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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Shout out and on its way!

Summer leisure is over!

It has been difficult this week for me to find time to post. New courses are starting up and my employers have inundated me with demands such as:
Placement tests,drafts of course syllabus,interview with College language dept Director,evaluation of course material and anything else the organisers of the courses can shove on to the teaching staff for us to do.   The school year has commenced and I also have to help my daughter in the business as she is short staffed and run off her feet.  Very little time to blog......GRR!!!!
I've also been busy busy getting my Autumn swap bits finished which I cannot show you yet as its TOP SECRET for the moment but.....
GLORY BE!!!!   
at last they are now winging their way to the USA as I sent them off to Sharon on From my front porch over there in Tennessee, this morning.

 Now the waiting begins until she receives them and I hear from her!

I would also like to give a couple of shout outs today.
First of all Claire at Thriftwood who is celebrating 100 posts and has a fab giveaway on the go
and then  A load of old Tat   who has posted about tea towels and the dreaded C which has inspired part of my post today.
Now I wish to share with you a few comments about obsession or obsessions. I have been inspired to comment on this from the interesting post that I read this morning at  A load of Old Tat which she has published on her obsession for tea towels. It instantly came to mind my obsession with napkins. Therefore I thought that you would really like to hear about it or not !

I really hate paper napkins I must but MUST use a cotton or linen napkin...I love my napkins...I like to see them clean ,ironed and stored away in rolls...wacky eh?  Now I imagine you are thinking napkins are not something you use too much over there in the UK except Sundays perhaps or at a party or dinner out. Am I wrong? What about elsewhere in the States or Australia?

We never used napkins at home when I was a child except as I mentioned for special occasions so you can imagine my surprise to find napkins on the table at every meal time here when I first came to live in Spain 30 odd years ago. At that time I didn't speak Spanish and we lived for a few months in my in-laws house until we got settled. At EVERY meal time there were these napkins on the table! I just kept thinking why is Mama (that was my mother- in- law) putting them on the table all the time....was it because I was there. I was getting quite fed up with these napkins, it was getting to be a problem so in the end I asked my husband to discretely say to his mother that it wasn't necessary to keep putting the napkins on the table just for me. He automatically turned to his mother and told her and although I didn't understand her reply it sounded quite sharp and she straight away strutted into the dining room to lay the table, banging down those napkins on the table quite forcibly as she murmured to herself. It was obvious she was irritated and I was wondering .......jeez!!!!!.... what did I say wrong!!! My husband then turned to me and said having napkins had nothing to do with me being there,that they always have napkins on the table in Spain and its considered if you cannot have napkins on your table here you are poorer than church mice. He explained that his mother was quite offended that I had thought she was only using her napkins because I was there that she could afford to have napkins to use everyday.
I then had a barney with Sr P because he could have been a bit more tactful and explained all this before speaking to his mother.
She was quite cold to me for a few days but I worked hard to erase that and admired all her napkins constantly and helped her lay the table everyday and then she showed me the drawer of napkins that she had , all in their sets, in rolls ...rolls of gold for her. I must admit I was impressed she had a lovely collection but since then I am not quite sure why but I adore napkins and have my own small collection too.
Oh! yes ......and I use napkins everyday so no one can say I'm down and out and cannot afford to have napkins he! he!
PS: However times have changed somewhat and there are two camps in my house, mine which is using linen or cotton napkins for myself and my husband's which is to use kitchen roll. This suits me fine as I get what I like and I also get less laundry.

and finally can I leave you with this philosophical observation from two of the wisest bods in the woods
 I am a dedicated fan of Winnie the Pooh,may he live for ever!!!

Be good now and if you can't be good be kind!

Amanda :-)


  1. First of all, Pooh is just my favorite! I tell our granddaughter, Maddie that she is like Tigger because she "bounces" all over the place and my little man, Ari, is Christopher Robin with all his stuff toys that talk to him:-D Summer is over here too, but it will be nice to slip into another season--new aromas, colors, and comfort food! Happy Fall dear friend, XOXO

  2. Replies
    1. personally I find ancedotes are more interesting than the ficticional.....

      Many thanks for your comment

      A xx

  3. What a lovely post Amanda!...Winnie the Pooh capture my heart...thanks for sharing your story today, Loved it all! xoxo,Shari

  4. Hey Amanda, what an interesting post. I am a serviette user, every day, every meal, to wipe my fingers if necessary ,protect my clothes, catch crumbs or whatever the need is. My boys don't bother with them but when we have guests for meals I always lay them out.
    When we were growing up they only came out when we had guests. Most people don't seem to bother with them these days but I always prefer to use them....
    Great logic from Winnie and Piglet too.

    Claire :}

  5. Lovely posts. When I grew up, we WERE poor as church mice and never used cloth napkins at all. I didn't know how to use one properly for the longest time. Now they are second nature when we go out to eat but here at home, we use paper towels. LOL. I think cloth napkins are lovely but I wouldn't relish doing the cleaning and folding and storing after their use. I have a hard enough time with towels!

