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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Nice things among the mire

It has been a shitty week and perhaps I could even say a full two weeks of mire!!   However after reading Chrissie's blog on giving thanks here I'm trying to do the same. I'm taking a leaf out of Chrissie on Chrissie's crafts book and trying to be thankful by thinking about the good things that have also happened to me over that time.  
In fact there are more good things than I would have originally thought! It is strange how the negative thoughts seem to takeover and suffocate the good things and there are always some good things you just have to sit down relax a little and search for them with a positive mind,so I tell myself anyhow!

One of my ESL in-company students went to the UK for a week to visit the Birmingham International Cake and sugar-craft show and he brought this book back for me

He has been extra considerate as he has remembered just how much I like history.
This book quite brings history to life and makes you realize just how historical facts can be twisted and puffed up to something quite different from what is the real truth.
It is a bit like Chinese whispers in comparison! Have you ever played Chinese whispers?
At present I am reading about the Carta Magda .... and what it really was!

My grand-daughter Cookie was 13 on the Friday 22nd November so we had a little family lunch,just the four of us and a giving out of our gifts to her. Cookie has become quite interested in baking so I bought her some baking goodies:fancy silicone moulds to make pretty cakes,some to make chocolates and pens with edible ink to write on icing. She also got a black pair of jeans which I think is a boring present but it is what she wanted!

My Red Cross A1-1 course finished last Thursday and my lovely students brought me this as a thank you gift!

Pure silk,very light and warm too.

Aren't they smashing nice of them!
 Can you guess who's me ??????  LOL!

I also had some good news as Red Cross want me to continue with them in December teaching the English Module in the Lifeguards Course ....goodie ,goodie as December is usually a slack month for me and I don't have much work (yes!!! for those who don't know I am self-employed!).  I also like working there at Red Cross and I like my job!!!

I have managed to finish my niece's request which is this other Bear Beanie for another little great niece who is nine months old and lives in Torquay.
I feel particularly pleased at how this Beanie has turned out. I find using an empty olive jar for a stand keeps the hat steady and helps me line up the little ears much better. They are nearly straight this time. :-)   The pattern is from  Janet Carrillo "damn it Janet, let’s crochet!" found here
Really easy to follow and this was also a stash buster as I used up leftovers of Red Heart Baby super soft yarn in lilac and purple.

Once again...I've done it once again! I could kick myself ...I finally managed to get my swap parcel off to Louise my Christmas Cracker swap partner from Buttonsandbebes    and I have forgotten to take photos of the contents....tch!!!  ....double tch!!!

It is wonderful to see I have two new followers ....but I don't know who you are so please visit and comment when you have a moment. I would love to hear from you.

Have a relaxing Sunday

Amanda :-)


  1. Hope your next weeks are less sh, you know what and more relaxed for you. You have lovely students.
    Love from Mum

    1. Thank you for visiting Mum always pleased to hear from you!!..I foresee the forthcoming week will be better than the last didn't help of course that I had a raging cold and lost my voice and had to cancel classes upsetting my routine. I have a voice again so it is back to routine...I hope!

      A xx

  2. Oh Amanda I hope this week is a much better one for you. At least you know your students appreciate you, the scarf is beautiful. The beanie is so cute. I have to say your more organised than me. I am still filling my cracker.
    Ali x

    1. Thanks Ali......I have to be really organised! I've beat myself into a routine otherwise I would have driven my self crazy rushing from one place to another and also trying to remember everything.

      A xx

  3. See a tough two weeks have become difficult two weeks with lots to be thankful for. I love the scarf, I love the hats. I wish you a much, much better week this week.

  4. Love the little girl's hat .,hope you had a wonderful thanks giving,🌴🌴

  5. Glad things got better for you. What a beautiful scarf and I love the bear beanie - so cute x

  6. Are you in the middle of the photo? Just going by the little pic on your blog...

    BTW - have you heard from Kerrie if the Christmas Fair has been and gone? I sent some things but have not heard anything.


  7. Glad things are improving for you Amanda, they can only get better! Love the scarf your students have very good taste, I think you will really suit that colour. The little hat is so cute. :)

  8. Love your new scarf and the hat is so, so cute! The Red Cross is great to work for although most of my working has been as a volunteer so I guess it's not actually "work". :-) They seem like a nice organization though and I'm so glad that you have work for December. What a great gift for your granddaughter. I'm sure she loved it, jeans and all. Hoping for a better week for you my friend.

  9. Love the scarf, and the little hat.
    Happy Birthday to your grand-daughter.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  10. While I depend on my blog roll to keep me abreast on your latest, it seems to have kept your posts captive from me since November 7.....a cyber mystery to me. At any rate I just enjoyed catching up on your projects and news, Amanda. So sorry you have wrestled with migraine in the midst of many wonderful projects. I just got out the bell decoration you made for me and have many of the lovely gifts you sent on the table by my favorite chair. Blessings to you and yours during this especially busy time. May you know peace.
    Gracie xx

  11. so glad things go better for you

    1. Hello there

      Many thanks for your visiting my blog and for your kind comment. I'm a bit behind replying …….sorry about that….. it is always to do with having too much work unfortunately!

      I am off to browse through your blog again ….. I did pop in for a brief visit but I liked it so much I was determined to go back .

      Keep well


  12. Amanda....loving that hat!
    Its always the small things that we should be thankful for....bestest Daisy xx

  13. Sorry to read that things have been really difficult. Youve pulled together some lovely positives in this post. Jx

  14. Sorry to hear things have been sh---- (let's say "less than good"!) Look after yorself, and be kind to yourself. God bless xx

    1. Many thanks for your kind comments ...I assure you I would like to be nicer to myself however circumstances in this country now does not cater for cutting down work wise just at present. I know I should be thankful for what I have but just sometimes it all gets on top of me!
      A xx

  15. Hello Amanda glad things are improving for you. The scarf your students bought for you is a wondeful present. I love that adorable little hat sweet! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Helen x

  16. Dear Amanda, thanks for your visit on my site and your kind comment! I can answer just now, sorry! The little embroidered hearts are my Mother's works.

  17. Hope this week has been better for you. You have a busy schedule. I am so envious of everyone's craftiness right now. I've been visiting blogs and there is so much going on and being finished. I'm having trouble doing much of anything because of my hand. I love the little bear beanie. It is adorable. I hope the next few weeks are easy for you and you have plenty of time to craft.


  18. Hi Amanda...Sorry to hear you have had a bad couple of weeks and you are right that at these times we have to take a moment and look for the good clearly do have wonderful students though...that's such a happy pic! (and I love your scarf) and your hat is so sweet!
    Hope this is a better week for you,
    Take care,
    Susan x
    P.S And your book looks like a very good read! :-)

  19. Hi

    I'm just catching up with everyone to see how they are getting on with their cracker swaps

    I know it's a busy time of year but we are getting closer to last posting dates (i'm working on mine this weekend with the hope of getting it out early next week)

    please can you make sure you have made contact with your swap partner and exchanged addresses

    I'm really looking forward to seeing what you send and receive


Thank you for your comments. I do read them and try to reply to all as well.Please keep them coming. Amanda :-)