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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

How much will go in a jar and blog change.


Now when was the last time I did a swap....I used to swap conkers,stamps and comics at school but that was trizilions of years ago.....and for a few seconds here I am having to think how do I do do you do a cyberswap? This is a totally different type of swap something I have never done before...well never mind though...its's interesting and I have this bubbly feeling ,a get up and go feeling of excitement which I'd say is motivation..... !

I have been hovering over Katie's blog last few days wondering who I would get as my swap partner and NOW I KNOW I've been teamed with Sandi who lives over the pond in Oz...brilliant.....
I am so looking forward to getting to know my new blog swap partner and to start filling my jar for her.

Our host on this first Jar of Love Swap is Katie at
and these are the rules and regulations that we should abide by:

THE JAR  the size, shape, colour, material as we like. There must also be a minimum of 5 items inside the jar and one has to be handmade.
THE GOODIES to be sent to your swap partner must fit and be inside your chosen jar and should be items we think our partner will like this means of course that one has to undergo a bit of a research of the other blogger (or have a nosey as Katie describes it ...he! he! ) .  So better grease my dormant strategy skills folks to find out what makes my blog swap partner trill !!!   :-)
Parcels must be posted by 1st August

Just one more thing thanks to Katie who came up with this brilliant idea! Thank you.

and so the prep begins .....

I went into two Eurostetcher shops today to look for a jar. There were plenty of glass jars but I don't think its a very good idea sending a glass jar by post and weight has to be considered as well. I did find some plastic jars but....I hesitated because they looked very "nothing" sort of jars so I am going to look some more and also look in the house to see what I've got. I want something different! I might find something at the Sunday craft market too.

This IS NOT the JAR !!!! If I find one of these its for me...sorry Sandi :-)

 Blog Changes                 

I have been tweaking my blog design a little bit....I'm a bit of a tidy freak ,my blog included. Now I have 60 reciprocal followers I find it difficult to remember who is who among the icons on my long list of blogs on the sidebar and I do like to keep up with your posts and send in comments regularly if I can. Therefore to make this easier for me and also to save time I have two Blog lists now. I have separated the Blogs of reciprocal followers(the RFs) from the Blogs which are read only (ROs). The reciprocal followers  blog list speaks for itself but the read only one includes the blogs where a reciprocal follower relationship has not been established as yet or they are blogs I just read and drool over. I have placed this list on the right sidebar of my blog.
Please do tell me if I have placed you in the wrong list. I feel better now that's tidier :-)

Hello to my new followers Katie at  Grannytaughtmetocrochet  and Sangeetha at  Crochetkari              a very warm welcome and thanks for your comments and for following my blog .   

Amanda :-)


  1. Hi Amanda, I havent been on the blog reading for a couple of days so having just done a post on some 70's clothing I still own, I decided to read some of my fave blogs and noticed your last post!! About 70's fashion!! I reckon you must have been sending out blog vibes across the med!
    Anyway, just to say I like the new set up and will look forward to seeing the jar swap as it all unveils.

    1. He! He!
      I've just read your post about 70s fashion ....isn't that incredible...great minds think alike!!

      Amanda :-)

  2. Ooh I'm sooooo excited about this swap. Can't wait to see what everyone gets too! Good luck jar hunting!
    Victoria xx

    1. Me too Victoria....I am SO going to enjoy this the prep the sending and the receiving.

      Amanda :-)

  3. Hi Amanda,

    Wow! That's a lot of blogs, my friend! Kudos to you for being able to comment on all of them. Re: the two blog lists, I like your spunk and appreciate your honesty. On another note, pity we in Greece can't enter Jenny's giveaway - it is THE cutest thing! Good luck to all who can...

    Poppy xo

    1. Hello Poppy

      Oh can't we??? ... I hadn't realized Jenny's giveaway was for UK alone!!

      Amanda :-)

  4. Hi Amanda! This swap challenge is really exciting! Glad I learnt about it via you! I like your two lists blog organisation! I have done pretty much the same, except that the "only read list" is not visible! I've sent you a mail too!
    Many kisses, talk to you soon,

    1. Hello Angeliki

      E-book on its way...hope its of help

      Amanda :-)

  5. what a good idea! might have to borrow that!I sit happily in the correct collum.

    xxxx Kate xxx

  6. The swap sounds like so much fun, I wasn't able to take part this time..but I am looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with and receives :)
    Best of luck on the Jar search!
    The blog layout looks great :)
    Have a lovely day today x

  7. I saw the pic of the 'jar' before I read what you wrote, I had a second of 'oh no, what a gorgeous jar, mine looks terrible compared to that' so am glad it's not going to be mine :) (mind you it is very lovely and right up my ally) I'm glad we have just over a month to get things together for the swap, gives me time to ponder.
    Have a wonderful day.
    xx Sandi

  8. Hi Sandi

    reply on your blog :-)

    A x

  9. swap is really interesting indeed!!
    great blog!

  10. Hello Amanda....Your jar swap is such a fabulous idea. I'm sure lots of fun will be had filling them with all kinds of loveliness!
    It's a good idea to have your blog so well organised. I tend to keep my blog roll for friends...(those who visit me I don't miss their posts) and blogs that I only follow I read via Google Reader.
    Hope you are having a lovely week,
    Happy jar hunting!
    Susan x

  11. Hello Susan
    I can't take credit for this it was Katie's at
    idea however I'll try to fill it with loveliness for sure. Tomorrow I'm off out to look for the jar again. I know I have Google Reader but I never use it perhaps I should go and have a peek to see what its about.

    Fiesta week here Susan,children are out of school now until 9th September.

    Amanda :-)


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