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Thursday 14 January 2016

hugging the loo!!!

As I mentioned over Christmas I am going to do my best to keep up with blogging  even if it means writing very sketchy posts  and even while I've been feeling poorly    )-: 

I am so brave !!!!!  ....not!!!!!

Yes I've been pretty well hugging the loo lots over the last 48 hours and not because I have been on the bottle but due to a nasty virus which I have picked up somehow!  It has left me totally drained but that doesn't matter because I think the worst is over. It was getting to the point that my loo seemed miles away every time I tried to get there on time just like those grotty outdoors loos used way back when I was a child.

 I shudder when I remember it!!!
We had to go out in the freezing cold with a torch and crunched ourselves up shivering while we did our business, warily flashing the torch around as if we could ward off the weird shadows with its beam and the closed door being our only protection;shadows that seemed like ghostly beings coming to grab us off the loo!
Each noise and each rustle of branches or bushes coming from the garden that we could hear was a monster which would grab our ankles from under the door.
As for getting back in the house that was when feet sprouted wings ,no matter if a slipper got left behind or knickers were flapping around ones ankles the objective was to get in the house quick before the toilet grabbers could get you!!!!!!

Ahhhh! some would say those were the days!!!!

 It was total paradise when the annex was finally built and we had an indoor bathroom and toilet ........pure luxury :-)

Amanda :-)


  1. Argh! How horrible! It bought back memories coz as a child growing up in Africa, we visited people that only had an outdoor longdrop! With threats of falling in and lurking snakes - made loo visits a nightmare!
    Hope you feel better soon xx

    1. How awful!!!! I don't think I would have like going to that toilet either!!!
      A long drop I have never heard of that word before in connection with latrines!!!
      Thanks for calling in!
      A x

  2. I am so sorry you are sick. I so remember those trips at night to the "outhouse". That's what we called them here in the south. They always seemed like they were miles away, especially in the dark. I was so afraid that something would grab me an pull me in.
    Get better soon, please. No fun being sick.

  3. Oh I'm so sorry to hear that you've been feeling ill Amanda. I hope you're well and truly better very soon. I guess I was one of the lucky ones. We always had an indoor bathroom... except when we were camping. Those could be interesting trips! Feel better very soon.
    Blessings, Betsy

  4. My grandma still had an outhouse when I was very small.. it was really fancy being made of galvanized ceiling tiles in an embossed pattern. And they used a big Sears catalog for "wiping" paper. Oy vey. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Knickers flapping around ones ankles....
    Yes! Those were the days!!! :).
    My English Granny had a loo at the bottom of the
    garden, when l was a boy..Much the same as above,
    but that's where the coal was kept, and
    numerous other things...Squares of cut up news paper,
    for the final 'paper' work...HeHe! And, l still have
    some in my 'famous' talked about downstairs loo here
    at home. You get a choice of five papers...Bliss! :).

    Hope your better soon Amanda...At least your getting to
    the 'bottom' of the problem...! And...Don't forget to wash
    your hands....HeHe! Bless!x

  6. Hope you feel better soon
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  7. At my primary school we had a very scary outside loo, ugghh!!! It was horrid!!! I hated it. I hope that you are feeling much better again very soon! Take care of yourself. xx

  8. Brought back lots of memories, hope you are feeling better soon. There are so many things going around at the moment.

  9. Hope you're feeling better soon, that is the worst kind of virus!! We were lucky enough to have inside loo's, except when staying at a caravan park, where there was a bucket in a cupboard!!! :)

  10. Get better soon. I've had the throwing up bug but it did not last long.

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  12. I used to feel that way about the basement, I would run up the stairs like lightning. Hope you are feeling better.

  13. Mercy! I am wishing you well, Amanda! My experiences with primitive camping have left me with a keen appreciation for inside bathrooms. xx

  14. I remember my Aunt had one of those loo's I hated it. Sorry to hear that you were unwell Amanda. xx

  15. I hope you're better now. Hugs. X

  16. What a good blog you have here. Keep Your Work Up....
    tattoo thoughts

  17. "Toilet grabbers" - brilliant! I was always lucky enough to have indoor loos but my husband remembers the outhouse! Shudder!


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