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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Huff and puff makeover

Due to my other crochet and work distractions finishing my puff cover has taken longer than I had thought but here it is now and I'm feeling its middling good.
It is at least better than the grotty dark unhappy scruffy looking puff inherited from my husband's Auntie's furniture. In its favour I must say although it isn't a very special piece of old furniture ( I don't think it merits the vintage label) and I believe the materials its made from are very low quality, never-the-less it's a very practical item. Its been there for many uses such as a door-stop, emergency seat,foot-stool,ladder,cat throne and put everything on for a minute stand.
I had thought of throwing it out but it is like an old faithful and pretty practical so its had a face lift.

This is all my own pattern using the basic hexagon pattern with a personal tweak to it and simple triangles.
I shall be giving you a tutorial for this puff cover (my very first tutorial) as soon as I can . I have to do two of the hexagons again because they were created on the hook. Then I'll be able to write out the patterns for you step by step.

I also want to show off the contents of my gorgeous swap parcel that I received last week from Steph at  Show and Tell. We are both participating in Lucy's Grand tea swap which I mentioned to you about in a previous post here. Steph has sent me a lovely bundle of goodies. I was also tremendously lucky to win Steph's Green Man giveaway and so I received a two in one parcel...whoopeee!!! Christmas in the summer!

Don't look for the bar of Galaxy chocolate in the photos I'm about to show you that's gone,gone,gone and very nice it was my daughter and grand-daughter said. I agree I did manage to get a taste.

 Here you have the Green Man and he'll be going on my balcony wall among my plants as soon as I can get Sr P in the right mood to hang him up for me. He will look perfect there and its the next best thing to being in the woods for him.
Here you have all the Tea swap goodies. Do you see Pooh Bear there on the left having a nose?
I reckon he is looking for the chocolate....too late Pooh!
Lots of lovely tea! Types of tea I've never tried before. Do you see there is one packet open? Thats the orange,mango and cinnamon tea. I tried that yesterday and its very nice with a drop of honey.
I recommend it :-)
The ball of blue is the cutest little key ring ... a fluffy owl LOL!
Steph also sent me some little charms and this kettle was among them ...isn't it wonderful...I love it!
I had lots of multicoloured coasters (believe it or not I have NO crochet coasters) which will be scattered around the house to tempt people to use instead of leaving marks on my furniture. I also had a bunting full of stars little ones and big ones........thats a first for me too...crocheted bunting that is.
Many Many thanks Steph ....... I think I'm going to treat my students ( I have a mini class of three) to some Lemon and Ginger tea they will enjoy that. 
Everything was just perfect Steph...thank you once again.

I would also like to welcome a new follower Pammy Sue at Scotty's Place  . Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments.

Amanda :-)


  1. it's lovely Amanda, I especially like how you have done the fill in bits with two little triangles, how have you done the base is it dc stripes?, Your swap goodies look great too! :)

    1. Hello Linda

      thanks for your comments. I've done the base in two rows of each colour: 1 row half crochet and 1 row treble then one row of single crochet in the back loop in brown before repeating the same colours again.

      A xx

  2. Love the make over! Hope you had a lovely tea, you certainly had the right ingredients for it :)

  3. It's stunning, I love the red you've chosen. I shall start looking for something to cover for when you post your tutorial :) xx

  4. I love your make-over,it looks fantastic. And your swap looks pretty fantastic, too. You will love Pammy Sue, I know I do.

  5. That is a beautiful puff cover. You designed it very well and it fits so perfectly! I don't think that would happen if I were to try to design something so intricate. I can follow directions but I'm not very good at coming up with my own designs.
    What a lovely swap package. So many good things, although I especially like the teapot charm.

  6. That's a lovely make over!! The colors look perfect match to each other! Great job!!:)

  7. Gorgeous transformation Amanda....the colours are lovely too!
    Such a lovely swap parcel to receive in the post too,
    Happy Wednesday,
    Susan x

  8. It's amazing how crochet can make the most boring things beautiful! :) x

  9. Lovely puff makeover! Looks quite complicated though.... Great swap gift as well! I can recommend the Twinings Lemon and Ginger, yummmy..!! :)

  10. ^_^ That puff makeover is brilliant! Beautiful colours ^_^ I am glad you liked the bits and bobs and that you got a little nibble of the Galaxy! ^_^ Yep! The lemon and ginger is pretty yum.
    Happy hugs


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Amanda :-)

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