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Saturday, 22 December 2012

No tree!!! ... but swap goodies yes

That's right no tree!!!  
I must be the only blogger in all of blog land who hasn't got their Christmas tree up least it feels like that )-:
Its going up tomorrow or bust even if I have to stay up all night to get it done!!!!
I am running so late with everything......I've had to help my daughter ( she has a nasty bout of flu) with the last accounts and paperwork at the school before closing for the Christmas holidays....and finally at 11:30pm this evening its sorted...more or less....phew!

Over to nice nice things and to show you what Gracie from One Saylor's log has sent me in her snowflake swap parcel which I received mid week.

She has been so considerate and thoughtful and also very observant too as I have received some goodies which I can definitely relate to and most particularly to this Winnie the Pooh pack.
Going to look forward to opening this..... this weekend
 I've always been fascinated with Winnie the Pooh and loved to read his stories when I was a child. I think I like to cling to this little bit of childhood and dreamland so much so I made sure that Winnie-the-Pooh was very much present in my daughter's childhood and of course in my grand-daughter's too.

I am very much a tactual-visual learner and person, by that I mean I rely on the sense of sight and touch to take in information,understand it and remember it. Therefore that Gracie has sent me this pack of beautiful postcards of her area of Oregon gives me a lot more information than just a pretty picture although pretty is somewhat an understatement as I would say these views are fabulous and I would love to see them in real life.

She has also sent me a beautifully made delicate snowflake which I will put on my Christmas tree and tell everyone that this snowflake has flittered in from overseas. That isn't all and a lovely red friendship bracelet which she made herself and that means everytime I wear it I'll think of Gracie :-)

Everything was accompanied by little holly notelets describing each item very thoughtful. I also received a post card of the Saugerties NY where Gracie used to live with her husband...again its a visual aid which gives me more information and ignites queries and thoughts about that part of the world. I can see Gracie has really thought about me as a person and not just a contact and I appreciate that tremendously and I agree Gracie we do have a lot in common. Thank you so much.

Oh! no I nearly forgot a handmade dishcloth and BUTTONS yes buttons ....a really nice selection of different buttons!

 In my next post I'll be showing and giving you details about my Christmas cracker goodies that I have received from Tracy at Mad about Bags.

I'm off to decorate a tree!!!

Amanda :-)


  1. *Sigh* Snowflakes, Pooh Bear, Buttons & Post Cards ... you lucky Gal, Amanda. I love it all ! xx

    PS Thank you for your Crabby Cabby "LIKE" !

  2. Oh that is just gorgeous. Gracie is such a thoughtful swap partner. I am glad you two got along! X

  3. Sending you Christmas blessings, Amanda!
    Santa came early with such treasures from Gracie!
    with love Maria x

  4. Have fun doing your tree :) Bet you're doing yours in the relative warmth - its pouring down with rain here in the UK :(

    Have replies to your email - you didn't get spammed this time!!

    Vicki x

    1. Hello Vicki
      Just finished and now the photo session....I went to bed at 4:15am but I got it done and now to baking. It is lovely and sunny outside I must say and I think I'll go for a stroll before I start the baking :-)

      keep well

      A xx

    2. What a lovely swap Amanda, and good luck with your Christmas Tree!

      Have a wonderful Christmas

      Love Claire xxx

  5. Festive Greetings Amanda, I have only just got my tree up if that makes you feel better and it's just a tiny, fake thing. I thought I better make a bit of effort, I do have quite a nice Norwegian spruce somewhere but it will be in a moving box that I've not opened from the last 5 years of living in rented accommodation.
    Hey what a lovely selection of gifts and things from your friend, it's great when someone goes to that amount of time and effort.
    Have fun trimming your tree and getting in festive spirit. x

  6. Sooooo glad everything arrived safe and sound and that you are pleased with what I sent :) This morning one of my grand girls was again admiring the little Christmas tree you sent which I have perched on my tea tray. I told her my friend Amanda who lives very far away in Spain made it. She wandered off pondering "far...far...away." I have wondered what it would be like to have the tradition of some who put up a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, and even though that is not your custom I hope that you can find joy in the process of putting up your tree this weekend after such an especially hectic week. Thank you again for the lovely thoughtful gifts you sent me, Amanda and thank you also for taking the time and care to prepare this post. Please rest and enjoy a Merry Christmas :) xx from Gracie

  7. I am so glad you got your lovely parcel, I too have been on the other end of Gracies generosity, we are both blessed. Lovely swap items, I think you two are made for each other.


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