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Sunday 28 October 2012

I'm going to a party with a plate of delicious torrijas!

 My dearest co-bloggers I'm in a terrible rush!!!!   loads to do ....very little time to do it in
I'm joining up with  Mum's Virtual tea party at Mum's simply living blog this afternoon and I've loads of things to prepare.
I've got out my best china and linen for the occasion as I'm pretty sure its going to be overflowing with guests and these extras may be of help:
First of all I've dug out my Cottage teapot which I bought in Brixham South Devon 28 years ago when I was visiting my came with a lovely little jug and sugar pot but they got broken ages ago however my teapot still remains and I take great care of it as Cottageware closed down some years back ,so its vintage now.

Then I thought my Aynsley cake stand and cake knife......

and a few napkin rings too

its also a good excuse to get out my Gran's teatime table cloth which I had taken to the convent awhile back to be washed,ironed and starched, so its in perfect condition to be used.....

I'm taking some Torrijas with me too …..something a little different.

 Torrijas is a delicious spanish bread pudding, I like the traditional recipe made with milk, sugar and cinnamon but I add a little rum to the milk.
6 slices french-style baguette. You have to use day old bread, yes yesterday´s bread !!.. Cut the bread in slices of 2 centimeters each.
1 litre of milk.
one stick of cinnamon and cinnamon powder.
3 sugar soup spoons and an orange peel.
3 eggs.Olive oil.
Boil the milk and add the orange peel, the cinnamon stick and the sugar. Turn off the heat once it has boiled, wait a few minutes and add the slices of bread in the lukewarm milk ; Let the bread soak up the milk for 2 hours.
Beat the eggs in a plate large enough to hold at least one Torrija ( 1 torrija = 1 slice of bread ).
Heat the oil to medium in a large frying pan that can hold several torrijas at the same time. With a large spatula (the bread will be very soft), carefully transfer the soaked slices one by one into the egg and coat.
Fry each torrija for 3-4 of minutes on each side, until brown. Place in a dish lined with kitchen roll or paper napkins  and thoroughly sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon powder. Enjoy warm or cold. You can put the torrijas in the fridge and they will last for several days !!
I sometimes serve them with a dollop of cream on top.
Do you think Mum at Mum's simply living blog and her guests will like Torrijas?

I also wish to welcome my new followers Maggie at Flowers in the Window and Beverly from The rock for beginners.
Thanks you so much for popping in and please don't be a stranger I thrive on your comments and love new followers LOL!

Amanda :-)


  1. I love your cottage tea pot - so sweet!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. I'm sure we'll like them just fine. This tea party certainly has some unusual twists on the food side. What treats we have had already. Thank you for bringing your table set and torrijas. We will certainly enjoy.
    Love from Mum

  3. Thanks Liz.......its such a success when I bring it out at the end of a meal.....the Spanish just love all these bits I bring back from the UK

    A xx

  4. I hope that's not the low calorie version! Only kidding, it looks absolutely gorgeous and I bet it tastes great.

  5. Hi there
    it is'nt low calorie and they are yummy you just can't stop eating them!!!!

    A xx

  6. I have enjoyed reading the virtual tea party reports up to now. Looks like you are all in for a lovely time, beautiful china and linen and fabulous food, yummy.

  7. Oh my, the Torrijas sound wonderful; I'm flying to see my grandson next week and will make these for him and his dad to remember a wonderful year in Madrid:-D And, that teapot is just amazing and what a keepsake. I want to come to the tea party, XOXO

    1. I wish you could Susan...come to the tea party that is ...... I can just imagine the wonderful cakes and goodies you would bring with you!!!!

      A x

  8. Ohhh they sound divine! so glad I popped over!
    I adore your cat too,
    Have also joined you....
    Bestest wishes Daisy J

  9. Gosh I haven't had breakfast yet and these sound soooo good! What a lovely teapot!!!

    1. My pride and joy Lynne where teapots are concerned...not that I have very many :-)

      A x

  10. What lovely tableware for your tea party - how lovely. We lived in Spain for a few years but never had Torrijas so thank you for bringing thenm to tea & providing the recipe !
    Do pop over to my tea party - the Teapot is being refilled for you !

  11. Can I join in too, feeling a bit stuffed though, this is my second tea party today- mind you, can never have too many tea parties! Ada :)

  12. There is a place not far from where we live that sells Cottage Ware, believe it or not. I should stop by there to take a few photos some time. Once in a while I come by it in a Second Hand store. Looks like you have armed yourself well before you are off.

  13. Oh my! I'd very much like to visit that shop Cindy. Well they are collector items now so worthwhile to buy.

    A x

  14. Oh you have me hungry now Amanda!!

    Love all your pretties.

    I used to have an Aynsley cake stand long ago
    but unfortunately dropped it after washing it
    carefully by hand!!!

    Love your table cloth too.

    Have a great week and don't eat too much

    x Fiona

  15. Amanda they look fantastic, I have a couple of pieces like your little teapot,I love it,because of internet and downloading problems I was late for the tea party and had to present something I made earlier,however the thought was there and all we could do was laugh.I rarely have internet probs,just one of those days.I really enjoyed looking at your lovelies.

  16. Hi Amanda,
    Your cottage teapot is lovely and Gran'r teatime tablecloth is just beautiful and in such pristine condition...clearly very well loved!
    I'm going to save this recipe for Ashley now that she's so into her Spanish food...she's coming home for the weekend in 3 weeks time!
    Hope you have a great week,
    Susan x

  17. 'Do you think Mum at Mum's simply living blog and her guests will like Torrijas?'

    Errrrr - yes they will

    I will be making these they look really scrummy

  18. Hallo Amanda!I love your cottage tea pot - so sweet!The table cloth is so beautiful!
    Wish you a lovely week!

  19. Fabulous Amanda! Tea at yours sounds like loads of fun!!

  20. Yummy! I love the cake stand too. Found you through the hen house. jenx

  21. Good evening, Amanda!
    I am going to cook these delicius sweets !!!
    Have a nice week!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. What a sweet teapot and what a pretty table cloth. I love that sweet bread. I will definitely have to make that.


  23. Nice teapot! Hope you had a great time at the party!:)

  24. There should definitely be more tea parties, virtual or otherwise ... I'm there!!

  25. Oh yum! I think I'd quite like it with a lil' bit of rum, too! :)

    1. Good choice give it that little bit extra flavour!

      A x


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