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Friday, 9 November 2012

There's a boat coming in!!!!!!


Not us unfortunately!!!!   I wish!

A few weeks ago a friend ,over there in Lincolnshire, mentioned to me on facebook that she and her husband would be would be going on a 14 day cruise in November along the Mediterranean coast on the ship
 Azura Western Mediterranean Cruise . 
While chatting online I commented to her wasn't it a shame that Alicante wasn't one of the cruise's port of calls. A few days later I received the fantastic response that she had checked the itinerary and Alicante would be their second port of call after Gibraltar.  They would dock in during the night and leave the evening time of the next day.
Now when I want to be a fast thinker I can be a fast thinker ....
I quickly checked my work schedule for Friday 9th November and saw that I had just the one early morning class finishing at 10:30am and nothing else for the rest of the day.  Needless to say I was back on the facebook chat like a shot and sorted with my friend that we could meet up and go out for the day here in Alicante.
The weeks have passed and today is the day .... a lovely break away from routine and a chance to meet up with some friends again after two years.       Fun Fun time folks :-)

Now then as circumstances would have it this friend is also my sister's friend and they live near each other, so naturally I had to send a little something back with my friend for my sister....a little from me to you gift.

Quick quick photos !

I had to make these fingerless gloves in dark hardy colours because my sister is a school bus driver and the gloves she wears  get grubby very quickly. She doesn't like fussy garments so I only allowed myself to add one small lilac flower and embroidered stem to the right glove. The glove pattern is not my own and I shall add the link to the pattern but at this moment dear bloggers I cannot as I must fly to work and afterwards catch a boat.

Amanda :-)

PS: Embroidery on gloves inspired by Penelope's gloves' pattern on L is for Love


  1. what a lovely sister you are!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  2. What a great way to meet up with a friend! :)

  3. How lovely that you get to meet up with a friend and send presents home too, have a fabulous day xx

  4. you are so sweet! lucky sister :) lucky friend :)

  5. What a great day you will have, I hope you are enjoying it now class is over! Fiona

  6. Ooh how exciting! Hope you're having a lovely day! Maggie xx

  7. Perfect cloves for your sister, you are so lovely. Hope you have a fantastic day with your friends,

  8. I'm so happy you are getting to visit with a friend. Have a wonderful day and enjoy it to the max. And the gloves are super. I'm sure your sister will love them.


  9. First, I have a friend in Lincolnshire...well, a blogging friend that I've become very close to. While visiting my grandson in Ohio, I got to visit with one of my best friends; I cherish the time that friends add to my life as I know you do too, XOXO

  10. That's a great story!
    And I visited Lincoln for the first time every yesterday - spent the day there with a friend, it's beautiful.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  11. How lovely Amanda, I hope you have had a fantastic day with your friends, a lovely thoughtful pressy for your sister, I'm sure that she will love them :)

  12. Hi Amanda, Those are perfect gloves made in a practical color. Have fun meeting your friend.

  13. What a lovely surprise, always good to be able to catch up properly face to face. The gloves are lovely and I'm sure will be very appreciated in this cold, windy weather. x

  14. Have a lot of fun with your friends! Love the gloves!

  15. Love the gloves, she will get lots of wear out of them I am sure.You definitely need them now here, the weather is much colder now.

  16. Your sister will be thrilled with the gloves
    they are gorgeous
    I love the flower.

    Great news about the meetup with your friends.

    Happy weekend.

    x Fiona

  17. How lovely that you were able to meet up with your friends! It's wonderful when things just work out like this! The gloves for your sister are such a sweet gift.
    Wishing you a happy weekend!
    Helen x

  18. Have just caught up with your post... I hope that you had a lovely time! Jx

  19. Many many thanks for all your comments.....we had a great day out albeit short as our friends had to be back on board by 5pm but all the same we were able to show them around a little and have a super meal together. My sister sent me all our Christmas gifts via my friend which are now tucked away from probing fingers. She also sent me some other bits for crafting.....she so knows me...bless her!
    I will post about that at a later date.

    Amanda xx

  20. Am so happy that you had some time to spend with your friend, almost an early Christmas pressy!
    xo Sandi


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