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Friday, 29 March 2013

In the corners

Bless his heart!

I really should not gripe about him ....... I'm just having a little "let off steam".
Sr P who took early retirement when the family business closed down sees to the house and does the cooking when I'm working.  We've always shared the household chores as I have always worked too  but now Sr P is at home full-time and I work full-time so he deals with the household.
 OK I digress...returning to my grumbling......
.......where does it say in a house husband manual that corners should not be cleaned and while I'm at it under the settee, behind and under the furniture, and the beds .........yes under the beds..... for goodness sake!!!!   I could plant a veg patch with the mass of fluff I found under the beds!!

Yes......I am spring cleaning!

There are parts of my spring cleaning I enjoy ..... I put on some good music and get to it. What was it this morning ..... ah yes I cleaned my house accompanied by Celine Dion,Michael Bolton,Adele and the Beatles...... it so helps having some music to sing to as I get on with the chores.
However I do not enjoy piles of ingrain dirt in blinking obvious places which have to be cleaned more often than once a year.  Tch!
In all fairness ( beginning to feel a little guilty now about grumbling) having been a workaholic and now forced to be a house husband is not his idea of fun.....he hates it . However he does his best and I must say he is a super frugal shopper he knows where all the bargains are.  Bless him!

I have just finished a couple of makes, a couple of little gifts other than this here ,that I showed you in a previous post, for my new niece GR .....I'll be sending them off to the UK tomorrow.

Baby's first Easter Bunny
My first attempt at fabric applique and machine sewing it. I followed the very easy to follow video tutorial here. I sewed the ear ones on by hand but the others I did on the sewing machine but they didn't come out too tidy at all and in fact puckered in some places. I'm thinking its best to hand stitch applique to crochet .

and I also made GR an Easter Beanie which I call the Fairy Garden pattern,my own creation.
Do you see my new model?  Pooh Bear wasn't too keen on modelling a girlies hat so my grand-daughter has lent me one of her old dolls

 Lots of these processions are going on here over the next few days. Unfortunately in Andalusia where they have some very impressive processions the rain is causing havoc and many have been cancelled.


Amanda :-)


  1. Is it a bad time to admit that I only clean under furniture when I am carpet cleaning. ie. not often. Weirdly I have spent 8 hours doing my crochet today........

  2. A little grumbling does a person good, that is what girlfriends are for. When I ask my hubby to vacuum he will vacuum the kitchen and family room, but not the rest of the house. Or when he takes out the garbage another garbage bag will not be put in place, ah men...they are so interesting.
    Hugs to you,

  3. It's okay to grumble once in a while-we all do it. My hubby is actually a more thorough cleaner than I am. :-). Love the bunny and the hat. I can't see any puckering at all on the bunny, it looks darling. Have a blessed Easter.

  4. My housework CD is The Marvericks, The Easter bunny is so cute, I think it's their tails,

  5. I know this is a serious matter and i shuld not find it least bit hilarious, but Amanda you have written this post so well that i am laughing! I am sure any man would hate doing household chores daily...infact anyone would hate it..but you guys are great together. Lovely crochet items especially the cute felt patch bunny!

  6. Glad you got that off your chest, now you can settle down do more crafting. :) Love, love, love that bunny. Absolutely adorable. With my RA, I don't clean as well as I would like and since the Hubs works full time, there's not much cleaning done around here. I "hit the high spots" as my Mom use to say and then do what I can when I'm feeling good. Happy Easter to you, my friend.


  7. What beautiful creations!!!! My hubby would be the same way with house cleaning, cooking FORGET it, we would eat out every night!!

    1. Many thanks for your kind comments on my previous posts. I'm so delighted you find time to visit.

      keep well

      Amanda :-)

  8. That was a fun post! My husband helps me a lot in household chores which is not very common in India for men to work in Kitchen. I appreciate but still grumble and also feel bad about it. We are so used to our way of doing things that we want them to do it the same way and with same sincerity . And if that becomes a daily routine, then obviously we cannot blame the poor soul:)
    Your creations are cute; I especially liked the garden hat:)

  9. Better out than in, I'd say. I confess I have only just realised after many years how a quick weekly clean of (all) areas avoids back breaking scrubbing.

  10. Hi Amanda, First of all, thank you for the comments you left on my blog - they were much appreciated! Things are slowly settling into a routine - the problems are compounded by the fact that the aged one lives an hour away from us.

