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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Welcoming and He opened his eyes

Welcome and welcome to two new followers Elaine at Pear Tree Log  and Anne at marmalade and catmint  thanks for joining me here.. 

A very important member of the family.
Follow up: Little kitten noname

Although kitten noname still had his eyes closed it wasn't difficult to get him to take the bottle as we had thought, on the contrary it was difficult to get him away from it!
The next obstacle for kitten noname was Sr P (the hubby) he was dead set against having a cat (any pet)in the flat!
However circumstances were such that flu spread throughout our household and both my daughter and I were heavily struck with it ... but little kitten noname had to be fed so it was left to Sr P to do it, albeit reluctantly. However although he had no experience with pets he did it, he fed the kitten every two hours,put him to the toilet and covered him up with an old jumper in a little cardboard box.
Luckily it was Easter (1994) and we all had a break from work. 
All this was good but pretty mechanical and at the time I could hear my husband mumbling and complaining plenty... that is until we started to hear Sr P talking to the kitten, still complaining but directed at the kitten. Quite funny actually!
About five days on from the day kitten noname was found, Sr P was giving him a bottle on the settee when he said to me "he's looking at me"...and that was it there was the kitten on Sr P's chest a breath away from his face staring at him with his eyes wide open...he then made a tiny mew sound and snuggled his head under Sr P's chin and went to sleep.  I swear ...somehow, that kitten knew that if he didn't get in with the boss ,Sr P, he would be out on the street again!!!
Willie six months old. 1994

All the same I know cats don't imprint like ducklings do but I'm just wondering if there could be an exception in this case  because from the moment he opened his eyes for Willie, Sr P was his everything and so it has been throughout his 18 years of life up to this very day.  However the fact that my husband spoils him far too much could be part of the reason why! He continues to talk to him too.....that does worry me sometimes! :-)
 Not long after it had been established that Willie had adopted us we found him snuggled between us in our bed one morning. As from that moment much to my annoyance he sleeps beside my husband for most of the night.

Willie Junior 1995

Willie and Sr P. 2009
Confirming his affection or don't throw me out I love you!

Willie with Sr P of course 2009
Give us a cuddle!
Willie the sun lover 2010
Willie on guard 2011
Willie 2012.   Official name William Shakespeare(on his vets ID card). He was such a little dot I thought he needed a big name!


  1. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog. Awww your Willie is a very handsome cat. Well done for saving him and giving him a home.

    I have great affection for Tabby's, I've had 3 over the years. The first kitten followed me home from brownies in the 1970's. We tried to find the owner but couldn't so he stayed. Then in the late 1980's I rescued a kitten from a feral mum, he was a great character and came on the dog walks with me. After we lost him we rescued another Tabby from the RSPCA. We had him for a number of years when sadly he just disappeared one day and we never saw him again, it was horrible not knowing what had happened to him.
    Bye for now.
    Julie x

    1. Hi Julie, Thanks for following my blog and thanks for these comments.
      Willie has been a bit poorly these last few days and we have been holding our breath in case his time has come and he is going to leave us. Sr P will be devastated! However this morning he was bouncing around like a perky kitten so I think that has been put on hold for the moment :-)

      Keep well
      Amanda x

  2. He's a beauty - I can't resist cats and although we only have one at the moment, we have often had a house full! They grow on you don't they! xx

    1. Hi Mrs Thrifty.......unfortunately he is beginning to look scraggy now (old age and a bit of arthritis)so I didn't post a recent photo of him.but that one of him at the window wasn't so long ago...he was in his prime there.
      I agree they do grow on you!

      Keep well
      Amanda x

  3. What a wonderful story! He is a really handsome boy - just got to love that orange nose and those beautiful eyes, most of all I am impressed by his obvious intelligence...he knew who to woo.

    1. Hi Elaine; That's it that's the word WOO he certainly knew how to do that ....crafty imp. I must say he is definitely intelligent......I was amazed to see one day he had learnt how to turn the fan heater on and then lean against it to get the full effect of the heat. Wish I had had my camera handy.

      Keep well



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