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Monday 14 July 2014

A Tiff over Le Tour de France

He said it was in France and I said it wasn't it was in England. He said it is called the Tour de France so it is held in France. I replied I recognize English green when I see it,even if it is on the TV and look there those fields like a patchwork quilt!  
This twittering went on back and forth and tempers were getting a tad bit uppity and then I saw ...

one of these .... and I said THAT is not a French telephone box and although HE went on to add that some people collect them you know!   Immediately after that comment we both saw this ...

 No further comments were made!

 HE is not going to get off that lightly ....." I told you so!"

I have been crochet doodling! 

This was to be a jar lid cover ....just a little trifle

It sort of grew and I got just a little bit carried away

with a few bells

 a button,some overlay crochet  and ....

a bit of imagination and it became a jar lid cover pin cushion. :-)

Amanda :-)


  1. Isn't it great to be RIGHT? LOL! Love your pix and oh my goodness.. your pin cushion jar top is so clever and pretty! Bravo, you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I too love it when I'm right! The pin cushion and holder are a delight simply stunning and really useful too.

  3. I love the pincushion .... So very creative !

  4. Well that is so cute! I love that it grew and evolved! X

  5. Had a little giggle at your tiff ;-) and love, love, love your little jarlidcover pincushion! It really is so cute :-)
    Have a happy day, xx

  6. I like the pin cushion to! Different! Glad you used the jam up first! :).

    The Toure de France...Is a bit of a joke...What's it doing in Yorkshire!
    It's like having the Great North Run, in London!
    Silly sport to...Far to many cyclists, all falling over each other, and, quite
    a lot of injuries!
    I used to road race, when in my teens, not with that many though....!

    7;30 over here, lovely sunny morn'in.........Best get on me bike.....! lot's
    to do....! :>). Ciao! Ciao!

  7. Love your jar cover, very inventive. Its great being right isn't it!

    1. Hello Zana Thank you for following my blog and your kind comments. Totally agree with you .... it is super nice being right in this case!!!
      off to visit your blog :-)


  8. There are just some things you cant argue with!, love the jar pincushion great idea. Perhaps I should make something like that as we have one cat in particular that sneaks my pin cushions and extracts all the pins leaving a trail. xcx

  9. I had a giggle at this :) We saw a clip of it too and I thought 'that looks familiar' (that Green is very unique, isn't it?) and as I thought it my husband said that looks like England! Our doubts were laid to rest when an police officer wearing a Bobby hat came on the screen!
    Love the crochet jar pincushion, very cute xx

    1. So we weren't the only ones that got a bit confused about the Tour de france being held in England. I have since been told the start is always in the country of origin of last year's winner.

      A x

  10. Love the crochet it gorgeous. Its nice to be right (occasionally - most of the time!)
    Julie xxxx

  11. I'm not too good on the crochet front, although I've made a couple of zig zag blankets as pressies and they came out well. When I have some extra time I will try some crochet again, that may be in November the rate I'm going.

    Jean x

  12. I was laughing out loud about your tiff because I had that same discussion with a friend. And I was right too!!! Your crochet "lid" is beautiful. Don't you just love when you start a project with something in mind and it grows into something else even more amazing? I love your jar cover.

  13. Ahhhhh being right can be so satisfying [and fun] sometimes :) I think your jar-lid-pin-cushion is pretty and practical and rather delightful, too! xx

  14. You were so right but it does seem funny that the Tour started in England, then again I was there w few years ago when it started in The Netherlands.

  15. Of course you were right Amanda, it started just a few miles from me and everyone was very excited about it. I think it starts off in the Country of the previous years winner although I could be wrong about that. I love your pin cushion it's a great idea and it's very pretty too. :)

    1. Now that makes sense Linda although I didn't know it was due to where the previous winner was from. However Meredith mentions here she remembers when Le Tour de France started in Netherlands so that seems to add up.

      A x

  16. It turned out to be a very cute pincushion !:)
    Till date, I haven't made even a single pincushion which I guess every crocheter must own a one.

  17. The red phone box is a rare sight ! Gorgeous pin cushion container x

  18. I LoVe your pincushion, Amanda!! I love the idea, the colours and the design, so gorgeous! So funny, those marital 'disagreements' and it is always nice to be proved right.....:D
    Happy weekend!
    Helen xox

  19. Oh's a good feeling when your proved right Amanda!
    Gorgeously happy and colourful crochet pincushion...I love that it evolved as you worked too x
    Happy Weekend! (it's raining and very humid here this morning)
    Susan x


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