    When I was a child I promised myself that I would not engage in the spring cleaning ritual when I grew up. Yet I find that it exerts a siren call, the first hints of Spring sunshine see me scrubbing and cleaning, when what I really want to do is to be outside and enjoying the weather. I think it must be programmed into us, darn it!

    I love the sweet little bunny and the beanie.

    Have a lovely Easter!
    Elaine x

  11. Gorgeous bunny & beanie - well done! I think there should indeed be a manual or at least some form of Guide to Housework for Husbands. A little while ago, the Hubby was hoovering his cave (aka the study) as he'd been making something messy and I asked him to just "do the sofa" in there too - obviously meaning for him to use the upholstery attachment for the Dyson - but passed by a minute or so later to find he had the whole Hoover up on the sofa, moving it back & forth!!! No clue! I could do naught but laugh :-)
    Happy Easter, wishing you & Señor P a blessed weekend.

  12. Love the little rabbit! Sweeter than the dust bunnies...


  13. Hi Amanda. Lucky you having a househusband!! Great most of the time but men definitely dont see the house work as we do. My dad vacuums a sort of circle in the middle of their living room but rarely does he pull anything out to clean behind it. Tony does the same too! I think thats the difference between men and women!!
    Anyway, more importantly I am loving the Easter bonnet and the bunnies!!

  14. Good morning Amanda....Such a lucky lady and the shopping being done so efficiently too! (and your lovely hubby's only missing the bits we all hate to!)
    Gorgeous crochet pretty and I love the spring colours!
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter Weekend,
    Susan x

  15. luckily even my husband is a good "housewife"!!!! ;oD
    Love your bunny and the sweet hat!!!!
    Happy Easter, xxx Ale

  16. Lucky you having your hubby to do the housework, I am with him in this one Amanda cos I hate house work too haha. Love your makes the little bunny is soo cute and that hat it adorable. The procession looks very impressive, I would love to see it in real life, have a great Easter :)

  17. Your bunny is gorgeous and the hat is pretty nifty too. I hate housework, but while Mr FD was working 6 hours a day (& I was working about 3 hours a week!) I definitely thought I should do it. Now I'm working full time and he's not working, I definitely think he should do it. But I've not quite convinced HIM of that yet! We both hate doing housework, but, TBH, Mr FD is more thorough than I am about it, so I mustn't complain. And he still hasn't quite recovered from his bike accident 3 weeks ago, so I have to be forgiving & patient!
    Happy Easter to you and yours.

  18. I've told my hubby that when he retires, be expected to take over the household duties! I love the bunny and your appliques are perfect...really first try? Your crochet amazes me. Happy Easter, XOXO

  19. Happy Easter to you and yours, Amanda.
    Love from Mum

  20. Ha ha, I'm sure his doing his best, but men just don't seem to do things like us girls (properly... lol). Your lil Easter Bunny is so sweet, love your applique, definitely finishes it off. Happy Easter :) xx

  21. Your Easter bunny is gorgeous Amanda! I should start my spring cleaning too! Especially my windows need to be cleaned so much. That is something I really hate to do!
    Have a wonderful and happy Easter!!!

  22. Really cute bunny, I'm sure he/she will be well loved!! As for spring cleaning.......until the sunshine appears, I'm not starting at all (especially as I hate cleaning under beds!! Sooo much stuff under them!!) Hope the rain has stopped and not too many processions are cancelled :)

  23. Oh dear, Amanda. I have been "thinking" about Spring cleaning, but were you to see my space you would be bonking me on the head with a feather duster to motivate me to get on with it :) Your bunny and hat are adorable! I am still working on Miss Maggie Rabbit. Yesterday I made her bloomers and started knitting her capelet. Fun! Blessings to you and yours. xx, Gracie

  24. Sounds like you've got a good husband there Amanda ... So have I ... But there are lots that wouldn't know one end of the vacuum cleaner from the other, so for that we must be thankful! Good luck with your spring cleaning, I'm indisposed and lying n my sick bed, thinking of all the jobs that need doing ....

    Enjoy the rest of the Easter holiday

    Love Claire xxx

  25. Sweet sweet makes! Love the hat, very pretty and such a cute bunny. Hehe! I think that is a worthy grumble! ^_^

  26. Hi Amanda, Oh I love the hat perfect for Easter. Your grumble made me smile. My hubbys favourite saying is 'I was going to'. He always says he'll do tasks around the house but it doesn't happen. I just don't think they see dust like we do. Although if I had my friend's husband I'd be able to put my feet up he comes in from work and starts on any chores that need doing.
    Ali x

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