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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Well received.

I feel dull!!!   
Dull in every sense of the word.....there just isn't much interesting in me today,work work ....makes for a dull blogger.
Righty I won't go on or you'll all flitter away . I am betting on tomorrow after a good night's sleep being back to my normal chirpy self once more.

Meanwhile I'll show off to you what I added to the parcel I sent to my great niece with the baby's hooded blanket that I mentioned in my last post here .

Crocheting baby clothes is a dinky!!!

A short cardi with ruffles and flower headband for big sister Edith who is 18 months old now :

I adore this yarn is the softest of soft!!!   
 I used Katia Merino Aran Plus Yarn which is indeed super soft and I just love the colours. 
A friend on facebook commented "So cute. Lovely colours, reminds me of boiled sweets, rhubarb and custard, pineapple chunks, pear drops. " .... I have to agree!!!

The pattern for the short cardi was from The Anarchist Knitter .

Miracles of Miracles, I sent the parcel last Friday morning and my great niece received it on Tuesday!!!   I am speechless (well nearly!!!)   Bravo to GPO and the Spanish Postal Service!!!

Keep well!!!

Amanda :-)


  1. It's so sweet and I love the sweetie comparisons... ooh I can smell those yummy pear drops xx

  2. So cute! I know that package was happily recieved. The colors are wonderful. And you're never boring to is. :-)

  3. That cardie is so cute Amanda and such a lovely zingy colour, not dull at all!! :)

  4. I'm sure that you are not dull, but I understand your meaning! I hope that March will be more exciting for you! xx

  5. You have created more happy useful treasures, Amanda. I love seeing them and imagine they will be well appreciated! Wishing you rest to renew your zest for life :-) xx

  6. What a cute and happy colored sweater! I'm glad she received it so quickly. I hope you perk up fast.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. If it makes you feel better I am feeling on the dull side myself. I think to much work will do that to you. That adorable sweater is anything but dull, it is fantastic!

  8. What a cute little cardi Amanda love the colours in that yarn so pretty. I think we all feel a bit dull at this time of the year, work does wear you down, hope you're feeling brighter spring is just around the corner. :) xx

  9. That little cardi is so pretty
    Julie xxxxxx

  10. HeHe! What's up with you Mrs....Dull! Dull!
    Pretend yer a pair of curtains....And, pull your
    self together!
    You live in the second loveliest country in the world.
    (And, no..the first is not Britain). :).
    Throw your chest out of an open the window every morn'in.
    And....Believe! :).
    (Therapy for to~day~~~No charge).

    Oh! By the way...Nice Cardi...! Bless!

    1. Hi there Willie
      You are so right I do live in a wonderful country; in fact it is a privilege to live in this part of Spain with its very gentle climate. Unfortunately Spain is one of the hardest hit in this economical recession and I am self-employed. Therefore I can't enjoy this marvellous place as much as I should due to having to work all hours. That is the way it has to be for the moment until better times ...sigh!!! I will always appreciate your advice and free therapy is a boon too :-) xx

  11. Aww Amanda.... That headband is so so cute and the ruffled cardi ofcourse

  12. Beautiful little cardi, so sweet, love the headband too, I'm sure the girls were delighted with their pressies. That was certainly fast for the post. Do hope you are feeling more yourself tomorrow and can enjoy your weekend take care xcx

  13. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling A!. Just looking at the cardi made me feel so bright and cheerful. - Tell you what why not make one for yourself to look at or wear when you are feeling under the weather!

  14. Stunning combination, the cardi and headband and such cheerful colours. Hope you are feeling a little better today.

  15. How cute and such lovely colours! Exactly what a little girl would love! Joan

  16. Your shrug looks unbelievably adorable! :)


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Amanda :-)

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