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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Five Kilometers !!!!

Dia de todo los Santos fiesta day today "All Saints Day"

 A special day for the Spanish. The morning is taken up with visiting their loved ones at the local cemetery with the family. A day to clean up the niches or graves and place fresh flowers;a day to remember.


Taking advantage of the fiesta day today we've been out for a long walk down to El Palmeral park. That's five kilometers in all ....not bad I thought as I just can't walk much at all during the week.
 I'm lucky if I can get out for a thirty mins walk around the block.
No matter though I made up for it today! I am also "chuffed" that I have lost 5 kilos over 4 weeks. It isn't a "wow" loss but it is something ...just fifteen kilos more to go.    

My doctor wasn't very happy with my high cholesterol count at the beginning of October and wanted to put me on  medication. I don't like medicine...I don't want to constantly stuff my body with chemical stuff!!!  It is bad enough I have to take a tablet a day for the rest of my life due to hypothyroidism so I really do not want to have to take another for something else as well. Anyhow the doctor,at my request, has given me a reprieve for six weeks to see if  I can get the high cholesterol down via a low-cholesterol diet. I am taking that diet very seriously and mean to batter that HC well down and at the same time get my weight down too. I need to get rid of twenty kilos ,,,,no fifteen now....gosh! that sounds nice !!!!   I know the weight loss objective will take longer than six weeks of course! I certainly wish I could get rid of 20 kilos in six weeks but I know I have to go slower than that.

The Palm Grove Park,San Gabriel,Alicante

A few photos taken this morning at the park.

Anyone know what this plant is called?  I have never seen one like this before!

keep well

Amanda :-)