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Monday 3 October 2016

Family pack

I don't send Christmas presents!

I have a lot of close and extended family scattered around the globe!  
We were seven sisters so we are a big family and our offspring,as is nature's way,have mostly had children too. I am very family orientated so I like to keep in contact with my family and thanks to facebook I am even able to be in contact with great nieces and nephews who live on the other side of the world;some I have met, some I have not as yet. 

 As family relationships go, as I am sure you know or have experienced, for a multitude of reasons some family members have no desire to be in contact. I respect this of course as many may not feel like me where family is concerned,especially extended family. 
They naturally have their own lives to live! 
Nevertheless I go out of my way to stay in contact where possible. It is important for me ... perhaps ... it is because I live out of my country.

Understandably where Christmas presents are concerned it is impossible to send out presents to everyone. I also think I cannot send to one or two at Christmas even if I want to,as it wouldn't be fair to the rest of the family.  However,in my book there is nothing wrong with sending "when I want to gifts". Don't you think the best sort of gifts to give are "when I want to gifts"?  After all there is no feeling of obligation just the delight of thinking about that person,buying or making something for them and the enjoyment you presume they will have on receiving a gift for no particular reason. 

This is the reason I made these triangle scarves that and also because of the approaching Autumn chill in the UK. Actually I started by making one for my great niece and then I thought I could make some pink ones for her two little girls (yes,I have great great nieces!!! ) and then I thought it was a bit mean not making one for their Daddy too. 

There you have it a family pack !

My own pattern...I think!  I hesitate when I say this because it is based on a basic shawl pattern that I have used time and time again. I have no paper pattern for it or remember one. I remember using this stitch way back in the late 70s for a shawl I made my sister but I certainly can't recall where the shawl pattern came from or if it was one that was shown to me.   The edging on the grey shawl is my own stitch. The edging on the other shawls comes from a picture I saw on Pinterest of a Road Trip shawl from ZootyOwl's blog. 
The ID buttons are my own invention;a crochet circle with popcorn or frilly chain edging and the initial is in Glitter Glue for children...easy,peasy!!!  The hearts are made up from memory but definitely someone's pattern.The big tassels I made myself and the little silk ones I bought.
This has been a great stashbuster too as I used bits from here and there. I think the yarn I used was mostly Katia Planet and Schachenmayr Coats Bravo. 

 ID button M for Mummy. I embroidered this initial .


ID button D for Daddy in glitter glue.

ID button for little Edith

 ID button for little Lottie

and Pooh Bear back on his modelling job again as I have no Littles to model for me.

Keep well

Amanda :-)

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  1. Well...I'm also a BIG family person..No choice really,
    being a Sicilian, in the old days, Fathers wanted boys,
    of course to carry on the name and family traditions!
    Any girls remained at home with their Mamas and Nonnas.
    My own Mama, she did some years back, aged 90. Her Father,
    mio Nonno, was 106. Families were very..very..close!
    And..I was taught how to cook, sew, knit and even do
    hair! Which on reflection, was great, being a single parent
    for 14yrs.

    The scarfs are absolutely lovely..especially the small
    one at the front! Love that one!
    Christmas prezzies..well, it depends who there for, who
    they are, and age of course! But, l like to give, even
    visitors who come to my home, never leave without a gift
    of some sort! It's a tradition l keep..a family thing! :).

    And Pooh Bear looks lovely modelling the scarf...! :).
    I see he grins and 'bears' it...! Bless!

    1. 106 years old!.... Wow!!! What he could have told you and perhaps what he did!!! Your description of your family coincides very much with the way families are here, albeit changing a bit of late due to the social circumstances that we have to endure nowadays!

      keep well

      A xx

  2. Those are the very best gifts, and these shawls are going to be such a wonderufl surprise. I love hoe you personalized them.

  3. The best gifts are the surprise little parcels that appear. Your scarves are wonderful especially the personalisation of them.

  4. Yes, I agree that 'I want to' gifts are the best and yours are a just the job for keeping off the chill.

  5. Oh yes, the "just because" gifts are always the best in my book! What a sweet idea Tammy. I k ow they will love them and the care that you took in making them. My husband comes from a HUGE family. His Mom had 16 children in her family and his Dad had 9! That made 40 aunts and uncles when we married and literally hundreds of cousins. I still haven't met them all.

  6. Lovely scarves, nice to snuggle into in the bracing winds and chill. I love the idea of just because, when I want to gifts, why wait as my 87 year old MIL says, so if it feels right then I will send the gift not wait until a ´proper´event. Always said the same for Mother´s day, my daughter would step off the school bus and pick a little posy of wild flowers along the drive way of the farm and present me with her surprise. Always felt the best, spontaneous and meaningful. xcx

    1. Pooh Bear is a handsome model for your lovely shawl! Thanks for sharing about how you made the shawls and why. I admire your work and wish you well. xx

  7. They will be treasured Amanda they are so lovely. This is the best sort of gift spontaneous and heart felt. I feel that gift giving at Christmas is done because it's the thing to do, I'm telling my family not to bother this year and I'm hoping they will listen. Have a great week. :) xx

  8. omg i love the scarfs! lovely work

  9. Those are wonderful! Will they send you a photo of them wearing them, do you suppose? I'd love to see them all decked out in those. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. HelloTeresa
      I posted the scarves to them today. I have asked for a family photo so hope to show you all soon.

      A x

  10. The shawls are so cute ♥ They will make such nice gifts ♥

  11. Love these scarves, and the fact that they are "because I want to" gifts...I'm sure they will be well received :) x

  12. Such lovely gifts Amanda and your crochet is always beautiful x
    Thank you too for taking part in my Giveaway and good luck! ♥
    Have a great weekend,
    Susan x

  13. Amanda, you are so talented and I love these gifts you've made. One day, I hope to make a visit to your beautiful area, XOXO

  14. Love your scarves, all diffirent and all so beautiful.
    Thank you for your visit and your sweet comment.


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