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Thursday 9 May 2013

i was distracted!

I have been ....totally distracted!!!
What from?

from the granny hexagons that I am making to cover the grottiest ugliest puff in all of Alicante which actually inhabits my living room. A hand-me-down from my husband's Auntie's furniture which .... ... but thats another story dear bloggers!

I am enjoying the combination of colours I am using and I have the the design of my Puff cover firmly in my mind.  The granny hexagon patterns I have created myself with no pattern. Not that they are anything out of the ordinary and I am pretty convinced these hexies of mine are inspired by other hexagons that I've seen out there on the world wide web,so I don't think a great deal of originality has been involved in their making.     Therefore I hesitate to say I created them.

These sort of things often leave me wondering does INSPIRED mean COPIED ?
Lets see!
What am I trying to get at here.
We store things! Our memory can be a fabulous natural external disc drive ! Has it never occurred to you that your memory can make you create something subconsciously that isn't original but you think it is original?

There are occasions when I look at something I've made and I ask myself where did I get the idea from. Is it totally from an idea of my own or is it partially from the ideas of others.
How original is that?
I don't mean tweaking ,I understand tweaking as using the main pattern from another and adapting it to ones own likes but the main body of the pattern is still respected and acknowledged.

Do you think we are using the word INSPIRED as an excuse?

Ahhh these thoughts of about tying myself in knots!!!

Right I was talking about a distraction and as much as I like my present WIP I have been well and truly distracted by these cuties

Here you have Laila who at present is winging her way to New Bolingbroke in Lincolnshire to live with my sister. 

I would have liked Laila to stay with me but on giving it careful consideration and as I am trying to think what would be best for a turtle, I have to send her to the Uk . Laila needs a wetter climate to survive and Alicante is not a watery place at all. The long summer gets super dry. Laila would not be happy here.

She'll be happier with my sister and she'll have company;Misty the poodle

 and Billie the Retriever ......  they'll look after her.

and tomorrow is...... yes friday....happy days!!!!



  1. adorable turtle!
    about youropening words : I think that you are absolutely right!!! If I think about the millions of things that I've been pinning for months......Those images, for sure, influence my creativity and "my" originality!!!
    xxxx Ale

  2. What a cutie, your sister will fall in love with her :) xx

  3. Your Laila is cute!! :) I too really get confused about these pattern copyrights. There is so much of free stuff available and I guess every design we think off might be connected to some or the other creations done by someone across the world. I make it a point that in case I know of a pattern, I link back to from where I found and mention further if any modifications I made to it for my personal use. But, if it is a coincidence that a similar pattern was done by someone else, then just can't help it. It all comes from self ethics.

  4. So as long as we are confident, don't let us get confused how 'inspired' is defined:) we do many activities in life inspired by others

  5. Laila will certainly enjoy her new home and all of the company that she'll have there.
    I don't even try to pretend to be inspired! I have no imagination of my own to speak of and freely admit to using patterns purchased or free on sites like Ravelry. I enjoyed your thoughts on the subject though. :-)

  6. There are many ways to create things, if you sat down with yarn and a hook, with no directions and no rules, if you just had and idea and made something wonderful from that idea then I feel you can claim it as your own noting that others before you may have just done the same thing. Love your little turtle.

  7. I love Laila, she's so cute, I'm sure she will be happy in her new home. I like to find free patterns on-line and share them with everyone BUT I have come across so many that are similar and so many that are identical to those I have found in books or on other blogs I'm not saying that they are intentionally copied but there are only so many ways to make... say owls or flowers or blocks etc. I think we are inspired to make something similar sometimes but I think that's ok as long as we apologise in advance and don't claim it to be totally our own...unless it is of course :)

  8. I would call your thinking and creating as totally organic. It's a bit like a dream with everything mixed up but it all sorts itself out into a new creation. We read, we inwardly digest, sit on it for a while and then spit it out in another form. Ah - these thoughts processes of mine seem pretty similar to yours. Now where was I? Ah yes - I'm looking forward to seeing the completed puff cover and I hope Laila has a safe journey and will be looked after (not chewed) in her new home!
    Love from Mum

    1. Yes,creative thinking or just let it flow and it will evolve into a natural order doesn't always seem to work though perhaps because social restrictions erode into our thoughts at the same time.
      Many thanks for your comments Mum. Certainly food for thought!

      A xx

  9. How sweet of you to part with her...she's adorable. Ah, Friday indeed! XOXO

  10. When I started blogging a year and a half ago I wrestled with the copyright issue. I wanted to share some basic patterns I have used over the last 40 years, but have no clue who came up with the original pattern. So I set up a page about patterns I have used and admitted I do not know the source of them. Rather than give specific counts and directions, I described approaches to using some basic designs.

    For projects I am doing currently, I link to the source in my posts. I want folks who depend on income from their patterns to receive the money they have earned developing their pattern, but "original" "copied" and "inspired by" are really difficult to determine sometimes!

    Laila is a sweetie and you are a sweetie to send her to a loving home, Amanda!

    Happy Weekend!
    xx, Gracie

  11. Laila is such a little cutie, I'm sure your sister will be thrilled with her.

  12. I agree with the others too cute and adorable!

  13. That's a sweet little turtle! I think its nice to have a few projects on the go at the same time. Have a good weekend. Jx

  14. Laila is so cute. I'm sure you'll miss her when she's goes to the UK. I have the same problem with items I've come up with. I start wondering if I've subconciously copied an idea and made it my own. I've never seen such a lovely turtle before.
    Ali x


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