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Tuesday, 27 August 2013


I have just finished blocking it and here it is:

No it isn't this these are the extra bits ....some sweeties for your son Barbina, not bubble gum some fruit chewy sticks from a local factory and some Valor chocolate and almonds for you. I have also added four 50 gram balls of COATS SMC yarn which I am sure you will find use for.

Oh! and a Spanish fan...of course :-)  There may even be some other crafty bits and pieces too :-)

Now I know Barbina you do some lovely crochet but I bet you don't do much for yourself very often, so I am sending you this:

That is a three seater settee so you can get the idea of the size!

Now this shawl has been made for this giveaway!

 I do admit to having started it some while ago when I found this pattern on Sacha Loves to knit blog and was curious to try out how the shawl started and I did about five rows and got distracted with something else and pushed it down underneath other W.I.Ps in my crochet basket. The original shawl is practically a shawlette but this is full sized. I based it on the pattern but I have tweaked it a great deal. The edging isn't the same at all or the central pattern.

I thought a shawl is pretty well to everyone's liking.

It is made of Coats SMC Bravo yarn so it is too warm for now but I thought ,before I knew the winner, the person will find it useful in the winter or on a very chilly night.
Now I know it is going to Germany well I know it will be useful!
Anyhow going back to if you are not a shawl person Barbina then wear it while you are blogging :-)

Amanda :-)


  1. Wow Amanda!!!!! this shawl is big and gorgeous!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  2. What a lovely prize and all the more special because it has been handmade by you!
    M x

  3. Thank you so much Amanda!!! I'm jumping up and down for excitement!! Everything is just perfect! I love to wear shawls, especially during our cold winter days! And you are right, I have given away everything I made so far. That this shawl is handmade for me is making me really happy! I know how much work it is to make such a beautiful shawl! My son will love the sweets, it's so nice that you have thought of him too!
    Thank you so much Amanda! You are so wonderful and generous!

  4. What a lovely gift! I love the detail in the edging - it's very pretty. Jx

  5. Such a nice parcel to receive! I am sure Barbina is one lucky girl right now :) Thanks Amanda for stopping by @ my place and saying such sweet words..always love to hear from u ..


  6. That is beautiful! Congratulations to Barbina!

  7. Lucky Lucky Barbina what a beautiful shawl, love the sweeties too. Enjoy Barbina! :)

  8. Amanda, you are truly lovely to make that wonderful gift. It is gorgeous and so are you.

  9. Such lovely gifts xxx

  10. Very nicely done Amanda! Lucky gal, that Barbina.

  11. What lovely presents and the shawl is gorgous

  12. Dear Amanda,what a beautiful shawl!!!You are the queen of crocket!!
    So lovely gift for the winner of your giveaway!!She must be very happy!!!
    Have a nice evening!!!Thank you for your kind comment!!!

  13. What a lovely prize ^_^ That shawl is stunning.


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Amanda :-)

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