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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

San Jose or Father's day


It's San Jose and father's day today here in Spain.
Today is a day when we talk about the past,reminiscing a little,memories of our parents prominent on today of all days, as both mine and Sr P's parents have gone from us now. They aren't sad moments but happy ones which we'll enjoy.
Our tribute to our loved ones. 

My daughter will be calling in later on this morning as she always does on Father's day and she'll be bringing  her Papa a bar of chocolate for father's day.

The bar of chocolate was originally a small bar of chocolate, what she could afford from her pocket money when she was a child, it has increased in size considerably since then and sometimes there are a couple of jumbo sized bars of chocolate. My husband has a terribly sweet tooth and its the perfect gift for him :-)
Cookie, my grand-daughter will be bringing her YiYo ( grandpa in Spanish) whatever she made at school for father's day. Sr P is the father figure in Cookie's life as she does not remember her father. He passed away when she was very young and my daughter became a widow in her early thirties.

It's what I call a quiet day ...a satisfying day ... all is well and my family too.

As mentioned in my previous post and as my swap partner Debi at Busy Little Chicken has posted about the contents of the swap parcel I sent to her, I can now talk to you about my little Mutant Muggaducky that I made for Debi:

Muggaducky sitting on the tub I used to send the swap bits to Debi in.
 He was inspired by Annaboo's wubberducky at Annaboo's House he didn't turn out so pretty as Annaboo's wubberducky though. In fact the poor quackers is quite an ugly quackers nevertheless I am all for positive thinking and hope he'll grow into a beautiful lad when he gets older.
 I also sent Debi the following:
A spring brooch 

My first attempt at making a purse

You never give a purse without some cash in so I included a vintage 1940s coin

and some local pottery from Agost

Go gently please with your criticism my blog-friends, Muggaducky is very sensitive about his looks!

 Happy Happy father's day to all of you who celebrate it today, 19th March

  Amanda :-)


  1. Aww he's lovely Amanda! You're being too hard on yourself ...

    Have a lovely fiesta today with your family, and looking forward to hearing about it next time

    Love Claire xxx

  2. Even in Italy we celebrate Father's day on the 19th of March (San Giuseppe)!!!
    Your little ducky is adorable!!!
    xxx Ale

    1. Many thanks for your comments...... Muggaducky is feeling happier today!
      Have a great father's day :-)

      A xx

  3. Our Fathers day in on a Sunday in June, Muggaducky is lovely very quirky.

  4. Hi Amanda,
    It sounds as though all is right with you at the moment. :-)
    I think that purse is fab, and I can't believe it's your first try!!!

  5. Well I love him ... He is Quakers! We have just left Spain but know the sun will be shining. Have a lovely day. Your Crafty swap was lovely.
    Hasta Leugo lindav

  6. Hi Amanda, just catching up I've missed so much! Great swap, love that little chick, hope you are having some fab family time! :) x

  7. Well I think Muggaducky is just the cutest! Have a happy fiesta with your loved ones, and have a great week,

  8. I happen to love the little duck and think he has unbelievable charm. Hugs to you,

  9. Aw cute little duck Amanda. :)

  10. Hi Amanda, Thank you for your lovely comment on my wedding post and also thank you for nomitating me for the blog award. I'm so sorry I haven't replied before now. No excuses except been rather busy wwith one thing and another. I'm now catching up with all the blogs I love. What a lovely day you had for Father's Day. Your little duck is adorable - such a sweet little face. Maggie xx

  11. I think Muggaducky is adorable. He's charming and brings a smile to my face and isn't that what he's intended to do? Glad you are doing well.


  12. I think muggaducky is too cute and will bring a smile to anyone that seems him. your handmade little purse is awesome

  13. The lovely 'Muggaducky' is very happy, and sits next to my Toy Story Alien on my computer screen (you can see on my blog) !. Hope you had a very lovely San Jose and
    Fathers day, and enjoyed lots of chocolate!! :)

  14. I love Muggaducky! He's very sweet. Beautiful swap goodies.

  15. Love the duck and your first attempt at a change purse is great! Happy Celebrations, XOXO

  16. What an adorable duck! And your purse is lovely!

  17. I think Muggaducky is very sweet looking. I wouldn't dream of hurting his feelings. Your coin purse turned out beautifully. Thank you for becoming one of my followers.

  18. Your little duck is cute! Making a purse is also on my list but I have the frame without holes:( need to figure out how to attach...I am not sure if fabric glue works .


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