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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

about Gleam and a swap

Distraction Nº 2
Here we go again another distraction!!!!

My Puff cover is still a W.I.P, it is taking a bit longer than I thought it would. Its for me of course so it would,wouldn't it!
My daughter commented on the progress of the puff cover the other day and she mentioned something I had to laugh at this rate Mama you'll be filling your home with crochet!!!" to which I replied " have you looked around my home lately and how many bits of crochet can you see?" .... and she counted....... two ...... the large patchwork cushion with crochet rosettes I posted about here and the granny cushion cover I posted about here .
 I just keep making things for others and not for myself or my home!!!! tch! and tch! 

Getting back to my Distraction Nº 2 well this came about because my niece in Brisbane saw Lalia the Turtle on my facebook page and she liked it sooooo much. However in her case as she is a passionate horse lover I decided to make a pony for her and therefore here you have Gleam the pony. Gleam will be travelling to Brisbane in the very near future, he is just waiting for his future Mum to move into their new home.

Gleam was made from leftovers of DK Coats SMC Brava Yarn and I used a 3.00 hook. His rosette was made with Nº 8 crochet cottons and I used a 2.00 hook . The centre is adorned with a tiny heart face button. Eyes and nose with Anchor embroidery cotton.

The pattern comes from Janet McMahon on Yellow Pink and Sparkly. It was a pattern of a cute unicorn but I tweaked it a bit because I wanted a pony not a unicorn.

 What's next other than my puff cover ......   its time to catch up on the swap I am participating in!
I am taking part in the Grand Tea Swap hosted by Lucy at Lucy in the Sky. Thanks goodness Lucy mentioned the following in the Swap rules, and I quote:
  The Rules are…there are no rules.  Just choose as many recipients as you like whenever you like and send some tea.  We will all be delighted to receive tea in the post at any time.  
 I have taken to heart the bit where it says whenever you like as its several months since this swap started....... but I am a great one to abide by the rules or rather the no rules!!!
I have already started my first make to include in my swap because I am not just going to send tea but something to do with tea too.....and who to ahhhhhhhha not telling as yet.


Hello and welcome to my new follower Daphne on Ivy,Phyllis and Me. Many thanks for visiting my blog. Do pop in again when you can :-)

I feel a new weekend coming on!!!!

Amanda :-)



  1. Hi there. That pony is so sweet. What a lovely present. Enjoy your swap preparation.

  2. Oh I love your little pony. It's so cute and your daughter is too funny. You can never have too much crochet around! Have a great time with the tea swap.

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  4. Hi Amanda, how are you my friend??? Your pony is the cutest little thing ever! You should be proud, it come out great! I am sure your niece will love it!!! Have fun with your swaps, it's always fun getting surprises in the mail!
    xx, Shari

  5. Came to you from MEre's blog. I LOVE that pony. I MUSt have him. I love shetland ponies and he reminds me of one

    1. Hello Kathy

      Many thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. II did have shetland ponies in mind actually!!

      keep well

      Amanda :-)

  6. Very clever pony, Amanda! I am still being blessed by the wonderful treasures you generously sent me in our swap!!!
    Blessings to you and yours :-)

  7. Your pony looks very cute!! Those tiny embellishments are very pretty :)

  8. Aw, that is one cutie-pie pony - well done and I think as he's got to travel all the way to Brisbane, you should make him some travelling companions too!
    Happy weekend.., it's almost here :--)

  9. Wanda is in love. Gleam is such a handsome creature.
    Joy xx

  10. Aw he is so cute Amanada I love him, you are very clever, well done! Sounds like he is a stash-buster so I'm inviting you to link Gleam to the stash-buster party. :)

    1. Gosh! Yes Linda he is a stash buster…. going over to your blog now!!!!

      Thanks for your comment :-)

  11. That pony is so cute and adorable. He will be well loved and treasured.

  12. thanks for visiting me... i am off to see the pattern and set mam away on one of those - so cute! jenx

  13. What a darling horse, it is so cute. I knit and crochet for myself all the time, nothing wrong with that at all, I find I appreciate my time and effort more than others do.
    Hugs to you,

  14. This is the cutest pony I have ever seen! I´m so in love!
    Have a wonderful evening! xxBarbina

  15. Oh I love this little pony Amanda, well done! I think you better get busy and make yourself something next. You deserve it!

  16. Hallo Amanda!!
    What a cute little pony!Did you made it?Well done!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. Gleam is so sweet have done a wonderful job and your niece will be thrilled!
    Happy Weekend,
    Susan x
    P.S Make sure you keep some of your lovely crochet for yourself too!

  18. ~ Dear Amanda, how clever are you! The crocheting 'bug' is a wonderful bug to catch! I can see why you are present making for those dearest! ~ Amanda thank you for kind comments always...they make my day! Have a wonderful weekend, wont you! With kindest thoughts...Maria x

  19. Oh how lovely! That pony is! I love the little rosette! Ohh! Tea swap ^_^ I am hoping to send another one out around the end(ish!) of next month ^_^ Look forward to seeing more lovely makes from you soon.

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