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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Crazy Calamondin

A big welcome to all of my new followers,Tracy on Crochet Happy,Thea at Hearts & Bluebells and Elizabeth at Elizy Art. I am so pleased you have popped in to visit and follow my blog. 

I also highly recommend you pop in and participate in Shari's wonderful giveaway at Lauren's Closet she is giving away one of her wonderful crocheted blankets.

Now then, let me introduce you to my Crazy Calamondin miniature orange tree.
A present my husband gave me two years ago in December and it has been doing very well but just lately it has gone crazy!!!!

 It seems to think its spring as it is flowering and sprouting tiny oranges! We had the same the first year I had it but during spring but never now and its in the same place it has always been, out on the balcony, admittedly behind glass and there is a bit of a hot house effect because of the sun on the glass but I still think its been misled...what is it doing flowering and producing fruit in December!!!!!

Please take in to consideration that my balcony windows are dirty no not dirty filthy would be a better description because it is raining and constantly raining so .........  me no clean windows until it stops! 
Now I have been busy as most of you are I am sure!!  
Busy Busy bees making Christmas goodies. 
As I mentioned in my last post I can't show you a lot of my makes as they are to be a surprise as they are going to be part of my swap parcels for the following swaps :
which is hosted by Tracy at Mad about Bags and Tracy herself is my swap partner the other one is hosted by Kate at Granny Taught me to Crochet
 and my swap partner is Gracie at One Saylor's log.

The other makes are part of Christmas presents so I daren't show you them either yet . 
However I have done some more Wonky Christmas trees and as mentioned in a previous post I plan to send the trees as Christmas cards this year to family members. 
The trees are from a pattern found on Annaboo House Blog.
However the Christmas tree bauble is my very own pattern... a simple little thing and its for my Christmas tree.   All for me at last....I am forever doing things for other people and rarely for myself!
Blurry ....ah well!

Amanda :-)


  1. You have been busy. I just love those tiny trees.
    Love from Mum

  2. Loving your little trees too Amanda!
    Victoria xx

  3. What can be better than some fresh fruit from your own tree for Christmas? :) Love your little holiday trees.

  4. I quite like the idea of wonky Christmas trees! :)

  5. Love the trees Amanda, and thanks for the link to Shari, thanks for sharing!

    Claire xxx

  6. Hi Amanda,loving those little christmas trees,how cute are those oranges,hope your keeping well Lovely xxxx

  7. I love the little chrimbly trees - you have inspired me! I've lots of pressie making to be doing and I am about to cast on another shawl but fancy doing something different :)

  8. your little trees are lovely!!!
    xxx Ale

  9. Your Christmas trees are really cute! I love them! I hope the weather is better at your place! We still have a lot of snow here!
    Have a wonderful new week Amanda!!!

  10. The little oranges are very cute! Your Christmas trees are beautiful!:)

  11. Hallo Amanda!Your little orange tree is very cute!But i love your christmas trees!!They look so preety dear!Wishing you a lovely week-December month!

  12. Hi Amanda! I have a Meyer lemon tree that produces fruit in the late spring and early winter. It took a few years to get going. Now I get lemons twice a year. Enjoy your oranges!

  13. How lovely to have your little orange tree producing fruit at this time of the year! is the fruit edible Amanda?
    Your little tree's are so cute, I love your personal tree, very pretty :)

  14. Lovely post! Your little trees are so beautiful! You are so talented!

  15. Hi Amanda, your christmas trees are so cute! Thank you for the welcome too :) Elisabeth xx


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Amanda :-)

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