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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Granny squares will never die!

and they won't.........I've been inspired by the beautiful granny squares projects that I've noticed on following lots of really fab blogs like CreJJtionA Tale from Toadstool house and meme-rose....and many many more!!   My granddaughter's bedroom is getting to look rather drab and I thought a bright bright cushion cover made of granny squares would brighten it up.   I am using  Nยบ 5 Perle cotton and a 3.00 hook.....I chose cotton because I have lots of bits ...left overs and I really need to use them all up.   I also think cotton isn't so scratchy as Cookie babe is a real hotpot even in winter she hates cardigans and such and wool will irritate her....I can see her flinging the cushion on the floor if its too scratchy. I suppose I could have done it in baby yarn though.....hmmm the next one!
Anyhow as you can see its underway and taking photos of it has given me another perspective of how the colours combined or looked quite bright to me but now it doesn't seem so in the photograph. I have also tried to keep the bedroom colour scheme in mind.     Amanda  :-)


  1. That is going to be beautiful - I love the colours and I also use a lot of cotton or bamboo. I enjoy using natural yarns xx

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    2. Bamboo Mrs Thrifty? Yarn??? I've never used that...what's it like to work with? A xx

  2. Lovely quote Amanda! Love the granny squares too, and what a nice parcel of goodies from Arwedd.

    Have a lovely Sunday, soaking in the pool, lucky you!!

    Claire xxx


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