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I am here to enjoy meeting other bloggers and to share my love of craft ,mostly crochet, my thoughts and my daily happenings here in Alicante,Spain, my adopted country. I belong to a local choir because singing and music makes me happy. Flea markets and book shops are two of my favourite places to be. I read lots......sci´fi/fantasy,buried treasure, and off world adventures. I have a passion for history! I walk and walk and walk for about 10 months per year during the hot months I swim.

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

The first place that came to mind.

Lazy darning light bulb momentπŸ’‘

Sr P's old tatty but precious jeans... which I dare not chuck out! 

He has been helping out at a friend's restaurant and somehow got bleach down the front of the left leg. They really need to go into a vat of dye but that just isn't worth the expensive as they are far too old. He won't buy a new pair though he likes his old faithfuls! That man does hate shopping for clothes.Therefore I turned to lazy darning once again and snakes were the only thing I could think of which would cover more or less the streaks left by the bleach.

Sunday outing

As we had no plans to go to anywhere in particular for our last Sunday outing we went to the first place that came to mind (my mind)which was Busot up in the mountains. We hadn't been there for quite some time,years in fact.It is usually a bit cooler up there so I took a cardigan. I didn't need it! The photos will tell all!

BUSOT is approximately 19 kilometres from Alicante City. The name BUSOT means place in the Woods as Busot used to be situated in the middle of a massive pine forest. That,I imagine;must have been quite sometime ago though as there is not much of a forest there anymore ...more's the pity!   All the same it really is a lovely little town and the views are fabulous!  I also have to give it top marks for how clean and neat it is. Absolutely no litter at all. The streets and houses are so well looked after. You can see the people are proud of their little town.

Can you see what I mean about it all being so tidy and so clean?

Looks like Sr P got his skates on again because you can see him way up there nearly at the top of the street. 

At the top of that street we saw this sign and of course we had to go up there.

This is the reason I did not need a cardigan!  

I was huffing and puffing well before we got to the viewpoint. The pathway was well dotted with pine at least some of them survived.  

The view at the top took our breath away ... the climb up there too 🌞


You can see for miles!

On our way back down. 

and there was a castle...the remains of one actually.

Well we weren't house hunting up here even though it is so beautiful and the view is sensational. Our goal is definitely to stick to the coast. We both are very much coastal creatures. Nevertheless it did briefly pass through my mind that I wouldn't mind living here in Busot.

Worth the wait.

It has taken one of my orchids months to show signs that it could produce buds and a few months more to finally see them bloom.

It was well worth the wait.

Yes another suncatcher.

This one is for my sister's bedroom window in her new flat.

As is usual you can't see the sparkly bits in the photo but they should make it twinkle in the sun.

I was told to use various shades of pink and a touch of purple.  I think I have managed that.  

Replies completed for previous post comments.

Happy Blogging

Amanda πŸŒ„


  1. What a beautiful village, how on earth did you manage to walk to the top you and Sr P must be much healthier than me I would have collapsed half way haha but wow what a view.
    I wouldn't have worried about the bleach it's a fashion feature, anything goes these days but I must say the snakes are a nice touch. The sun catcher is beautiful your sister will love it. 😊 Take care. Xx

  2. That view was well worth the climb. I would be tempted to live there too. SO TIDY! But, like you .... I would prefer by the water. (Unfortunately, I live nowhere NEAR the water anymore.)

    Your sun catcher is beautiful. I know your sister will love it.

  3. Lovely suncatcher Amanda and flowers. Beautiful day for that walk and very clever with the snakes πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  4. I would live in a town like that. Water or mountains. I love them both. I have visions of Sr P's jean disintegrating leaving nothing but your patches/darning!

  5. Hello Amanda! What a lovely walk you've taken us on today. Busot looks like a very nice town that I also would love, although like you, I prefer the ocean waves. I don't know how the two of you can hike up so far. I think I would be laying by the roadside gasping for air! I am woefully out of shape and need to do something about that.
    Your patching is very inventive and I'm guessing Sr. P sometimes wonders what his next surprise on his jeans will be. I also love your sisters suncatcher colors and design. You are so creative with them. The one you made me is opposite my chair, so every time I glance up I see it and think of you.
    Take care my dear friend.

  6. That's such a lovely place, so pretty and neat, and the view is simply stunning. Loving the patchwork on the jeans too - clever. xx

  7. That looks a lovely town with some wonderful views. I think your patching looks great on the jeans. It's lovely to be able to keep things wearable for a little longer, especially when they are favourites.
    Best wishes

  8. How great to visit such a clean place in such a fabulous location. Thanks for the lovely photos x x x

  9. Nice bit of patching up m'dear. I have been darning thick woollen socks where little holes have appeared as they are perfectly fine throughout the rest of the sock. Waste not want not. x

  10. Lovely blog as always, love reading it . I love the snakes really good idea, what a beautiful view I would love to go there one day so lovely. The dream catcher will look brilliant 🀩❤️❤️

  11. I’m Anonymous again 🀣🀣

  12. The mountain town looks a pleasant place to visit with wonderful views once you get to the top. Your darning and crochet skills are really good. Love the fact that your orchid is producing flowers.

  13. Your photos of Busot look just beautiful Amanda - what a stunning place to live! Love it. Also love your flowering orchid ... I've just watered my two this morning but no flowers yet - can't remember what season they flower here. Enjoy your weekend xx


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