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I'm here to enjoy meeting other crafters and to share my ideas and projects. I love to crochet,cross stitch and embroidery but I'm keen to try new crafts too. I love music and I love to sing! Singing makes me happy. I collect jugs....its their shape I think! I am addicted to yarn and buttons. I get lost in book shops and can spend all morning there and I absolutely adore rummaging in flea markets. I love to read sci´fi/fantasy,buried treasure, and off world adventures. I have a passion for history! I would be the first passenger on the first time machine ! I BELIEVE IN MAGIC!

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Attention please!

Once again Blogger or Google has eliminated my Blog list of the blogs I follow  grrrr!!!!!

I have set up the list again and quickly added the ones I remember but PLEASE check to see if you are there!!!!  
Blog list is situated under the Yarn fairy image on the right of this page.

I value your presence on my blog immensely!!!!!

from Not very happy blogger at this moment!!!

Amanda :-)

Thursday, 8 September 2016


New Zealand!

 Beautiful isn't it!!!!!

No I haven't been there yet but very much hope to one day!!!!

My great niece lives in Nelson and she got married on 3rd September.   I had lots of ideas for a wedding present but not very practical ones on assessing the cost of postage and possible breakages.

I therefore turned to crochet which travels well,won't break and if not too big doesn't cost too much to post.

Nautilus table runner


 I call it Nautilus ...because it reminds me of the sea, of that type of shell and of the Mediterranean.
 It's big, 22" x 22" and would suit a large table or sideboard but on sending my great niece these photos she says she likes it so much she is going to have it framed.
I think that is a great idea!!!    What do you think????

I purchased the pattern which is called Fractal from Ravelry here and the pattern is designed by Essi Varis.
 I used a 2.00 hook and mercerized cotton,from Katia called Jaipur. I love the exotic name!!

Wonderful yarn and wonderful blends of colours!

I have to add I am super happy with the results.  It is on its way to New Zealand now :-)

keep well
Amanda :-)

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