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Thursday 11 February 2016

Oh! that wind!

I presume we have seen...and felt the tail end of  Storm Imogen here in Spain because the wind these last few days has been horrendous.


 Alicante Carnival had to put up with some destruction such as fallen floats and cancellation of some of the events due to these high winds!
 Anyhow Carnival has been and gone now and I saw little of it due to work. The finale was yesterday with the typical "Burial of the Sardine"  ...yes Sardine as in fish!!         Funny tradition!
It is quite hilarious really what with all the mourners and widows in black (usually Men) wailing as if it were a real funeral. There were a few devils hopping around too and lots of people singing and dancing.

 There is a reason of course for this event,it is a satirical ceremony that simulates a burial (cremation) procession of a sardine. It symbolizes the burying of the past (the end of the carnival) and the beginning of the fasting period.

 I am looking forward to Easter and a few days off . It will be a quiet Easter as Daughter Nº1 and Cookie baby will be off to the States for 10 days to visit my grand-daughter's American grandparents and the rest of her family there.

She is so excited!
I think it must be all of 5 years that she hasn't seen them.

keep well

Amanda :-)


  1. I read this post to my husband and showed him the sardine. We both thought it was funny. I love to read about different countries traditions and celebrations. Thank you for the sweet words on my blog today. I am so blessed to have such good friends here in blogland.

    1. It is a very strange tradition. During the fascist regime the carnival was prohibited but it was allowed back when that ended in the late 1970s.

      A x

  2. What a fascinating tradition, the sardine and all. That wind is something! We see wind like that with tropical storms, but we haven't had one for a while. How fun fro your family coming to Florida! I know you will miss thi=em but boy will they have fun.

  3. I'm glad the wind has left us! It'll not be long before another storm comes. That sardine tradition is just fabulous!

  4. I think it's so cool that you have palm trees there. I love them. I might have to buy a fan palm which can live here. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. I have them right in front of my windows Teresa. The wind is still with us and they are swaying very energetically indeed. Its like a dance!! :-)

      A x

  5. ooooO! Must say...I love traditions...
    We have hundreds..Neah! Thousands in Sicily!
    Friday the 13th is always an unlucky day, as
    Christ was crucified on a Friday!
    Most traditions revolve around the church, as
    the people are mostly Catholic..! Even naming
    a new born is very important!
    Sicilians still believe that the Virgin Mary
    was a Sicilian!
    There are other strange traditions...If someone
    comes to visit, you welcome them through one door,
    when leaving, they must leave through the same door!
    But...The head of the family..the domestic family is
    always 'La Madre'..The Mother..!

    1. Lots here too Willie!! As Spain is a Catholic country too it wasn't so long ago that everyone's life even political was influenced by what the "Church" would say or wanted. That isn't so anymore but of course the traditions still remain and with out doubt the "fiesta" ones more than any others. :-)
      A x

  6. Well I have definitely never come across that festival before! Not one that you would forget is it. Happy Valentines! xx

  7. In northern CA where we lived on the coast one of our neighbors had palm trees. It is amazing how they can withstand the gales! I hope your family has a great time in the states and that your schedule is more reasonable so you have more time for crafting. Thanks for posting and sharing the interesting world around you, Amanda! xx

  8. I love reading about the traditions and events that you have in Spain, Amanda, especially the stories behind them and what they mean. I hope your daughter and grand-daughter have a wonderful time in America x

  9. Love old and celebrated traditions! Hope the weather is being kinder today!

  10. The celebration is great. My grandson, who spent a year in Madrid loves sardines! I'll have to show him this celebration, XOXO

  11. Love sardines, just never knew about this festival!! Have to say the Spanish seem to have some great festivals/carnivals throughout the year, wish I could go to some!! :)

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