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Saturday, 6 October 2012


Hello and welcome to my new follower Preeti at  Createwittyunleashed
 thank you for visiting my blog, I look forward to hearing from you again :-)

I have some treasure to show you:

 Emmmm not this type........... but

nope nor this........ but

thisssssss ............    yarn treasure 

I had popped out for a little spending spree to get myself a couple of new tops for work and a few other bits and bobs but coincidentally I had to go by Marie Carmen's shop you remember her shop I posted about it here.
  Now then as it is I remembered, I did have to pop into Marie's shop to have a look at the yarn and see if she had anything suitable for the baby blanket my sister has asked me to make for her new grandchild.
I made a cot cover for her other daughter, my niece, when she was born 28 years ago, which my niece is keeping for her own child but my sister wants another one now for the first grandchild. I'm very pleased though that the cot cover I made 29 years ago is still in good condition. Incidentally I made that cot cover with my Canarian square which I posted about here.
Isn't it wonderful how crochet just last and lasts.....I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that a piece of crochet was found in an Egyptian tomb....if so that's proof of everlasting craft!!!!

Well lets get back to the plot jack!!!!
as I was saying I had to just pop in to look at some yarn...soft yarn for babies, well fortunately Marie Carmen had just received a new batch of yarn. It was a kaleidoscope colour bomb that hit me as I opened the door (remember she does have a little shop) and it was so very difficult to choose which ones to buy. My sister had chosen white for the cot blanket but I wasn't really keen on just plain white so I picked up a couple of Jacquard Bravo Baby in Green,Grey and White as well hoping I would be allowed to add some colour. At the same time I choose a variety of other colours for ....... what were they for???? ...actually no idea.... but.... I know I needed those colours.
 I had a really enjoyable shopping spree ,I didn't get my tops or my bits and bobs...I also spent all my money tch!!!....on YARN!!!!!!

Sr P asked me later on at home what tops had I bought and I told a LIE.....a whopping great FIB!.... that they didn't have my size and I had to go back next week. Why did I do that.....guilty conscience I'm sure. I'm becoming a YARN addict now too.
 Do you know how I feel looking at my wonderful stash of yarn now that I've added what I've just bought to it as well?

Enjoy your Sunday!

Amanda :-)

PS: Change of plans my sister has sent me a pattern and the cot blanket is green. I'll have to go back to Marie Carmen's shop and change all the white I've bought for tiresome!!!
Better pop a little bit more cash into my purse in case ............. :-)


  1. I am currently on a Stash Diet! It go out of hand when I was trying to hide 8 black plastic sacks of Alpaca Fleece...I have a merino mountain and lots of yarn too! Time for me to turn it all into something lovely :) Enjoy your new treasures. xxx

  2. Hello Lucy
    well I am glad to hear I'm not the only one......

    Keep well

    A xx

  3. Sounds like you had a blast. Yes do remember the little shop you had posted about.

  4. ....I think more than a little more is better!!! ;oD
    xxxx Ale

  5. I was in the store where I buy fabric for the aprons I give away, but it also has a yarn section. I really didn't need any yarn (have enough to make more patterns than I'll ever live to do!), but there it was...a ball of Opal "Vincent van Gogh" yarn with the sunflowers on it that Kelly had a print of on her wall. It'variegated in colors from the painting; how could I pass it up!! It's sock weight and just might end up as that. If there is a support group for us, let me know:-D

  6. Very fun blog post. A little bit of extra cash is always good to have on hand!

  7. I know just what you mean. Yarn shops just refuse to let me leave without making a bag of purchases. I am simply seduced by the alluring colours and textures. They call to me, make promises, which I always fall for. I smuggle the bags home, past my husband (who really wouldn't mind at all) squish the yarn stash around this way and that way, trying to make room for the new ones. Hopelessly addicted...but loving it!

    1. Hi Elaine
      Thanks for your lovely comments. Its daft really my husband wouldn't mind either but I still felt guilty.

      A xx

  8. How funny,you should have just grabbed a top out of your closet he would never have known any different lol..make sure you do take extra when you go shopping lol for MORE yarn!!!!

  9. Welcome to yarn addicts club Amanda!:) I saw your canarian square post and enjoyed the tale too! I am sure the change of plan is going to be enjoyable rather than tiresome; you got another free excuse to visit yarn shop:))

  10. I wonder how much yarn you'll come back with next time :) Lovely colours.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Ali x

  11. Yarn is always the best thing to spend your money on! That sister of yours needs to be told to buy the yarn herself and send it to you...

  12. wowee!!!! it is so nice buying yarn!!! xx

  13. wow what a stash Amaanda! I've been a little MIA of late but so glad to catching up on all your goings on! :) Can't wait to see the finished product... must be such a shame you'll have to head back to the yarn store ;) hehe! Haz x

  14. Drool, drool!
    Love from Mum

  15. Lovely lovely yarn, it's the best mood booster there is don't you just love it. Just looking at all those lovely balls of yarn gave me a boost Amanda and they aren't even mine! As you say how tiresome another shopping spree is indicated and yes you must take a bit of cash with you ...just in case you do see a top you like haha :)

  16. I really don't think a lie counts if it has anything to do with yarn. So you have nothing to worry about.

  17. Wow that is a burst of colour. It all looks fabulous, darling!! and I can totally understand why you just had to have it. Looking forward to seeing what it becomes.

    Arwedd xx

  18. Hi Amanda, I have been a real slacker and have missed a few of your blog post. So sorry for that. I bet you are in heaven with all your new yarn! I have to totally agree with Meredith but I wouldn't return the white....just go back and buy the green to....that's what I would do!!!
    Your Friend, Shari!

  19. Me again....pop over to my place if you have a minute or two....I have a new blog that is up and running and in a week I will delete Shari's Crochet!

  20. Another treasure in your way: you've just won my giveaway!!!!!! Happy???
    Congratulations, xxxx Alessandra

  21. Hi Amanda!
    Oh....I agree! You have gained a treasure trove of soft and colorful loveliness. You are going to be so busy stitching up something beautiful for your sister's grandbaby. It's wonderful when new little one's arrive on the scene. I can hardly wait to see your finished masterpiece.
    What a wonderful sister you sweet friend,
    Blessings across the miles,
    Carolynn xoxo

  22. Hahaha Amanda, I am so with you, I cannot resist yarn and have way too much, I may grab my courage and count them all one day.......maybe! I am crocheting a baby blanket for a baby yet to be born in Ireland, I am using 10ply pure wool, plain but will have a lovely lacy border. Then I have another one to do after that, busy fingers here :0
    xo Sandi


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