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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Yarn zone...this way

 Speedy delivery...Indonesia Post rocks!!

 Yarn zone ...this -a -way which I share with my office.... let it be know that it is MY PRIVATE SPACE and is now clearly marked with this:
one of the many lovely bits from Alessandra's giveaway..........It took me a matter of seconds to decide where to put this!

You remember how much I love my postwoman (oops sorry postperson!)  as expressed here, well it was a postman (oops sorry postperson!)who delivered the parcel from Indonesia this time but ...hey ho.....I love him too and I'm adding Indonesia postal service to my I LUV list. They must have a fantastic service....this parcel was posted  on 10th October and arrived 15th October ...incredible only five days!

I was extremely lucky to win Alessandra at Homemade at my place's fantastic giveaway and I have finally obtained a respite in my busy busy agenda this week to show you all the glorious contents.

Look at the bright bright colours of this yarn I'm already thinking of something I can make with it Meanwhile off it goes to my yarn stash so I can gloat over it!

and then I have a sparkling pair of earrings

this gorgeous bag which I am pleased to see is bigger than as it appeared on Alessandra's blog holds great possibilities in fact more than one....just a question of deciding which one.

 Two brooches ....the butterfly is going to look super nice on my black shawl....I'm very much a shawl and scarf person. The other one  has been grabbed by my grand-daughter she wants to pin it to her school backpack. Very much a fun brooch!

Two lovely pot holders...believe it or not I have NO pot holders...I seem to make for others and rarely for myself.

Lace stickers and fancy notepad....all in pretty net bags....and a lovely card from Alessandra herself

I am flabbergasted ...really.....such a very generous giveaway.......thank you so much Alessandra :-)


Lookee here my lovelies  (as my Aunty May would say down in Somerset)......

my latest W.I.P nearly ...very nearly finished....and what ,what ,what is it ?????''
Doesn't look like much but lets wait and see ......blocking has to be done as yet!!

 Hello to my new followers Homemade by Spy; could you activate your Google translator so I can leave a comment on your blog please and Steph.....can you send me a link to your blog as I am not sure which one it is on your blog list. Thank you for following my blog and do visit often :-)

here's the weekend looming in on us again...thank goodness....

Amanda :-)


  1. Lovely "score" Amanda ! It is so terribly exciting to get Happy Mail is it not?

  2. Oh wow! Look who Lady Luck shone brightest on!! Well done Amanda :)

  3. Wow!!! I love the pic where all the goodies are displayed over the red couch!!!!!!
    I'm so happy that everything arrived in such a short time!!! What makes me more than happy is that your gran-daughter liked "Flat" (this is the name of the little guy!) so much!!!
    love, xxx Alessandra

    P.S.: I'm curious.....a new scarf?

  4. Way to go, Amanda. Love all the goodies. The bright colors of the yarn make me smile and that butterfly pin is soooo cute.

    I'm guessing some kind of bag?????


  5. Hi Amanda....are you doing your happy dance yet! I know I would be...what a great gift.
    LOve,love,love the tassel hanging from the door...beautiful! and I am guessing the last picture is a bag! Have a wonderful day my friend, Shari

  6. What a lucky lady! This give-away is just amazing and I can just feel the sunshine coming from you!! Can't wait to see your project finished; your work is just spectacular. XOXO

  7. Love those cheerful yarn colors. Won't those be fun to work with?

  8. Oh you are sooooooooo lucky. What a great gift. Love everything, very thoughtful.

  9. Lovely lovely present that you received
    in the giveaway.

    Love the colour of the yarn.


    Have a lovely weekend

    x Fiona

  10. Wow great gifts...they are so very you! xxx

  11. Everything is just lovely,I had to smile when you commented on your pot holders...Mum says to me all the time about how come we do not have pretty tea towels and hand towels as I make so many we do seem to do them for others and not for us.

  12. Fabulous yarns! I look forward to seeing how they make up in a project..! Jx

  13. Lovely prizes, and that was really quick delivery, it's always so exciting receiving goodies through the post :) x

  14. What a wonderful giveaway. The bag and the yarn are gorgeous. Have a lovely weekend.
    Ali x

  15. So many gorgeous goodies, lucky you! That yarn is almost neon isn't it, but it makes me think of children's sweets for some reason, or those really bright cake sprinkles.

    Will be back for the wip reveal ... intriguing!

  16. Hi I've just found your lovely blog through Granny taught me to crochet. Looking forward to reading your future posts. Maggie xx

  17. hi amanda! thank you for following my blog and i am now your newest follower too :) i am happy knowing you live just a few hours away from me :) and u like flea markets too! my husband doesnt like it either haha but he reluctantly goes with me as long as he can find a place to sit down and drink! by the way, i love your newest post... like you i just love packages from far-away places and looks like u have quite a surprise here :) what lovely lovely stuff u got! have a nice day! xx beverly from A Rock for Beginners

  18. Hi Amanda, I pop in a have a quick read and back out again, crazy busy at the moment. It will ease next week, till then xoxo

    1. Hello Sandi
      crazy busy....very appropriate that's what I've been this week crazy busy!!!

      keep well

      A xx

  19. Hello lovely Amanda,

    A truly generous giveaway has landed in your lovely lap and such zingy colours too.

    I hope work is treating you well. (In company teaching? It was, in all honesty, the type of teaching I enjoyed the most and was best at. Adults are generally more easy going than kids, no?

    ps My father's ninety today and we will be off to the UK to celebrate this grand event the first weekend of November. After that I will be starting your woodland spirit. Now,if you have a moment, (which I very much doubt with your hectic professional life) pop over and see my latest autumnal hare on the blog. She does NOT resemble the one I will be making you but she is a sort of celebration of trees and woodland.

    I hope you are well and happy.


  20. Please, see this if you are interested,
    Thank you

  21. wow!!! you got so many lovely things....i love the bright coloured yarn and ofcourse the bag!!! that bag is just perfect!!! lucky you ;)


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