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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Fantasy aka converting beanie

It started as a beanie with a peak and turned into a beanie with earflaps and then a beanie with overlay crochet and then a beanie with some triangles here and there and then some bits that shine,that sparkle and that trill!

The completion of this beanie has probably been the best part of this week for me. 
I have been feeling quite odd health wise with a sickening headache throughout Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday it disappeared and I thought I was back to a normal me but Thursday I had this sicky feeling and had tummy problems all day, not eating hardly anything. Friday I continued with the sicky feeling which was accompanied by sniffs evening time. Today the sniffs have disappeared but my tummy is very upset and I am surviving on yoghurts. I have come to the conclusion there is something incubating in me that is trying to take over but my body won't let it. Soooooo....... peeps lets see who wins ..........

I am a strong believer in keeping oneself occupied and try not to think of the aches and pains of this weary body......dramatic eh!!!!  he-he!

I have made beanies in the past and I just had an idea about converting one and this is what developed I added the extra ...the sparkle bits please my grand-daughter as she loves all those sorts of bits on her clothes.

Cookie baby took the modelling quite seriously and she was very patient with me.  
I've promised to make her a fingerless pair of gloves to match.

It is really funny how this goes as I am not totally impressed with this beanie but I already have orders from other members of the family who like it . However I have told them I'll think about it because it has got to the point that I am only crocheting for everyone else and it's about time I did something for myself.  I also have a very long list of I want to try outs and I don't seem to be able to even start that list.

You may notice that my earlier post presenting my grand-daughter to you via photos has been deleted!!  That is because Daughter Nº 1 finally saw "the risking my all"post and did not like what she saw there at all!!!   In fact it provoked a bit of a tiff but we finally reached a compromise that I could display a few photos of Cookie baby occasionally if I needed a model but said photos had to be vetted by daughter Nº 1 beforehand.

 It has been christened the Manchurian Beanie!

I also have to tell you about a market and about some scrumptious new yarn but...I have this gurgle warning again and I must depart :-)

have a great weekend

Amanda :-)

PS: have you seen Hettie Brown's diary?
I so liked the idea that I'm thinking I might make some changes here on my blog.


  1. Great beanie and you're right, you should make more time for crocheting for you. What will you do first?
    Love from Mum
    PS See you at the tea party.

  2. Such a great beanie. Your model looks like she likes it too. I know how hard it is to make things for yourself.

  3. Hope you start to win the battle soon and feel better. Love the beanie, especially the ear flaps. Hope you do manage to get a chance to do some self crochet soon :) xx

  4. The hat looks exceptionally cute on your Granddaughter. She appears to really like it. Hope you are feeling much better today, I have a whopper of a headache, gosh they are so painful.

  5. Fab hat being modelled very well by Cookie Baby. Hope you're feeling better soon. Enjoy the weekend if you can xx

  6. Wishing you well, Amanda! I think the hat you made is cute and can see why you are already getting orders :) I am, however, cheering you on to making something special for yourself. Guess what, Amanda! My oldest daughter just had her baby, Rose, and all is well! I am so grateful and excited and will post a picture soon!
    Blessings to you and yours,
    Gracie xx

  7. Great hat and a lovely model too. Sorry to hear you are feeling unwell, wishing you a speeding recovery so you can enjoy making something for yourself.

  8. That is quite a beanie Amanda and how pretty Cookie baby is, she is a stunning model and looks lovely in the beanie. I can quite understand why you have got more orders it's a fun beanie one that kids would just love to wear. Sorry you have been feeling unwell it's an awful feeling when you know that something is brewing but I'm sure your body will win in the end. I'm off to look at Hettie Browns diary, have a good week. xxx

  9. Hope you soon feel better Amanda. Love the beanie.. you have a pretty model there :o) x

  10. I hope you're feeling better now Amanda :) I love the beanie, especially all the little added extras! Have a great weekend xoxo

  11. I hope you feel better *hugs* That beanie is awesome! I am not surprised you have been asked to make more.
    Lots of love


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Amanda :-)

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