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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Wonder all around

Wonder all around !

Fantasia is here in the streets, in the schools and in the sound of the exciting trill of people's voices as they talk about what they are going to dress up as,what group they belong to and where they are going to parade or what street party they are going to go to or what parade they are going to see in the city or in their home towns within the Alicantina province. Its a happy sound and in my opinion it seems to be saying we are celebrating the coming of spring we are pushing out the tough old winter and getting things ready to welcome the light ...the spring.
Carnival, a pre-Lent celebration is celebrated here in Spain much more than it used to be and is done so in most every city,and town. They can't compare with Rio de Janeiro of course that is the super production of all carnivals but they don't fall short where celebrating and enjoying carnivals are concerned.

Its the last day of the carnival on Ash Wednesday and that is my favourite Carnival night because its when the burial of the sardine is celebrated ....  yes that's right ....a sardine.....funeral,wake and burial as well ,complete with mourners.

There is a massive burial parade where the sardine is paraded through the city centre surrounded by wailing pseudo old ladies dressed in black .

You see the sardine is the symbol of the carnival and its death announces the start of the traditional 40 day fasting period.
Its a crazy night, practically everyone is out  having a good time and it is also quite hilarious. Its a night to be enjoyed ,to smile,to laugh and be happy!
for those of you who would like to read more about this bizarre part of the carnival go here . There is also  a short video clip.

 Now then I had a surprise at the beginning of the week as a parcel arrived for me all the way from Florida. Admittedly I was a bit mystified at who could be sending me a parcel from Florida! I had no swap on the go, nor could I be receiving a giveaway prize because I hadn't given my address out to anyone from there.    
Aha! but when I opened the parcel and also the envelope that was enclosed and a slim cream card fell out with the image of a sheep on the front I knew straight away that it could only be Meredith at Mereknits ,one of the winners of my giveaway.  
This is the lovely scarf she has sent me too as a thank you gift.
Here you have the scarf kindly modeled by Pooh Bear once again.

Thank you Meredith for such a lovely surprise. xx

Have a great weekend

Amanda :-)


  1. This sounds completely mad, but so much fun! What a way to party. I hope we get to see what you dress up as.

    1. Hi Elaine
      Thanks for visiting :-)
      No dressing up for me this year as I work to 10:00 pm giving evening classes which coincides with the Carnival days. We'll be popping out for a gander though today.

      keep well

      Amanda :-)

  2. How bizarre!!! I have never heard of the sardine craziness! Haha! I really enjoyed that little insight Amanda!

  3. It's fun to see that they are celebrating carnival somewhere else also... It's carnival in Brazil also and my family has been telling me all about it. Although they do not participate in the festivities we do see a lot of it on tv and it seems like fun seeing from affair :)
    Lovely scarf from Meredith.,she is a sweetty :)

  4. Bet the festival is a completely bonkers, fun time! I would love to see all the costumes! :) x

  5. Enjoy the carnaval! The scarf Meredith sent you is so pretty and such a nice idea to say thank you :) Elisabeth x

  6. How we all do things differently around England there are pancake races, not quite the same though lol

  7. I enjoyed reading all about your carnival. what an awesome surprise from Meredith

  8. Sardines indeed! Sounds like any excuse to have a carnival!

  9. I think that's even more unusual than our Mardi Gras in New Orleans! I'll have to mention this to my grandson since he talks about eating sardines while he was in Madrid last year. Thank you for sharing the culture of the area you live in--I love that, XOXO

  10. What a pretty scarf. Love that drop stitch pattern.

  11. Crazy times occurring near you, glad you like the scarf, it looks lovely on Pooh.

  12. Being of the square peg in a round hole type, I often find myself amazed and thinking "folks are doing what?" So it is with the sardine's part in Mardi Gras...I had no idea =) Thanks for enlightening me, Amanda.

    Last night while knitting a plain old garter stitch blanket I watched the BBC production, Himalaya With Michael Palin and found that enlightening as well!

    Wishing you happy days,

  13. I just love the idea of burying the sardine ... what a wonderful tradition! Thank you for sharing this :)

    And how lovely your scarf is, so sweet of Meredith :)

  14. Hi Amanda...Such a great post...I've really enjoyed reading about the carnival and its tradition...What a lovely surprise from Meredith too!
    Hope you're having a great week,
    Susan x


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