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Sunday, 4 November 2012

I need my Sundays

How true is that!!!! I need Sundays !
I could very easily continue working ....preparing material and lesson plans but I don't. Sunday mornings are for going out with Sr P ,perhaps just for a walk down the road,a quick trip up to the pottery village, a stroll on the beach or going somewhere we haven't been for awhile.
That is what we did this morning we went somewhere which we hadn't been to for awhile. Even though it looked a bit muggy this morning and it looked like rain we decided to visit the Clot de Galvany nature reserve which is about 20 minutes away from where we live right in front of the Carabasi dunes. Being a Sunday there were more people there than we like but still a very enjoyable walk.
Aren't we selfish!!!! However if there aren't too many people you get to see squirrels, bunnies and other animals that live there.

This little vale belonged to one person and when he died he donated it to the community...for some reason there was  a lot of dispute about this land and the Elche council wanted to build a housing estate on this land. I am horrified just to think about that!  However the residents of the area were totally against it and with the help of the Green party they won through. It is now a protected and  has become a World Heritage nature reserve.

I was delighted this morning to see that due to the wet weather mushrooms had appeared and also toadstools.  I had never eaten toadstools until I came to live in Alicante. I had always been taught by my Dad that toadstools were poisonous but since living here I've learnt there is an edible toadstool and its delicious.
It is in fact very nice ,it is grilled and served with a parsley and garlic sauce. Personally I would never make this dish myself as I just wouldn't be able to distinguish between poisonous toadstools or edible ones.I do know that the most colourful ones are the more poisonous ones so I imagine these I have taken photographs of found in the reserve this morning are poisonous....that yellow colour is just too bright.

This vale is a treasure .... it is practically untouched and very particular care is taken to keep it like that .
The dates are left on the tree to ripen and are only picked by the birds who live there and then what is left is allowed to rot and fall to the ground,eaten by other wildlife or it fertilizes the ground.

There are remains of when people invaded the vale and used it to defend the coastline....these Spanish Civil War piller boxes have been restored but have been allowed to be taken over by the vegetation.

You cannot reach the marsh land except with a zoom as it is cordoned off by discreet wooden fences. All to protect the wild life.

At times you can see geese,cranes,herons and even the odd flamingo who has flown over from the nearby Santa Pola salt lakes.

These Sunday mornings are a must ...they calm my thoughts and prepare me for the week ahead of me and I must say it works a treat!

The Earth does not belong to us; we belong to the Earth.

Amanda :-)


  1. What a beautiful place!! I don't think it's selfish. Everyone needs a relaxing day like this. You know what they say. All work and no fun...

    1. Many thanks for your comments. I do try to keep Sundays just for us and always to get out come rain or shine.

      A x

  2. I know exactly what you mean, a need to clear your head before the week begins is a great tonic.

  3. Easy, like Sunday mornings. Lovely pics, as always, Amanda!

    Enjoy the rest if your Sunday

    Claire xx

  4. Hi Claire Many thanks for popping in and for your comments.

    A x

  5. The pill boxes look like they would be interesting to peek into. Very cool.

  6. This is such a lovely post. I'm so glad that the land was not used for housing but for the delight of visitors to marvel at nature. It looks just the place to make you calm and clear headed for the week ahead.
    Love from Mum

  7. I love my Sundays too Amanda, we all need some me time. Your photo's are lovely how nice to have somewhere like this just 20 minutes walk away from your doorstep, I'm jealous lol xx

  8. The way you wrote this, with the photos made me feel like I was walking with you.
    Beautiful x

  9. Sundays = more sleep, beautiful outings, enjoying life.
    so nice that you do enjoy yours and what a beautiful place you have there...i hope it stays like this forever...people should respect and protect nature and wild life!!!
    have a great week!!! xxx

  10. Sundays used to be our lazy day but somehow we are now catching up on Sundays,however we have almost done that and lazy days are going to be welcome,thanks for the great tour I loved it.

  11. Beautiful post!!!!!!
    Amanda have a nice week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. What a wonderful place to sort your self out - very glad that the local residents stood up against developing the area, so many places like this are lost to greed. We do need breathing spaces and you certainly have a lovely one on your doorstep.

  13. What a lovely walk. I completely agree that it's important to have some time outside when the weeks are busy. I find that walking gives me back my sense of perspective when the days get a bit silly....! Jx

  14. What a perfect place, I can totally see how a walk there would be restorative.

  15. How nice to have access to such a place Amanda.........
    I can appreciate how much you need this time to help carry you through a busy week.
    Love seeing the dates, so many of them........yummy....

    Claire :}

  16. Great photos. That was like going on a guided walk. Love the toadstools. Happy Wednesday, jenx

  17. Keeping up with the world around you is a good thing. I love the photos and the toadstools reminded of the ones growing in my yard as I raked piles of leaves and discovered them:-D

  18. Many thanks to you all for your comments.
    I have coincidentally just read the following in the local Costa Blanca English newspaper:
    THIS year 2,900 trees will be planted in Clot de Galvany nature reserve in a joint initiative between water company Aigรผes d’Elx and Elche city hall.
    The company will plant one tree there for every customer that chooses to receive their bill by email rather than on paper.

    This is good news! It seems the lingering fear of housing development getting their greedy hands on the reserve can now be discarded completely.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  19. Amanda, not only are Sundays MADE for taking it easy, I am having nearly a whole WEEK of doing just that! Lovely to see some sun-shiney pictures, it's all a bit windy/rainy and dull here abouts, with the odd chilly-but-sunny day. I'm sure I know where you'd rather be! Lx


Thank you for your comments. I do read them and try to reply to all as well.Please keep them coming. Amanda :-)