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Sunday, 9 April 2017

The Sixteen

After 16 I really do not want to have to make anymore in fact I feel somewhat chick saturated.  Nevertheless I have to admit I really enjoyed making them and I found that I was giving some of them names even. They looked back at me and seemed to say I am Big Sister and I am Rooster or I am Punkie Chick and me Stroppy Anne :-). Therefore,names they were given!

These photos were taken at what I thought was the completion of them all until I realised during the recount of my pupils and students in my Tweens and young adults class that I had left someone out and there were 16 to make for and not 15 in all. Hence the photo of the last one being hastily made. 

No pink one...sorry Willie! However the forgotten one,the very last one was given pink eyes :-)

The original pattern comes from Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me . As usual I tweaked it here and there to suit my own ideas for the chicks. I gave the egg shell more of a ragged edge and the little roosters were really my own pattern. I also added some piercing! 
I used DK bits from my stash and used a 4,50 hook on the big chicks and a 3.50 hook for the egg shells. I used Katia Capri cotton (again from my stash)for the Roosters and a 3.00 hook and red embroidery silk for crest and tail.
They have all been given out and I believe everyone was delighted. As the Roosters for the boys were attached to key rings the boys instantly hung them on their school bags.

Time has gone by and I think it must have been last November when Busy Little Chicken blog mentioned to me that she would like to have more followers and wasn't sure about how to go about it. At that time I said I would give her a mention on my next post indicating her request.

 I forgot!!!! So very sorry Busy Little Chicken!!!

Here it is now. Please pop over to visit Busy Little Chicken who is really keen to contact other Crafty bloggers and could you share her blog with your Crafty bloggers too.  

Punkie Chick

Stroppy Anne

Big Sister


Have a great day!!!

Amanda :-)

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