    Love Winnie the Pooh. Such a kind, gentle soul. I'm really excited about my package. Yours is almost ready to post. I should get it in the mail by Monday afternoon.


  6. Hi Amanda, your story about your MIL had me nodding along, I understand what that's like. My MIL is Chinese and speaks very little English (still!) and I speak almost zero Cantonese. Many a meal has been spent wondering if I'm doing the wrong thing! usually this involves not eating enough, and therefore insulting the cook! And it's amazing how you can get the gist of a conversation without knowing a language! And amazing how husbands sometimes don't understand the problems! S:)

  7. I love this story, such pride! I agree though, your husband should have been a little bit more tactful! Try not to work too hard! Ada :)

  8. Hi Amanda,I Love Winnie the Pooh too,I have to admit to only using linen napkins on special occasions,daily we use the paper ones,not so nice and pretty,but more practical with kids maybe.Try not to work to hard,sounds like your up to your eyes, Xxxx

  9. What a lovely post Amanda ... I myself don't use napkins as my laundry basket overflows enough, thank you! But I do think it's lovely and very civilised to do so ... When I grow up, I will use them too,in my cottage with rses round the door. Love Winnie the Pooh, he philosophies are always spot on! Thank you very much for the shout out, and mst get organised about the Autumn Swap, eek!

    Enjoy your Sunday,

    Claire xxx

  10. Hello Amanda! Your thoughts on the beginning of the school year has brought back all manner of memories, good and bad, about my years of teaching in Greece and here in France. I wish you a good year full of satisfaction and thoughtful students!

    Napkins were a constant in my parents' home. Consequently as all typical rebellious offspring I have gone the other way and use paper napkins. I wouldn't be surprised if this changes however when my children are older and I become more civilised! ;-)

    Have a good week. Hope all is well and, incidentally, I had no idea you had lived in Spain for so long.


  11. Hi Amanda, we rarely use linen napkins at home but I have to have one if I go out for a meal, paper will not do!

  12. Linen napkins in this house too. I must show you my collection sometime!
    Love from Mum

    1. Hi there
      Thanks for popping in. I'd like that....I wonder if we couldn't start a series of favourite collections posts.....??

      keep well

      Amanda xx

  13. You can never have enough napkins especially at Christmas! lovely post and Winne the Pooh never fails to disappoint me hope you had a lovely weekend. Tracy

  14. I enjoyed your saga about your MIL. Isn't it funny how we end up taking on the same traditions because we come to love them so?

  15. What an interesting story! We only use cloth napkins for special occasions. Or any napkins of that matter. I guess we are poor :) But mostly because kids are so messy that all I would do is getting stains out of these napkins:)

  16. Here at my house in Ontario Canada, I use paper napkins...clothe napkins I love but I never could remove the stains from them, not wanting to use them again if they were stained. Love Pooh & Piglet, I had blogged this very same one just last week...too cute. Take time to breathe in all your business, Amanda.

  17. Love, love this post! You are so right! We always had cloth napkins on our table growing up1 Every day! LOL They used to be a pain, because they had to be washed daily and my mom used to say they had to be also ironed daily! As I got to be a teenager, that was my chore and I hated it so much!!! LOL Things change though! When I went to Spain last June, my mom was using paper napkins. I asked her where were the cloth ones and she told me I had lost my mind! LOL Too funny!!!

  18. We must be very poor, we only use kitchen roll! It sounds lovely having fresh linen napkins. But I know my family would think I'd gone mad. I'm so glad you smoothed things out with your Mama. Men don't always put things across well. My son loved Winnie the Pooh as a child and your little quote brought back happy memories. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  19. I loved this post too Amanda!
    It made me smile as my dear Mum always put napkins on our table and we always felt special although we didn't have an awful lot really or live in Spain.
    I agree about pooh bear, he is special too!
    Hope your week is good to you Amanda!
    love Mariax

  20. This is such an interesting post Amanda! I love to use napkins and though sometimes they are paper Cath Kidston ones, embroidered linen ones are my real favourites! Such a sweet little picture of Winne the Pooh there and very wise words :)
    Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  21. Hi Amanda,
    What a great post. I so enjoyed reading about the "napkin drama" with your Mom-in-law". How interesting to learn something about another culture...another generation.
    I, too, love cloth napkins. I don't always use them because in a hurry the paper towel roll is closer than the linen closet. Now, when I make the extra few steps to the linen closet I will think of you and your Mom-in-law.
    Thank you for your warm comment on my blog. To me, aprons are a symbol of home, warmth, tradition and family. I love making them, giving them and wearing them.
    I do hope your week goes well with so many demads on your time.
    Blessings and friendship,

  22. Hello Amanda...Such a lovely, entertaining post...I have so enjoyed my visit today!...I don't use our napkins often enough, mainly on special occasions but I do love to see them rolled up and looking pretty...the beautiful vintage embroidered ones are my favourites.
    Hope you are having a good week and not having to work too hard and I love those wise words at the end of your post!
    Susan x
    P.S Thank you for the leaving the tips for Ashley...they have all been passed on and she sends her thanks!


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