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Thursday, 8 August 2013


Amazing  ..........  what is?

All you lovely peeps and the wonderful response to my 2nd blogiversary giveaway post over this last week but if you haven't done so already there is still time to enter!!!
This 2nd blogiversary giveaway is open to all the world and beyond as usual.  However you do have to be a follower of my blog to enter,. You can check if you already are a follower or wish to become one using  the Google friend connect widget at the top of the page on the right hand side bar of my blog. 

Should you wish to be entered twice please give a mention on your blog and link to this giveaway .

Does ice-cream cool you down?    I can answer that ...... IMHO ...I think it's all in the mind!
I am not quite sure why I bothered to google this to find out if it does....I mean I'd classify this as useless information however I was curious and I did:

In Houston Culture Joel Luks writes about the effect of hot and cold foods on our system. Where ice-cream is concerned he says:
Ice cream may feel like it has a cooling effect as it comes in contact with you know, your insides. But after 20 minutes, your body temperature will increase when it begins to work diligently to digest it and store the calories and perhaps convert the ice cream into fat.
and on Diet Detective, Charles Platkin seems to confirm this as he indicates:
15 to 20 minutes after you eat it, ice cream has the opposite effect.
he also quotes Barry Swanson ,a professor and co-chair of Food Science and Human Nutrition  who says eating cold foods does not really change your body temperature.

As I said all in the mind!!!

Nevertheless although this little distraction does not cool me down it certainly makes me feel good!
I thoroughly enjoyed making it!

There is a teeny weeny snag though brought about by my grand-daughter who asked me something which left me wondering!    What is it for?
No idea!!!  It's too small for a pin-cushion but too big for a brooch or for a key ring!!!  ANY IDEAS?

I found this free pattern on Joanita's blog creativegraphicsworkshop. A blog that is well worth a visit and I see she has other free patterns too. 

I used bits of DK Coats SMC Bravo yarn from my stash  and a 3.00 Hook. You can make it up in a day approximately.

I'm popping over to Linda's at Craftycorner's Summer stash bust party now as I think this make qualifies as a stash buster!

Keep smiling the weekend is nearly here!!!

Amanda :-)
Hello to all
I've unfortunately lost three comments from Claire,Tami and Maria Elena. Do you see that large line of text cutting through the second picture on this post???  I've been here the last hour trying to get rid of it ... it is certainly not something I've written so how does that come to be overlapping this post???    Anyone any suggestions????
I have lost the 3 comments because I 've deleted and posted the same post now three times and I still cannot get rid of it!
It annoys me immensely!


  1. It looks good enough to eat Amanda! who cares what it's for it's fun to make and that's the main thing, I must say it does look very realistic. Thanks for linking! :)

  2. Aww...I think, it would make a perfect toy for your grandaughter. You need to knit here a whole collection of food items :)

  3. I have no idea how to get rid of that line, how frustrating! I think crocheted ice cream cones definitely work as a calorie buster as well as a stash buster.

  4. I think the line is a sizing problem on the page I have had that problem on other social network pages it may be that the whale is a little too big or your page is off center if the advertising can't be placed in a prominent place they will make a space

    1. Thanks for this Tami...checking both tips you've given out!

      A x

  5. The other thing it may just be me but i have noticed if I click the link I get a message saying post is not here or available or this post doesn't exist something like that. So I have to click home to read the post it may be a band width problem.

  6. I don't think you can get the comments back but maybe they'll come back to visit and leave another one! I love this cute would look cute for one of my dolls to hold. I'll go follow the link! Thanks! Still no hints on the giveaway? heehee! Sweet hugs!

  7. Ahhhhh another cyber mystery beyond my ability to solve, Amanda. Sorry :( But as for the charming ice cream cone you created, my granddaughters have been given and enjoy playing with food items sewn from cloth, and I can imagine they would enjoy playing with your crocheted cone :)
    Gracie xx

  8. I too have annoying lines but they're on my face! Please could I enter, well done on notching up 2 years!!! :) x

    1. Ha1 Ha!....I know about that and there is no deleting them!!!

      Your entry Nº is Nº 49

      A xx

  9. It's doesn't have to have a use! xx

  10. Those lines are caused by 'copy and pasting'!
    The ice cream would make lovely pretend food toy for my grand children
    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie
      I am been wondering if it it this because I copied and pasted part of the quotes that I picked up from various sources but the text does not coincide with what I copied. I've copied and pasted many things to my posts and never ever had anything like this appear. I suppose there is always a first time.

      Many thanks

      Amanda :-)

    2. I copied and pasted a poem recently and the whole post changed! I got so fed up I left it, but I didn't like it!
      Julie xxxxxxxx

  11. At least this beautiful ice cream cone wouldn't go to my hips! Love the design, XOXO

  12. That ice cream is so so beautiful! Totally calorie free! The best kind x technical issues are the pits. Hope you sort it soon x

  13. Hi Amanda

    Thank you so much for making and liking my ice cream pattern! I hope your granddaughter likes it! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  14. Hello Amanda
    What a fun crochet ice-cream! Yes, we did have a great time in Barcelona and I learnt to appreciate the joy of a siesta! I am rather tanned too, the Med seems to have a special kind of sunshine that makes me go very brown :o) It's about 20 degrees here in the Uk today and I am missing the water and hot sand already xox Penny

  15. that crochet ice cream is so cute !

  16. Good Afternoon Amanda, Who cares if ice cream does not cool us down and helps us put on more weight!! it is like chocolate, it is not good for us, but it is so delicious.
    At least your lovely little ice cream cone would be fat free.
    Best wishes


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