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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Giveaway winner on the Kings Day

 and.....   the Winner is ....

as no one is awake in this household yet after the excesses during last night's dinner and the giving out of the presents delivered by the three kings I have used the Random Number Generator to select a winner for my Fat and Thin Giveaway.

and the winner is Nº 10 that is Debbie at Fairy Bluebell's Craft Adventure  blog!!!!!!   Congratulations!!

Debbie please contact me via email and send me your full name and address.    I am going to wait for about a week before sending the parcel to you because as Christmas finishes later here the Spanish Post Office could still be pretty congested with late Christmas mail. 

Thank you to all of you who participated in my giveaway :-)

Amanda :-)


  1. Congrats to Debbie! And thanks for the fun! Sweet hugs, Diane

    1. Its a pleasure Diane,just wish I could do it more often. A x

  2. Congratulations Debbie! Jx

  3. Oh wow that's wonderful Amanda...Thank you so much. I'm thrilled to bits...what a lovely start to the New Year....emailing right now...Debbie xx

  4. Lucky Debbie! congratulations. :) x

  5. Congratulations Debbie! Giveaways are always fun.

  6. Lucky winner!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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Amanda :-)

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