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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Salvaging or don't leave me I am still a presence in blogland

 Nigh on a month without posting on my blog....sigh!!!  where did that month go!!!!!!

Many thanks to all for your encouraging remarks on my last post.
I did finally get the jacket out of the cupboard and frogged it down to the 62 squares. As you can see I converted it into a throw. It will be  for my grand-daughter for her siestas. She sometimes has a little nap after finishing her homework and often wakes up cold so she'll be able to use this to cover herself with.
 I made up some more bobble squares as I liked those very much and joined the lot together with the invisible stitch.  I made up a bobble edging too although it is not finished as yet ..... it still needs THE finishing touch and blocking.

In answer to a few queries in a previous post:
Linda ( Linda's crafty corner)      I found this pattern from Sara Palacios to make the diamond triangle square. You can download the pattern from here
Gracie (grayseasailor)  the bobble square pattern comes from this book

I also found a pattern for a Christmas bonnet at Amidorable Crochet and felt a tremendous urge to make one for Misty,my sister's Toy poodle:

I can't wait to see it on her. I am hoping my sister will send me photos soon.

I have also been very lucky to win Susan's at My Mother's Apron Strings monthly Apron giveaway for November . It is the most gorgeous apron and just look at the colours.  Doesn't it just go with my kitchen colour scheme ??
Thank you so much Susan.

That is all for the moment dear bloggers!  

Amanda :-)


  1. Wow, that is a really lovely throw, really cheery colours - could do with it here at the moment, the weather is dull and grey.

    And congrats on winning the apron - I won the October apron and I am so pleased with it!


    1. The aprons are lovely ,aren't they Helen and so nicely made.
      Weather here is miserable too is pelting down at the moment.

      A x

  2. HeHe! There's one thing in life I don't do!
    A Throw, is a throw, is a throw! There's thousands
    of them about....BUT! The jacket was unique...special,
    a one off! I for one loved it...But, then, l'm that kind of
    person, l don't conform...! What is it l say.........
    "People laugh at me because l'm different...I laugh at
    them, because there ALL the same".

    Amanda...If you had put that jacket up for sale, or auction.
    you would have earn't quite a few pennies...I for one would
    have put in an offer! It looked good just hanging there, if
    there was a 'body' inside it....It would have looked GREAT!

    I will put my hand up though....Each to his/her own...Whatever
    turns you on....! After all, were not ALL the same....Goodness!
    another one of 'ME'....HaHa! That will 'never' do! :>).

    Like the Christmas bonnet though....
    "If you wanna get a head....Get a hat".

    1. Yes I agree a throw is a throw ..... and although I am happier with that now it wasn't what I had in mind ....again having to conform grr!!! ........but the jacket you saw on the post wasn't mine Willie it was a photo of the original on the pattern ....I couldn't put a photo of mine up as it was such a sack....a sack is a sack and when something is a sack then a sack it is!!!! :-)
      Personally I am thrilled with anything unique as I hate to conform.
      Your frankness is refreshing ... don't change! :-)

      keep well

      Amanda xx

    2. Oh! Thankyou....When l read my comment....
      I nearly delete it..But! Then l'm a little out spoken!
      Tell it as it is...As it were! :).
      I try to emphasize things with...??///;;;""!!! ~~#....
      When l was at school, they made me sit on my
      hands...Typical Sicilian...! Great fun though!

  3. Hey hey! That throw looks great fun - well done with the conversion :) and equally well done winning the apron!

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  5. Dear Amanda, this blanket is stunning, a real beautiful eyecatcher! It will be a very precious gift, I am sure the presentee will be very, very happy. And the bonnet is a cute one. Take care, Viola

  6. You've been busy! I'm glad to read that everything's OK. Hope that you have a great Christmas. Jx

  7. Wow, that blanket is aMAYzing! I do hope you show us your hat on the dog!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

  8. The blanket is amazing the difference squares makes it so different, love the bobbles. Well done winning the apron.

  9. Oh boo! Oh BOO Amanda! I am sorely disappointed cos I loved it's original incarnation but I have to say it does look just as lush as a throw...must be them pom poms!! Merry Christmas to you xxx

  10. You did a remarkable job reinventing the coat into a blanket, I think it is prefect this way. Hugs to you,

  11. Thanks for the reference to your bobble square, Amanda.
    I can imagine your granddaughter loving to snuggle under the cheery throw you made. It is hard to bear when the project envisioned refuses to become reality [speaking from experience] but you came up with a winning save, in my opinion.
    I just finished a crochet bag in the wee hours of the morning and need to knit knit knit on a scarf next :)
    Happy wishes for you and yours! xx

  12. Fantastic,beautiful blanket!!!
    Lovely,so cute bonnet!
    Happy week.:*

  13. Wow! Your blanket is looking fantastic !! Love all the colors :) and the bonnet is also cute!

    1. Thanks Preeti and thank you for popping in! I feel good when I look at these colours and I know my granddaughter will like them too.
      A x

  14. Perfect fix for the coat now blanket. I love it! Your bobble squares are fantastic. :-) Congratulations on winning the apron. Blessings,

  15. Great idea Amanda and it looks lovely, shame about the coat but if you weren't happy with it then this is a brilliant alternative. Thank you for the answer I have put that pattern in my library, the little bonnet is so cute. :) xx

  16. Well I think the best thing is YOU are happy! Merry Christmas x

  17. I think that it is great that you frogged the jacket and made a blanket instead, it is better to use the squares and if you didn't like the jacket they would have been nothing, now they are something lovely and will be well used and loved I am sure!! xx

  18. Love the throw. A very creative way to reuse the squares. Don't feel bad about not posting for a month. I can't seem to get my mojo working to post very often either. There's always next year. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and that the New Year treats you wonderfully. Hugs, Sharon

  19. I really love your afghan so colorful and beautiful-Merry Christmas

  20. Oh, Amanda, the apron does look perfect in your kitchen. I love the motifs and have a pattern that one day I'll do too--when the kittens are older and not grabbing my yarn, XOXO

  21. I love lots of beautiful! And what fun to have one of Susan's aprons....she's the best! Happy holidays sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  22. It does make an excellent little blanket :)

    1. Thank you Annie. It is looking better still now I've added a few more bobbles.

      A xx


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