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Sunday 23 December 2012

Ding Dong Bell

My efforts at making crocheted soft toys have never been very successful at least not according to  my critical eye. However to be quite frank I've made very few using crochet as it is not something that I am drawn to although I still drool over what other crafters so cleverly make . Never the less I was racking my brains as to what I could make for my grand-daughter for Christmas and came up with this .......BELL the multitasking dormouse.
Its a hard life being a dormouse finding food from dawn to dusk but Bell also has another duty assign to her as from Christmas Day 2012 and that is to take care of my grand-daughter's mobile phone while she sleeps.

amandasmith©23rdDec 2012
This is my very own creation and with no pattern,just trial and error. It would be difficult perhaps for me to repeat it but not impossible.
and here you can see that Bell has a purple backpack all ready to carry a mobile phone. Incidentally the purple backpack is my very first sewing machine project.........difficult! very difficult!! Most particularly so when you think I had to change the bobbin for purple cotton.....scary, very scary!
and there you are she's struggling a little with the load but I'm sure she'll get used to it!
Now I have to wrap her up and put her under the tree!

As I mentioned in my last post I have received two swap parcels and here you have the second pile of scrumptious goodies that I have received which is the Christmas cracker swap from Tracy at Mad about Bags.   I won't even bother to compare between this and Gracie's swap goodies because they have both been really generous,considerate and paying a lot of attention to detail. I do so appreciate how Tracy has taken the time to consider my preferences and my likes. This is saying to me I am a person not just a contact and its evident by looking at the goodies that she has sent me that she has taken this into account. I thank you so much for that.
Like other bloggers doing this swap I am amazed at how much is possible to get inside the carton from a kitchen roll and here is the proof of it:

I so enjoyed opening my cracker and seeing all these lovelies spill out:

Glory be!!!   The cracker was wrapped in Winnie the Pooh fabric and tied using a lovely silver ribbon.
 I am going to do something with that I don't know what yet but it will be just for me and only me! I am so lucky ...more Winnie the Pooh....may he live forever!!!!!
A gorgeous lace bag of perfumed beads which I think I shall put in my crochet samples box and everytime I open that box I'll  get a whiff of that delicate perfume...mmmmmm. BUTTONS folks! more button and little charms and chocolate and candystick ornaments for my tree ...and just a minute...what's this?   A teddy bear button and a teapot button...oh! my how thoughtful!
There is also a beautiful padded placemat that Tracy made and the embroidery on it says Tea for One,. I really hope I will be able to make something so lovely as that on my sewing machine one day! In fact I am not going to use it I don't want to stain it with tea I think I am going to put it up on my kitchen wall ....not sure how I'll  do that but I have the beginnings of an idea.
Tracy even sent me a Christmas card and ........yes Tracy I do like everything ...but everything. Thank you once again.
Official announcement: I now have my Christmas tree up and sparkling bright!!!!

Shame the lights haven't shown up in the photo.

 My Christmas fairy ...getting a bit scruffy now!

My ornaments from blog friends from afar, Gracie and Tracy

I feel so much better now my tree is up and sparkling with colour and my home is ready for Christmas :-)

Amanda :-)


  1. Love the little mouse Amanda, you triumphed over adversity and produced a real labour of love ... You should be very proud!

    Love Claire xxx

  2. Your little moused is adorable, and the tree looks sparkling indeed. Still wrapping over here, but enjoying it. Have a wonderful Christmas Amanda!
    Lynne xx

  3. Oh, how cute!!It turned out great! And you got some awesome goodies there. Love your tree too. Have a very merry Christmas!

  4. It is a cute and lovely mouse! Anyone can fall in love with her lovely eyes:) great job done and that too your own pattern makes it even a great success! The back pack idea is very cute:)

    Thanks for linking back to my giveaway!!

    Your Christmas tree is beautiful. Wish you a very happy Christmas :)

  5. Your tree is looking beautiful Amanda, love your Dormose, he's so cute !! Have a fantastic Christmas! :)

  6. Merry Christmas Amanda, I love your crochet creation, in particular the ears which are totally cute...well done you, I could never make anything without a pattern so I'm proper impressed :) hope you and yours all have a great Christmas and New Year...heres to a bloggy

  7. Gorgeous tree! And gorgeous crocheting, Amanda!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  8. I think you did a great job on the dormouse. What a neat idea to make it a phone carrier. So sweet and I'm sure your granddaughter will love it. What beautiful things you got in the swaps. I agree that both Tracie and Gracie took time to learn about you as a person. I love that you got Winnie the Pooh things and buttons! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family.


  9. Happy Holiday to you Amanda! I love your crochet animal; how creative. XOXO

  10. Love Bell!!!
    Buon Natale Amanda,
    love, xxx Ale

  11. Your Christmas cracker is *wonder*full* Amanda; I am so happy for you! Such a neat idea for a swap...using a tube to fit the treasures in! I'm glad that your swap mates [with rhyming names :)] were able to give you things that you enjoy:)
    Bell is absolutely charming and you are very clever to have created her! She has such delightful character... an endearing expression on her face...AND so energetic of her to be willing to care for your grand-daughter's phone!
    Your tree looks loved and lovely as well. Merry Christmas to you and yours! xx from Gracie

  12. Hi Amanda, That is a cute dormouse and the backpack is a wonderful idea. Your tree has been decorated so beautifully! Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.
    Lots of love.

  13. Hi Amanda. I just love Bell. She has a rather naughty expression though so I wouldn't be surprised at some hi jinks over the next days....'you better watch out.....!' With or without the mobile...I think she's rather mischievous !
    Love your Christmas tree and the different ornaments!
    I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas. Joan

  14. Have a magical Christmas lovely xxx

  15. Merry Christmas, Amanda! What a pretty tree. I love all your handmades. Your little crocheted critter is as cute as can be.
    Blessings across the miles,
    Carolynn xxx

  16. Bell is adorable Amanda...your granddaughter will be thrilled with her..and no chance of the mobile phone getting lost..(we need her help here please!)...Well done to on your first sewing project too and looking forward to seeing your progress in 2013...
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas full of all good things,
    Susan x


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