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Thursday, 6 August 2020

Heritage make



During a Mid June clean out, I found a card my niece in Point Vernon,Australia had sent to me asking me to crochet for her a jug/sugar bowl cover......that was years ago😞...and I had completely forgot about it !!!!πŸ™

As I felt pretty guilty about not doing that for her I tried to make the cover for her special.  I called it the three generation jug cover as I blended in bits of crochet made by my Mother,my Gran and myself. 
My Mother gave me a lot of bits and pieces from my Gran's crochet......some were unfinished makes. 
The hexagon centre was my Mother's,the centre flower was half done by my Gran...I completed it. 

My part was the edging in variegated Katia Jaipur fine cotton and adding the beads. 


I like to think that when Mum gave me her crochet bits bag a few months before she passed it was for a reason. I am convinced that they would both be pleased that I have shared their crochet with other members of our family. 

In this way I can give my niece a small something connected to her Great Grandmother, her Grandmother and her Aunty 😊 

Thoughts of my Gran and my Mother went into every stitch that I crocheted here.

Stay safe  

Amanda :-)

PS: That parcel still sits in my house because I was told at the Post Office at the beginning of July that Australia has closed its' frontier at present and I cannot send the parcel yet.


  1. Dear Amanda
    What a lovely and useful gift for your niece. I am sure she'll love it once you are able to send it to her!
    Best wishes

  2. This is so special and I'm sure your niece will treasure it and appreciate all the thought and love that has gone into the making of it. How frustrating that you can't get it sent off yet, I have a garage full of charity makes that are waiting to be sent too. Take care xx

  3. This was brilliant Amanda. I'm sure she will love it and appreciate the extra effort you made to send her parts made by the women who loved her. It will be treasured and passed down to future generations.

  4. Bravo for the finish to such a special gift for your niece. It's quite beautiful. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. It is beautiful! Even more so with the story to with it.

  6. I'm sure your niece will treasure the gift. It was interesting to hear about the restriction and you can't send a parcel to Australia at the moment.

  7. That is so sweet and so thoughtful

  8. Fabulous idea my friend. Well done. Stay safe out there.

  9. I love this, linking you all together! I reckon your niece will love it, too. x


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