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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Five Kilometers !!!!

Dia de todo los Santos fiesta day today "All Saints Day"

 A special day for the Spanish. The morning is taken up with visiting their loved ones at the local cemetery with the family. A day to clean up the niches or graves and place fresh flowers;a day to remember.


Taking advantage of the fiesta day today we've been out for a long walk down to El Palmeral park. That's five kilometers in all ....not bad I thought as I just can't walk much at all during the week.
 I'm lucky if I can get out for a thirty mins walk around the block.
No matter though I made up for it today! I am also "chuffed" that I have lost 5 kilos over 4 weeks. It isn't a "wow" loss but it is something ...just fifteen kilos more to go.    

My doctor wasn't very happy with my high cholesterol count at the beginning of October and wanted to put me on  medication. I don't like medicine...I don't want to constantly stuff my body with chemical stuff!!!  It is bad enough I have to take a tablet a day for the rest of my life due to hypothyroidism so I really do not want to have to take another for something else as well. Anyhow the doctor,at my request, has given me a reprieve for six weeks to see if  I can get the high cholesterol down via a low-cholesterol diet. I am taking that diet very seriously and mean to batter that HC well down and at the same time get my weight down too. I need to get rid of twenty kilos ,,,,no fifteen now....gosh! that sounds nice !!!!   I know the weight loss objective will take longer than six weeks of course! I certainly wish I could get rid of 20 kilos in six weeks but I know I have to go slower than that.

The Palm Grove Park,San Gabriel,Alicante

A few photos taken this morning at the park.

Anyone know what this plant is called?  I have never seen one like this before!

keep well

Amanda :-)


  1. Well done you! 5kgs is a goodly amount and your 5km walk will certainly help :)

  2. Good for you Amanda! That's a great start and I know you'll accomplish the other 15. I have about 40 lbs. to lose and it looks impossible to me at this point but I need to do it. I'll be thinking about you my friend.

  3. You are so lucky to have red Hibiscus growing outside there.. I only have my red Hibiscus in a pot in the house but I love the flowers so much. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Even in Italy we celebrate "Il giorno di tutti i Santi" in the same way as in Spain!
    Happy for you about losing extra weight and feeling better!!! Keep it up!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  5. In Italy, especially Sicily it's a very big feast day,
    all over the weekend in fact! It's a time of reflection,
    and memories!

    Two years ago on my regular 6 monthly health review, my
    cholesterol went up to 7:2...I was given Statins..though
    a high dose, which knocked me sideways..3 wks, the dose was
    then reduced to the lowest dose..25mg. The next health
    check, my cholesterol went down to 4:8..the last two tests,
    have been 2:8 and 2:2..So they worked for me.
    I don't do tablets/pills they always give me side affects,
    on a low dose, l'm o.k.
    My 6 monthly checks are o.k. They check for everything, no
    problems, except with the cholesterol..!

    Lovely photos Amanda..can't help with the plant, will pop back
    later and have a look..see! :).
    Oh! And, good luck with the weight loss...! :0).

  6. Well done on your weight loss, a great start. The walk will certainly help. I could do with losing some weight its get motivated.

    1. Thanks! Motivation is definitely key ..... isn't it? It has taken me a long time to get motivated but the doctor made me realize I had to get cracking on it!

      A :-)

  7. Lovely pictures Amanda and well done on your weight loss you will loose it because you have an incentive, I have to take Levothyroxine too and really don't want to add anymore to the list either. I've been trying to cut down on my sugar intake and feel so much better for it, there seems to be sugar in everything these days. Walking is the best exercise there is and you are lucky to have so many beautiful places to walk in. I bought a treadmill last year and love going for a speed walk with my music turned on full blast. Good luck with the Cholesterol count let us know how you get on. :) xx

    1. Hi Linda,Thanks for calling in :-) I know.....sugar is in practically everything. I was even told by the nurse that there are certainly fruit I shouldn't eat because of the sugar. I queried that because I understand that is "natural" sugar not the Lab chemical type. Anyhow at least my sugar count is fine!

      keep well

      Amanda x

  8. Congrats on your weight loss - go you. If you can stay off the pills as long as possible do so. I'm afraid I rattle if I'm shaken and I'd love to get rid of a few. Great pics on a lovely day.

  9. Well done on what you have lost so far, that is a lot! Keep going and I am sure you will get there. I am trying to get my weight down as I don't want to have to take pills either. Think of it this way, every little bit you lose is a bit more, even if it is slow and small, you still weigh less than you did the week before! Also, even if you are walking slowly, you are lapping everyone sat on the couch!

    1. Thanks Amy! That's rather good actually....great encouragement! I shall have to keep that in mind when I am huffing and puffing my way down the street.....I shall repeat to myself "I'm lapping everyone sat on the couch!" Good one!

      A xx

  10. Great job waking and losing the weight. Slow and steady with the weight and you will keep it off. Good luck,

  11. Good Luck have made a great start...I've read that diet can be just as successful as the tablets for some if done properly so fingers crossed for you and happy Sunday,
    Susan x

  12. Hello Amanda, so sorry you are struggling with cholesterol. I worry about my weight too and I also have to take a pill everyday, due to my thyroid was removed. Love your photos. The palms trees are amazing. I would love if you shared your post at Dishing It & Digging It. A great place to meet other bloggers and find inspiration.

  13. I just got reply from the Sun..Gardening page!
    I sent them a photo of the plant above...This was
    their reply..if you Google will tell
    you more...

    This plant could be a type of Senecio, but without seeing any flowers or knowing in which area of Spain it is growing, we are unable to be more specific.


    Steve & Val

    1. Thanks for this Willie. I have looked through the Google images and haven't found any image similar to the plant in the photo however the Senecio plants are extremely varied! On the other hand that plant I took the photo of was enormous so it could be a giant version of one of the ones I saw on the Google images. I did think it could be a succulent as it looks like a cactus cabbage.

      again thanks lots of interesting info

      A xx

  14. I'll keep you in my thoughts for lowering your cholesterol; my hubby has had to take medication for his too. Your photos are so beautiful and I wish we had some sunshine today to warm us! XOXO


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