now!

 Amanda.   x


Friday, 24 July 2020

The Real Thing

Mrs Oyster and babe......continues end of post

       How to make the real thing 🍳

First of all I'd like to welcome 2 new followers to my blog:
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REAL Spanish omelette!  
I emphasis REAL because some people are inclined to add green peppers,carrots,peas,garlic and other bits and call that a Spanish omelette. An authentic Spanish omelette is made up of exactly four ingredients:Potatoes,Onion(optional),eggs and fried in Olive oil.  When you go for Tapas here in a local bar you can choose between Tortilla Española (Spanish Omelette) or Tortilla Española sin cebolla (Spanish omelette without onion) and you will also be asked "caliente o frio?"(hot or cold). Delicious either hot or cold!!

Tortilla Española

Ingredients: Extra-virgen Olive oil, 500 grams Potatoes ,1/4  Onion (optional) ,6 large eggs, salt  for seasoning                      ( 4 servings)

Method: Slice potatoes (wafer thin slices).

I know for a fact Yiya (Little Granny, my MIL) who taught me how to cook Spanish dishes would frown to see these slices...she would be telling me to cut them finer!!!   Sorry Yiya!! xx

Heat oil in pan add & fry potatoes on a medium heat ,add the chopped onions when potatoes start to soften.
Stir every few minutes until potatoes have softened . 
Strain potatoes and set oil to one side.

Whisk eggs into a large bowl ,add potatoes stir well and add salt. Pour a little of the strained oil into a pan Tip potato and egg mix into the pan cook on medium heat shaping the omelette with a wooden spoon into a round. Place a large heat resistant plate over the omelette and flip over pan so omelette slides onto plate ,slide omelette from plate back into pan so the other side gets cooked;continue to press edges inwards to maintain the round shape.
When cooked place plate back on pan and flip over pan & omelette on to plate.

That is a typical Spanish omelette!! 

Some people boil or microwave the potatoes before frying to cut down cooking time ....right....they turn out OK that way ..but....the taste is definitely not the same! You can taste that the potato has been boiled !! .  Yiya (Little Granny), My Spanish Mother-in-law ,would have definitely frowned at that ...I can just hear her now ..... "no tiene idea""  (they have no idea).

Tortilla Española is one of the most practical of dishes. It is a great favourite here to have when you go on a picnic,barbecue, a buffet,children's party,a snack and so on..... 😊

May's make during Lockdown:

             Shhhh!! now......Mama's taking care of her baby!! 

Mrs Oyster and babe



Thanks for calling in!    

  Have a great weekend!!

Stay safe

Amanda x