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Saturday, 3 January 2015

We can't put the sparkle away yet!


Happy New Year to you all !!!!!
Here's wishing you ALL a  bright New Year filled with peace,joy,health and happiness!

The jacket throw  is finally finished...completed...finito!!! Phew!!!  I think it cheers the room up a great deal! However a certain person in this household could have kept his opinion to himself ....grannyfied indeed!!!! Much more suitable for a country cottage indeed!!!! grr!!!!!!

I expect a lot of you have now put your Christmas decorations away but I can't do that yet. We still have the Kings night to celebrate on 5th January and the Kings day on 6th January (Epiphany). Another bundle of gifts are given out, that or coal if people have been naughty.
Personally I can think of quite a few people in high places here in Spain who should receive coal from the three Kings and not gifts!!!!

El dia de los Reyes (The three Kings Day) is virtually as important as Christmas itself in Spain, especially for kiddies, as this is the day when they traditionally get their presents. Nowadays though more and more young parents celebrate 24th December and Father Christmas who brings the majority of the presents and a little something is left for the Kings night! However the Kings parade on the night of 5th is quite something to see, when the three kings arrive by camel  and lead their procession through the streets, throwing sweets to the children.

The King's arriving in Muchamiel Alicante 2014

The King's parade Alicante 2014

 When the children return to their homes they leave their shoes out  or the Kings to fill, not stockings ....mind you more than one clever tot leaves out Daddy's boots. The next morning, the children wake up to find their presents have been left overnight !
I remember when I first came to Spain in the 70s my husband's family kept to the old tradition. Christmas Day was a day spent with the family but no visit from Father Christmas or presents under the tree. The presents were all delivered by the Kings on the 6th January. This was very strange to me and it took me awhile to adjust. Once we had our own house we decided we would respect and enjoy both of our Christmas traditions,so I got my typical Christmas Day and Sr P continued to have his Kings Day. We have continued to do this and my daughter does the same. There has been some general talk of eliminating the King's Day but that has been met with a lot of opposition,I am pleased to say. The  King's Day is an important part of this culture and I don't think it should be wiped out.

As I said another round of gifts and this neck warmer is what  I have made for my daughter to add to the gifts from the Kings.

 The weather in Alicante is deceiving !
During the day it can be really nice but the temperature drops drastically when the sun goes down. My daughter finishes work at 8 or 9:00pm so she will appreciate the warmth of this neck warmer at night.
I used Katia Inca super chunky yarn 53 % wool and 47% acrylic and a 8.00 hook. It was a delight to use and I made this in a jiffy. Those lovely big crimson buttons from my button hoard.

It is cold this evening and a sea mist has swept inland so it is quite damp and foggy out there.  I think a nice hot cuppa tea and some dunking biscuits will just do me right for supper!  

Keep well

Amanda :-)


  1. The Kings Day sounds wonderful, and how nice to keep the festivities going on for a bit longer!

    I know what you mean about cold nights in Spain in winter, we especially found that to be the case in Granada, slightly less so in Cordoba but it was still nippy. We are hoping to visit Seville before long, so will have to see how it is there!

    Happy New Year!


    PS I love the throw, is SrP going to be getting coal ;)

  2. Oooo the throw is gorgeous x my tree stays up til the 6th x

  3. It was so interesting reading about Kings day. I feel it would be really sad if such an important day was forgotten, countries should be proud of their traditions. Your jacket throw looks wonderful, I love the little flowers you've decorated it with. Will someone be receiving coal due to their naughty comments. Best wishes to you and your family for a very Happy New Year.
    Ali xx

  4. I love that you keep to both traditions and your blanket is fab x

  5. Maybe someone in your house who makes comments about awesome granny square blankets needs some coal in his shoes........just saying.
    Hugs and thank you for all the information about the information about King's Day.

