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Friday, 19 April 2013

This is the Third one

Amaergé Lotus Flower
inspired by fabergé.

first it was Pear Blossom and then the Heart Apple  and now the Lotus Flower........

After the disaster of my previous make and having to frog it all out, I've immediately gone and completed the next make on my long long list of projects.

It's my sister's birthday at the end of this month so I've made her this for her birthday. I call it a Lotus flower ring tidy. Its for her new bedroom in her new house.

My sister has just brought a house which she will eventually live  in, when they decide to stop work. She has a motel in Gilgandra,NSW Australia which they keep saying they are going to sell but its doing so well they also keep saying ...... one more year! They are both pensioners now but they just keep going.

I don't usually advertise anything on my blog but you will excuse me when I say this is the best motel in Australia,the most fantastic,nicest and wonderful motel you can visit and the cleanest!  

It being family and all a little bit of extra publicity always helps.
Pop in here and have a look around. 

Have a wonderful weekend

Amanda :-)


  1. It's beautiful Amanda, a work of art you are very talented to create something like this, I'm sure your sister is going to love it. The Motel looks lovely too just a tad too far away but you never know! have a fabulous weekend xxx

  2. A very pretty make! It will be right at home in the best motel ^_^

  3. Hope your sister continues to go from strength to strength. She will love your present xx

  4. You are so clever, what a lovely and pretty idea, your sister will be thrilled. I'd love to stay in the motel, just don't see us going there except in our dreams :) xx

  5. How beautiful! I know your sister will love it.

    Blessings - Julie

  6. thankyou for your lovely comments jenx

  7. Beautiful! You have got lots of talent and I'm sure your sister will appreciate it. I wish I could visit that cute motel but the NW United States is a little far away. :-)

  8. You are so talented in crochet and this Lotus Blossom is exquisite. Good luck to your sister on her knew venture...if I ever get to Australia, I'm looking her up, XOXO

    1. Hello Susan
      Many thanks for your comments on my previous post. I am delighted you find the time to visit.
      As always the variety of your cooking amazes me. It goes from one scrumptious bake to another. I am a great lover of cinnamon and not just because I like the taste of it in sweets or cakes but also for medicinal purposes. have you heard of the medicinal uses of cinnamon if not pop over to an old post of mine here

      A xx

  9. Hi Amanda,

    Your latest creation, this Lotus Flower is absolutely exquisite!! Love the gold touches and I'm sure your sister will cherish it!

    The ensaimada you featured the other day looks delicious!! It reminds me of a sweet yeast based bread we have here in Crete. Can you recommend a good recipe?

    Thanks for sharing.

    Poppy :)

    1. Hello Poppy

      I have never made it myself. Heard so many times it is finicky to make that I have never tried it! However after hunting around on the www a bit I finally found a recipe for you here:

      If you do make some ensaimadas please let me know how they turned out :-)
      Many thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments.

      Amanda xx

  10. Hi Amands, I love what you've made, your sister is very lucky! Thank you for visiting my new blog and for your lovely comment. I came over to say hello and to follow you only to find I'm following you already! Silly me. Lots of love xxx

    1. Hello Emma

      Thats my fault then because I thought as I had to follower you again on your new blog you'd have to follow me again on mine but of course mine isn't a new blog. Thats ok then I'm very glad we are still in contact and always welcome your comments on my blog

      Keep well


  11. Oh for the kind of weather to make me want to take a dip in that lovely pool! If I am ever over there I will be sure to book in. Lovely Lotus flower, lucky sister!

  12. ~ Dear, Amanda...I am dreaming and wishing my self a visit to that motel! I really am...Australia, well tis a place I just would love to visit! (one day) Clever YOU...Gifts made from the heart as so much more special and most especially those made with LOVE...~ Take time to dream, lovely YOU!
    Love Maria x

  13. hi Amanda, love your newest creation!

  14. That's really pretty, bet your sister will love it! The motel looks really welcoming, especially the pool and gardens!! Have you been over to see your sister there? Oh, and your last post about the 'cake filled with cream' made my mouth water....yummy!! :)


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