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Thursday, 4 October 2012

And the sun came out and the waiting is over!

The sun shines in all its glory once again.....

 and parts of waste ground have turned miraculously, practically over night, into patches of green meadows dotted with the colour and ....

the wonder of Mother Nature. 
The waiting has come to an end !

 As I mentioned in a previous post I am partnered with Sharon at From my front porch  and we are participating in the Cosy Autumn Swap hosted by Blueberry Heart. We've had to wait a little longer than others who swap within the Uk but finally Sharon has received my parcel and I also received Sharon's parcel last Monday. Perhaps you don't know but Sharon lives over there across the seas in Tennessee USA and I live in Spain ,well that's about a 10 to 12 days mailing span...but it has gone well and nothing has been lost in the post.

So...Peeps here you have what I received from Sharon and you can see what I sent to Sharon on her latest post at From my front porch

Glorious Autumn colours can see the swap theme in all these goodies!
 Can you see that photo frame now isn't that super original just right for Halloween :-)

everything intact no breakages....I'm so lucky!

Look at the gorgeous colour of that yarn I am itching to start something with it!

Nobody can doubt this book marker is for me.....personalized...I love personalized goodies!!!
A maple perfumed about smells so good I told Sharon I could almost eat it!
and finally two new dishcloths in the most perfect colours for my kitchen as the kitchen colours are different shades of did you know Sharon?

What a fantastic hour I had unpacking this parcel and showing everyone and talking about Sharon over there in Tennessee,about my followers,about blogging and blogland. Your ears just must have been burning!!!     
Thank you so much Sharon everything was more than perfect! :-)

a happy and content

Amanda :-)


  1. Beautiful swap goodies! Everything looks very much like Autumn. I'm glad the sun is shining once again, and the flooding is over.

  2. What wonderful gift you received in the Swap. Yes some of those candles smell good enough to eat, I do agree. Thanks for stopping by Amanda, my neck is an old injury, worsened with age, from an accident long ago. I am happy the Sun is shining, and sad to hear of the losses. Keep smiling ... Cindy.

  3. How many goodies!!! Lucky girl!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  4. It looks so peaceful now, it's crazy...Nice little goodies you got there! :)

  5. I think we both are happy, happy. This has been a great introduction to my first swap and the beanie will definitely get some this winter.


    1. use...the beanie will definitely get some use. *Sigh* I guess I should be in bed. : )

  6. Love the beautiful sunshine and oh, what lovely gifts in your swap. XOXO

  7. Great! You are so lucky:) the frames and book mark are very sweet! :)

  8. What a wonderfully sunshiny post xxx

  9. I think she's 'summed' you up perfectly Amanda! Lovely swap! Ada :)

  10. Hi my sweet friend!!!!!!!!!
    I love this eggplant!!!!!!!!!!!Beautiful gifts!!!!!!!!!!

  11. What a lovely bunch of swap goodies! LOVE the pretty yarn especially and can't wait to see what gorgeous creation you come up with to use it.

  12. So glad the sun has returned for you! What gorgeous goodies! Loving the yarn!!
    Victoria xx

  13. Lovely goodies, you have done well :) your first photo is glorious, I could just feel the sunny warm air. You only seem to get that certain wonderful light at the coast

  14. So glad all that horrible weather has turned the land a beautiful green. What an amazing swap!!! You are so lucky. gorgeous Autumn colors.

  15. What fantastic swaps Amanda! I cant wait to see what you make with the wool.

  16. Those beautiful, autumnal colours, no wonder you are itching to get creative! In the meantime, enjoy that wonderful sunshine.

  17. What a lovely swap all the way from the US. The yarn is gorgeous and what an unusual photo frame. I'm glad to hear the worst of the weather is over. Take care of you.
    Ali x

  18. What sweet swap gifts!
    Please can you send a little bit of your med sumshine our way???
    Happy weekend!


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