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Sunday 19 May 2013

Food and china

Happy Happy times dear bloggers !!!!!

and why would that be you may ask......I don't know I just feel happy! There must be a reason I suppose but it escapes me at present....

but JUST a MINUTE.......  could it be these that make me feel so good and I picked up for a pittance in the IFA Antique fair  at the end of April.

I was very pleased at being able to buy something there ! I thoroughly enjoy visiting this fair and drooling over their wares but I cannot usually afford to buy anything. This is the real thing and the antique dealers certainly know what they have got and are very pricey. 

However I was lucky this time and came away with these two little Wedgewood trinket boxes:
Wedgewood JasperBlue and Wedgewood Clio trinket boxes


Why do I like china so much?????...sigh!!!

Many thanks to all for your interesting comments related to the recognition of other people's work  and ownership and your thoughts on the fine borderline between inspiration and copying.
Can I suggest you pop over to Sophie's blog Hettie Brown . Sophie's post is really interesting with numerous thought provoking comments on the same theme. It just goes to show that this subject is  very popular at present which I see as positive because there are obviously a lot of bloggers out there who doubt just what is ethically right and need clarification .
In the end my conclusion is at present and as I commented on Sophie's post, the following:

"After considering bloggers' comments on my post I've come to the conclusion that copying is exactly that copying and though there seems to be a fine margin between inspiration and copying, that is false. Copying is a replica of the item/pattern and then calling it your own and not acknowledging the real ownership. As for inspiration I'm inclined to think its the essence of something that inspires you to make something similar but then you add your particular essence to it and you make it your own."

and now a little about food........ just simple food; aubergines to be exact.

 Cut aubergine into thin slices (no I didn't say wafer thin just thin) and leave to soak in water for a couple of hours. 
aubergines soak up much too much olive oil when you fry it ,if you soak it in water beforehand it reduces that effect.


coat in seasoned flour:

fry in olive oil

and ........... there you have it a delicious accompaniment to any meal! 
You can eat them hot or cold.

High-fibre food!

Enjoy your Sunday.

Amanda :-)



  1. ....and to avoid the sour taste of the aubergines, you can put some salt on them and let them in this way for a little while. Dry them and then fry!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  2. yes I do too...I put the salt in the water I soak them in and as you say it reduces the bitter taste.
    some people even eat them raw but that's not to my taste

    Many thanks for popping in Ale

    A xx

  3. I have found your comments about inspiration and copying very interesting. Those little pots remind me so much of my mum. She had them on her dressing table. Happy memories. Thank you

  4. Those courgettes look really delicious. I bet they would be nice with a green salad and some cheese. Jx

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  6. Beautiful finds at the Fair, hugs to you Amanda,

  7. Good Evening Amanda, I love antique fairs but as you say they are so expensive, so I go to car boot sales and charity shops where I have found lots of lovely goodies.
    I found your topic about copying interesting, so I am going to pop over to read Sophie's blog.
    I have enjoyed my visit Amanda, so I have become a new follower.
    I would like to invite you to visit me at Ivy, Phyllis and Me! as you will be most welcome.
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
    Best Wishes

  8. I could just eat some of those! Well done on your treasure hunting! :) x

  9. Eh, eh?? I'm so out of the loop, what's going on with the copying/inspiration argument? I'll have a snoop about and find out now that I'm finally get back into the swing of things...It's only taken me seven months...and a bit. hahhaaa love your trinket boxes xxxx

  10. And that was hahahaaa at what I said before not hahahahaa at your trinket boxes....darn it, me and my crappy typing fingers tonight...x

  11. I especially like the blue one but both are gorgeous! What is aubergine?

    1. Eggplant Lena.

      Many thanks for popping in and for your comments

      A xx

  12. The boxes are adorable and such a find. I love aubergine (eggplant) and this recipe is one I'll add to my collection. XOXO

  13. What a great find and something you'll enjoy! The veggie dish sure looks yummy! Oh, is it eggplant? I love it then! Hugs!

  14. Glad you found some pretty dishes for your collection, Amanda...and your recipe looks yummy! Thanks for posting :-) Gracie

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  16. Yum! That looks delicious. I, too, love antique stores and fairs but usually don't find anything I can afford. I do really like both of your boxes though. Treasures to be sure.

  17. Those trinket boxes are very beautiful !!
    This vegetable in India is known as Brinjal (Baingan in Hindi). I don't like it much , but my husband does. I used to fry directly , will soak in water next time. Thanks for letting that know!!

  18. Hello Preeti
    It'll also reduce the bitter taste and that way perhaps you'll like Brinjal more ?

    A xx

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  20. Dear Amanda,this is a very intresting post!!The boxes you bought are very preety!!About the aubergines ,i do the same recipe like your's!!Thank you for your comment on my blog!Hope you have a wonderful week!

  21. Excellent score! Those boxes are beautiful. :)

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  23. I have a small collection of Blue Wedgewood, given me by my godmother (5 pieces), and I love them! Your purchases are quite pretty!

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