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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Me Me shawl

I certainly finished this on time and that's a fact!!!!  

I wore it yesterday to work at 7:30pm as it was freezing cold out and it wasn't much better either when I finished class at 2:00pm but at least it kept me snugly warm.

Blocking into shape on Thursday

These are the mountains I can see in the distance from my window and it snowed yesterday morning which doesn't mean it snowed here in the city but the icy cold today is telling you it certainly snowed nearby.

Taken from Costa Blanca News

Being Sunday morning lots and lots of Alicantinos will be traipsing off up to the Carresqueta mountain to see the snow. Personally I'll pass on that I shall be off out for our Sunday morning walk somewhere nearby where there is no snow.  As you can see it is a beautiful morning this morning...taken 32 mins ago ... courtesy of

Taken from Santa Barbara Castle. Looking down over the Postiguet Beach and the Port

Back to what I call my Me Me shawl. I have never made myself a shawl!!!   I have started to make one for myself umpteen times but somehow they got given away usually to a member of the family.    I am sure you know what I mean :-)


It is big  and cosy!

I think what I really like most about this shawl other than it was very straight forward to make is the edging.  I particularly like it! It stands out!  What do you think? :-)

 This Me Me shawl is really called a Penelope Shawl and was designed by Carolyn Christmas and I downloaded the free pattern from here . I have used Katia Planet yarn which is Aran 10 ply and a 4.00 crochet hook.   It took me about a month to complete. I am sure other crocheters will be able to make it in less time. I can only crochet in my spare time and there never seems much of that.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Amanda  :-)

PS: I did have 229 followers but I see 10 have flittered away. It is a bit baffling but I am inclined to think this is Blogger tidying things up as I have read on several posts that other bloggers have lost followers suddenly in the same way too!

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Oh! that wind!

I presume we have seen...and felt the tail end of  Storm Imogen here in Spain because the wind these last few days has been horrendous.


 Alicante Carnival had to put up with some destruction such as fallen floats and cancellation of some of the events due to these high winds!
 Anyhow Carnival has been and gone now and I saw little of it due to work. The finale was yesterday with the typical "Burial of the Sardine"  ...yes Sardine as in fish!!         Funny tradition!
It is quite hilarious really what with all the mourners and widows in black (usually Men) wailing as if it were a real funeral. There were a few devils hopping around too and lots of people singing and dancing.

 There is a reason of course for this event,it is a satirical ceremony that simulates a burial (cremation) procession of a sardine. It symbolizes the burying of the past (the end of the carnival) and the beginning of the fasting period.

 I am looking forward to Easter and a few days off . It will be a quiet Easter as Daughter NÂș1 and Cookie baby will be off to the States for 10 days to visit my grand-daughter's American grandparents and the rest of her family there.

She is so excited!
I think it must be all of 5 years that she hasn't seen them.

keep well

Amanda :-)

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