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I am here to enjoy meeting other bloggers and to share my love of craft ,mostly crochet, my thoughts and my daily happenings here in Alicante,Spain, my adopted country. I belong to a local choir because singing and music makes me happy. Flea markets and book shops are two of my favourite places to be. I read lots......sci´fi/fantasy,buried treasure, and off world adventures. I have a passion for history! I walk and walk and walk for about 10 months per year during the hot months I swim.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Where is my mojo?

First things must come first.

Last week I received my swap parcel from my partner in the Daisy Row's Springtime/Easter swap  Debi at Busy Little Chicken ....oh! but these swaps just brighten my days and Debi's parcel was no exception because just look at the colours of this lovely tote bag she has made for me and this notebook cover with my name on too.

Debi has also sent me a selection of English tea's which I so very appreciate because I am a Tea drinker!  I don't like coffee,or cappuccinos or hot milk,or cocoa,TEA is the only hot drink for me....lets just say I'm addicted for you to understand.There were several there that I've never tried before so I'm looking forward to sitting down relaxing and enjoying some new flavours.

 Can you see the bar of chocolate peeking out from under the tea sachets,well that is evidence that I received it because its gone now!  Debi also made a little key ring for me which was filled with lavender..... its making my bag smell so lovely.

 I think I've said this before but its worth it saying it again. I'm so lucky as I have met some lovely swap partners and received some wonderful swap gifts since I participated in swaps and I plan to participate in many more.
Thank you so much Debi for all these lovely goodies :-)

 George Bernard Shaw

One of the vague reasons why I started blogging ,as explained in my very first post here,was to obtain constructive criticism about my crochet and pick up new ideas. I was feeling terribly brain dead where crochet ideas were concerned. The latter has been more than accomplished as I am amazed at the great ideas and creativity out there in blogland. It really is wonderful!

Some months ago and having paid particular attention if not rather enviously to fellow bloggers who in my opinion have found their craft niches to name but a few,Millefeuilles with her gorgeous hares,Lorraine and her cute toadstools and sweet bunnies,Susan and her fabulous knitting patterns which even makes me consider learning to knit.. As I also feel more comfortable and happy with the whole blogging set up I've been trying out for awhile now this make and that make to see if I can find my own niche within crochet or multicraft (crochet & other).   What am I getting at with all this chitchat, well just that it 'aint' happening I just can't find something I am happy with. There is nothing as yet that fills me or in other words makes me feel that this is it and inspires me sufficiently to make a couple more of without losing interest.
I am creative I know that I have imagination enough to fill umpteen fairy story books (if I could write) create unfathomable dimensions and other imaginary worlds but it just stays in my mind and does not transfer to my hands!!! )-:  sigh.....!
My plan is I have no plan just continue to try out new things sometimes mixing crochet with other crafts in the hope that one day I will find my mojo and what fills me craft wise.

Does anyone out there feel the same?

Amanda :-)


  1. Good morning yes I can relate-I am always exploring with new avenues-mostly in fiber though. I always have several things going at the same time-so whatever calls to me-that's what I do that day.
    I have towels on my weaving loom, hand quilting in my quilt frame, always quilts to be made, I am hooking a rug too. and of course I enjoy making soap, and love to hand dye fabrics. I also am thinking about my next mixed media art piece-as I sold one this winter-was so excited about that one.
    I am never bored-lol and I love have many interests-I would be too bored only doing one thing all the time-like only quilting, or only weaving etc

  2. Funny, that is my plan, too. I see something I like I will try to make it, it might be crochet or knitted, I have even attempted to sew a few little things. You see I don't want to be one dimensional, and I want to be able to make what I want, with no one dictating to me what needs to be completed. I think that takes all the fun out of it. Breathe and relax and do what you want to do.

  3. Hi Amanda, what a great swap parcel. As to my craft, for me it used to be cross stitch, it used to make me happy, but now I feel I needed to branch out, I like sewing, although I am not 'good' at it, but I would like to improve, I like the idea of quilting and I think applique is something I could really get into, I hope you finding your crafting home.