  6. Somehow or other this is the first year that I was aware that the 12th day of Christmas is celebrated by some as the day the wise men brought the Christ child gifts. The live camels carrying kings through your city is a great tradition and what fun to also celebrate Father Christmas coming too. I am planning to leave my tree up until January 6th. The tea cozy you made me has been in use since the first of December, the Christmas ornaments you sent are on the tree, the magnets are on my fridge, and the little plate and heart pin cushion are by my favorite chair and in frequent use throughout the year. I love the cheery comforter you made, especially all its purple favorite color :-) Wishing you and yours a happy creative New Year, Amanda! xx

  7. The throw is looking very colorful and pretty !! Happy new year to you!!

  8. Beautiful throw Amanda. Those comments are NOT nice! :-) I was neot aware of the tradition of some cultures celebrating the three wise men coming in January until reading your post. I think it's a very appropriate thing as the kings arriving quite awhile after the birth of Christ. How wonderful that your family still celebrates both traditions. I have the beautiful doily you made for me underneath my snow globe of the nativity. I leave it out all winter long.
    Blessings my friend,

  9. Very colorful and fun blanket and the scarf for your daughter ... Superb ... We also have kings day in Brazil but we don't give more presents thought. A fun tradition. Hope you had a fun Christmas with your family and that 2015 brings you only the best. Cheers dear friend !!!

  10. What a wonderful celebration. I have never heard of Kings Day! That's one of the things I love so much about blogland, getting to hear about new things and new customs. Happy New Year, Amanda. I hope this year is a wonderful one for you and Sr P.
    Hugs, Sharon

  11. The throw looks lovely...Really nice!
    Glad you've got it 'covered' at last...! :).

    The Kings Day sounds nice to....And, totally
    agree..culture/tradition should not be wiped out!
    In Sicily most days are remembered as a Saints
    day...The old stories are great to hear and read
    Oh! And, it's another 'Kings' birthday on the 8th
    Jan....Elvis Presley...Born 1935.

    HeHe! I keep my sparkle 'ALL' the year round!
    Bless!!! :>).

  12. I loved the throw, the colour combinations were stunning. Its nice to keep traditions going, so have a wonderful day.

  13. Love the the granny blanket/throw.
    It is nice to keep both traditions. I used to work a croatian girl who alwys had 6th January off because that was her Christmas too,
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Every thing looks lavvy lavvy. The lavender throw is very beautiful. Keeping traditions alive is the need of the hour. Else the generation next will only see it in pics. Thats so nice

    Happy New Year to you

    1. Thank you for your comments Aishwarya. You have a point there if we don't keep the traditions alive our childen's children will not be able to enjoy them!!!
      A very happy New Year to you too!!

      A xx

  15. I took down the decorations today - so if the Kings arrive here they'll be rather disappointed, I'm afraid! We have been tucking into Galette des Rois however, so we are keeping to some traditions!
    Thank you for alerting me to the Christmas swaps. I joined in and had a fun time. I've already signed up to Tracy's next swap!!

  16. Your throw is gorgeous.. purple is my favourite colour :o) Happy New Year to you and yours :o) x

  17. What a lovely tradition and in your family you get to have 2 Christmasses - can't be bad.

  18. Happy new year Amanda. Lovely that you still have something else to look forward to! Just makes christmas last that little bit longer, it all goes by in a whirlwind.

  19. I'd never heard of that tradition but what a beautiful pageant - the costumes looked gorgeous :) As does your throw, never mind what HE says !! xxx

    1. Many thanks for your comments Hawthorn :-) I just take it that HE just doesn't understand...poor thing LOL!!!

      A xx

  20. Beautiful granny blanket!!
    Happy New Year!:*

  21. The throw is lovely as is the neck warmer Amanda, Kings Day sounds like so much fun I hope that you enjoyed it. All the very best for 2015!! I have finally actually booked a holiday to go to Benidorm in September 2015, we will be staying at the older part of Benidorm and I can't wait yay! :) xx

  22. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. Love your throw! Best wishes, Pj x

  23. Wishing you and yours all the magic of the new year, Amanda.. Oooh didn't know about The kings day ! how lovely..
    With hugs Maria x

  24. Your throw looks gorgeous! I know it was a lot of work. I hope they never eliminate Reyes. How can they even think of doing that? It has been our tradition for so many years and I have to tell you I have the best memories of that day during my childhood. What a special day it was! I hope you had a great holiday and Happy New year!

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