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I'm here to enjoy meeting other crafters and to share my ideas and projects. I love to crochet,cross stitch and embroidery but I'm keen to try new crafts too. I love music and I love to sing! Singing makes me happy. I collect jugs....its their shape I think! I am addicted to yarn and buttons. I get lost in book shops and can spend all morning there and I absolutely adore rummaging in flea markets. I love to read sci´fi/fantasy,buried treasure, and off world adventures. I have a passion for history! I would be the first passenger on the first time machine ! I BELIEVE IN MAGIC!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Crazy times!!!

At least that is the way I see it at this moment!   

Easter Holidays pah!!!  so much for holidays... clients have become more and more demanding!
 I won't bother to bore you or me with the fine details of work and my frenetic race to keep up with all those demands . I just wanted to pop in here for a minute to tell you I haven't gone away anywhere or given up on my blog in fact I read blogs every morning while I sip my tea in between phone calls and other morning before going to work chores.

So this is another quickie blog post and I haven't got much to tell you that I think is interesting but....

I thought you'd like to know this useless bit of information that I was curious about and briefly researched on the internet:
In my class yesterday I was asked what the expression chock-a-block meant. I knew the answer to that of course as it means full…something that is crammed in so tightly that there is no space for anything else!
I couldn't help wondering though where did this expression originate from and so I did a little research and here are the results.
As many expressions in English it is of nautical origin and from way back to the 15th century as the word chock was mentioned then to mean "full to choking". Later in the 18th century it was used to describe a chock,a wedge of wood to block a cask or heavy body on board ship to stop it moving around.
It is now a popular expression and used more colloquially than in formal speech.
e.g. My case is chock-a-block! I can't fit anything else in there!
 “Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice   by Lewis Carroll

still windy in Alicante

 Anyhow I am still a presence here in blogland :-)

Keep smiling!


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