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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Mediterranean fiesta

It is the second day of Alicante's midsummer festival! It is a wonderfully beautiful day although it did try to rain a little at 10ish this morning ...... As I said it tried!

We set off this morning to walk down to the Town Hall plaza to admire the Hogueras float erected there.Each suburb in the city presents a float ( a monument) in the competition the city gives for the best monument.  The monument all represent something that has happened throughout the year usually caricaturing politicians or other famous people. The Town Hall monument is not included in the competition as it is built using public funds.It is therefore always the largest one and the last one to be burnt in the Bonfire on St john's night on 24th june, so everyone goes to admire or criticize it before it disappears in the flames.

It took us about 30 minutes to get down to the Town Hall with a few distractions on the way to stop and greet friends who were walking down as well. It's crazy to even think of driving down as streets are closed for some of the street parties or for the floats which do take up a lot of space. Although there are many car parks they are packed full with all the visitors' cars who come to enjoy the festival! The locals know it is best to leave the car at home or park in the suburbs. There are buses of course but they have to take an alternative route and the stop is out of the way.
We walk and it is enjoyable ..... It is hot coming back but there are lots of places to stop off to have a cool drink of limon granizado or leche preparada on our way home.
My but the city is packed! It is quite impressive as you come around the corner and enter the plaza and see the size of the float.

Impressive work! It seems a shame it is going to all go up in smoke!

Wonderful mass of colour!

I asked Sr P to hold my bag while I took photos,with so many people around you do have to be careful! The camera caught him hugging my bag so hard that any possible thief would think he had gold bullion there! Mind you I think they'd have a hard time getting hold of it!

We stopped and sat down on a park bench on our way back.
The following snapshots have nothing to do with the fiestas ...... Or perhaps they do have....perhaps these pigeons were having a fiesta of their own!

Enjoy your sunday

Amanda x


  1. Unfortunately all your pictures didn't load but the ones I saw were very colourful. I'm feeling all hot and bothered now with the heat! I think I need one of your nice cooling drinks.
    Love from Mum

  2. Hello Mum
    Thanks for visiting. I've edited the post again and cut down the size of some of the images that should do it!

    A x

  3. Hi Amanda! What a fun time you had! I loved the pigeon photos.. ahh love. We're having a unschedule day and I love it! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Good Even Amanda, The sun was shining, the colours were dazzling and you seemed to have a wonderful day. I loved the photo of your husband hugging the bag..... there was no way anyone was going to wrench it away from his grasp. The photographs of the pigeons were fun..... yes I really think they were having a little fiesta of their own.
    Best Wishes

  5. Hello Amanda! The photos of the fiesta are wonderful, but I think my favorite is Senor P hugging your bag. It reminds of my Hubby. He's always left holding my bag for me as I run to and fro! The pigeons are really cute too. Quite cuddly and happy to be together. Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. All is well now.
    Love from Mum

  7. I enjoyed seeing your fiesta, Amanda...and your pigeon lovey-dovies :)

  8. It looks amazing Amanda and how cute are the kissing doves.

  9. Cute photos Amanda, the pigeons are adorable! Had a giggle at Sr P hugging your bag, my hubby does the same thing :) xx

  10. The fiesta looks wonderful and such a good time for summer. I love the pigeon photo! XOXO

  11. WOW, the sky the colors…amazing. Enchanting.
    and the birds..tuppence a bag!

  12. What fun! Love the photo of your husband!

  13. Lovely photos. Thanks for giving us a flavour of your part of the world xx

  14. That looks like fun! Just the the photos of your hubby,made me giggle!
    love Jooles x x x


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Amanda :-)

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