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Sunday, 22 April 2012

CrochetImust: A very important member of the family

CrochetImust: A very important member of the family

and as I was saying Willie has been with us for 18 years.......this April. A sad but happy tale how he came to us........ a friend of my daughter's saw a plastic bag on the floor in the lift in the students residence in the University,and it started to wriggle! It was Willie of course trying to get out from under the dead bodies of his brothers and sister....poor babe!  His eyes still closed!  The girl's mother wouldn't let her keep him so she came to my daughter and my daughter of course couldn't say no.

She took him straight to the vet and he said Willie was about 8 days old,very weak and it was very unlikely he would live, nevertheless he gave my daughter free of charge powdered milk and the tiniest of little feeding bottles so she could try to get him to feed which he thought was highly unlikely. However Willie (at that time he was kitten no name) was a determined little chap and as you can see in the photo (old copy I'm afraid!) he went for that bottle as soon as it got near his mouth... as blind as a bat but he knew that was something yummy.

There is more..... :-)


  1. this is how big alans cat was as well and i had to feed from rubber glove as had no bottle, so cute!

    1. Wasn't he just gorgeous though....quite a little imp actually C....and now he is a big Mr Grumpy!!! :-)

      Kepp well

      A. xx

  2. How lucky for Willie that he was found. It makes me so angry how people treat cats and other animals. One of our Very Bad Kittens was due to be drowned until we rescued her. The owners of her mother thought nothing about the cat being pregnant and literally just drowning the kittens as they were born!!! So well done for recuing Willie!

    1. Hi...he was lucky and also to survive a member of the family who did not want an animal in the house under any circumstances! It infuriates me no end too. I just cannot fathom how people can brutally harm children and animals so.
      Thanks and well done to you too.
      Willie has been poorly these last few days...he is feeling his 18 years.

      Keep well

      at Crafty in the Med


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