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Tuesday 12 August 2014

A bit of excitement

A bit of excitement I could do without!!!

Fire Brigade called in this morning to put out a fire in our apartment block. Once again in the 2nd floor flat!!! I live on the 1st floor!

It seems the culprit of the last fire and now this one is the 18 month year old grandchild who turns on the cooker without the grand parents knowing and the oven caught fire this time.
 I just don't understand this !!! This is the second time now don't they check everything before they leave the house!!   It all sounds really weird to me!

A firelady too.....oops! sorry a female firefighter!!!

Coming out of the smoke.

Typical!!!    How many firefighters do you need to discuss what is wrong or what to do?????  There must have been about 20 firefighters there but only  3 of them went up the central stairs!

No one hurt thank goodness!!!! get all my windows open now and spray everywhere something nice to get rid of the bitter smell of smoke!!

Amanda :-)


  1. nothing like a few fireman around to cheer up the ladies ;-)

  2. Scary! I don't think I'd know a minutes peace if that child were living in the apartment above me.
    Stay safe.
    Margaret x

  3. Oh! My goodness! What a to~Do....! :).
    Need a laugh...Me thinks....mmmmmmM!

    How many firemen does it take to change a light bulb...?
    4...1 to change the bulb..and 3 to chop a hole in the roof..!

    What did the fireman call his two sons....?
    Hosea...And Hoseb...!

    What did the fireman say when the church caught fire...?
    "Holy Smoke"...!

    How does a fireman get down from a ladder..?
    You don't get down from a ladder...You get down from a duck..!

    Why does a fireman wear red suspenders..?
    To keep his pants up..!

    Sorry best l can do...At such short notice.....
    I'm of.......Ne..Na..Ne..Na..Ne..Na....! :>).

  4. Glad nobody was hurt, but what a kurfuffle. Children shouldn't be wandering around a home on their own at that age, the child could be drinking bleach or handling knives, 1000s of ways it could hurt itself. I'm sure you'll be having a word with them.

    Jean x

  5. Luckily it sounds like a near miss - thank goodness it didn't turn horrid. Hopefully the grandparents will be a bit more wiser after this episode!

  6. Yikes! I could do without that excitement too! Stay safe, XOXO

  7. I'm glad that no one was hurt.

  8. Relieved that no one was hurt, hopefully the grandparents will check everything now.

  9. Oh my goodness, certainly something you could have done without. Really dont understand why everything is not checked before leaving, we certainly check, double check (ok ocd perhaps) but with little ones even more so. So glad you are ok and everything was put out. That smell gets in everywhere. take care xcx

  10. They need to take care, don't you think? Glad all is well with you.

  11. Oh my! So glad all is okay there but I also think that child needs a bit more supervision. Hoping your day is much calmer now.

  12. What a way to start the day. I have to agree with you, you'd have think they'd have learnt by now. We passed some men resurfacing the pavement today and out of the five there only one was working, the other four just watched. What is that all about? Maybe it's a safety in numbers with the firemen too :) Hope your having a lovely summer break.
    Ali xx

  13. So happy it wasn't worse. Maybe they will be a bit more mindful! Hope you get the smell out of your home ok.

  14. A firefighteress? What is the politically correct name anyway? I suppose just "firefighter".

    All the standing around looks just like the road-building crews here in the States. 15 guys discussing who knows what, while 1 guy operates the excavator. :)

  15. What a relief that no one was hurt! the smell of smoke always lingers for days I don't envy you trying to get rid of it, that looks typical seeing them all standing round like that but to be fair it's usually council workers that are like that here, the firefighters I've seen are always very fast efficient and do a good job, it's usually the woman who hang about trying to get a glimpse of the fireman haha. xxx

  16. Exciting but quite stressful too. So glad no one was hurt. X

  17. Goodness! That is crazy! Glad everyone was ok and no damage to the building. It is so scary!

  18. What a shame! I'm glad at least that no one was hurt! Take care my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  19. Glad you are ok and that no one was hurt. Best wishes, Pj x

  20. Oh my word, that's a bit scary! Really, you'd think the adults responsible for the 18month old with arsonist tendencies would know better! Glad no one was hurt and that you're ok, but most annoying to try and get rid of that clingy smoky smell now. Hugs xx

  21. One of my brothers-in-law was something of an arsonist when he was very young, he went on to become an extremely high-ranking fire officer. I must ask him one day whether he was trying to make amends. So glad you are all safe. x

  22. Hi Amanda,

    Wow! How horrible! Really, what's going on with this family? Glad you are all okay, my friend. Blessings!


  23. We once had occasion to call fire fighters out when a neighbour's fire alarm went off while they were away. Six of them parleyed for a good half hour before they decided what to do. We decided at the time that the collective noun for fire fighters was probably committee. Looks like that's true in Spain too ;)

    So glad no one was hurt. I hope the smoky smell has gone now.


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