    Shirley x

  4. Thanks for taking part in my swap, I'm so pleased you enjoyed it.
    I am 64 years old now, I've knitted since I was 5, I've crocheted since I was in my teens, I've made my own clothes, curtains, cushions, cover chairs. I've made and knitted clothes for all my children (now all fully grown) and grandchildren, I've had a go at quilting, card making, sketching, painting and a few other things as well, but I dont have a ONE THING which is "it", I guess I'm a Jack of all Trades and Master of None, but I'm happy that way. It's just nice to know I can have a go at anything if it takes my fancy, I'm currently passionate about photography. Best just go with the flow.
    Joy xx

  5. Hey, I get like that, I quite often pick up a ne craft for a monh or so and then don't do it again for a year! I think it is good to try new things, I would rather do lots of different ones than just concentrate on one craft!! Hope you find the one you are looking for! Faye x

    1. hello Faye

      Thank you for your comments on my latest post. I think like your self I'm going to keep doing lots of different makes ....the ones I feel I want to do and hope I'll eventually find my mojo that way :-)

      A x

  6. looks like a great swap parcel.

    maybe your 'thing' is being multi-talented!

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments.
      Multi-talented I rather like that expression...perhaps I should just settle for that.

      A x

  7. Artful expression through many mediums is my delight, Amanda. That I want to be deemed worthy, or clever, or productive in one single interest is less important to me than being simply creative, and exploring the creative process.
    Blessings to you and yours,

  8. I usually find myself crocheting or knitting and that is what I enjoy most these days. But, when my eyes were younger I adored counted cross stitch and embroidery. I have also quilted but always find myself returning to yarn. And making things for others instead of myself gives me the greatest joy. I hope you soon discover your own joy giver.

  9. Look at all the skills you have acquired so far by dabbling in a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It's obviously enjoyable so why do you have to stick with one thing? I agree with Joy. Go with the flow. Enjoy what you are creating now.
    Love from Mum

  10. Amanda, in my eyes, you are a truly gifted crafter and I enjoy your blog posts to much. I do cross stitch and crocheting and if I had to choose the one that makes me happy, it would have to be cross stitch. But there are so many things out there to try and I think that's what should give you joy. Doing and trying and ever expanding your abilities.


    1. Hello Sharon
      I've been so meaning to comment on your recent posts but something always crops up. I'm doing it now and I refuse to listen to the cat wailing at me 'cos he wants his freshly cooked fish or my husband telling me from the lounge the cat is hungry. Willie can wait!

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments here and it so makes my day to hear someone likes to read my posts.

      A xx

  11. Gorgeous swap goodness.
    I just play and play and hope that something good comes out of it!
    I think you make beautiful things anyway and your posts make me smile.

  12. Listen to your readers! I for one love to see what you are dabbling in and they do say variety is the spice of life! X

    1. Many thanks for your comments on my latest post and I'm listening to my readers and chiding myself for being impatient.

      keep well

      Amanda :-)

  13. Just keep doing what you do, does it really matter, as long as you are having fun?! Creativity is expressed in lots of ways, just enjoy doing what you do! :) x

  14. Lovely things in your swap parcel Amanda...I wonder where the chocolate went haha. Yes I'm the same as you there is no one single thing that I can say inspires me to keep doing it. I have to have a lot of variation or I do get bored. I do enjoy making blankets but I have to be doing other things at the same time, oh and I have to have lots of colour, making something with just one colour bores me too, that's why its great that there is so much inspiration out there to keep me motivated. :)

  15. Create and have fun in doing it!!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  16. I think we all feel like that from time to time. It must be a phase. A few days back I was thinking of getting my sewing machine out, as a break from crochet. Then some new pattern catches the eye and I am back to crocheting. At present it is my blogging mojo which I think I have lost as my posts get further and further apart. Also Facebook quickies seem very enticing though initially I did not really like Facebook. Pinterest is also very distracting.
    As far as your crafty goodness is concerned, I think you are genius. After that beautiful crochet pear, I wanted to become your student!! I love visiting you for some sunny Med joy.

  17. oh the crafty mojo is a temperamental little thing; mine ups and leaves just when I think I am on a roll, then doesn't come back til its good and ready despite any amount of coaxing and propmting. What normally happens for me, is that I'll come across one image that will inspire me so much I have to start there and then. I dont keep a Pinterest board, but I love to look on there and I have random inspiring images from magazines in a folder I get out every now and then. With regards to a 'nich', I think a mix up most describes me - I'm not a master of any one skill in particular, but will give most crafty things a go!
    I'm sure the mojo will come back soon!
    BH x

  18. Hi Amanda, I feel we all go through this very same thing every now and then. I get like this very often....seems a lot lately. I have been working on a blanket for Garrett for over a week now and I think I must have ripped it out over 10 times! Maybe it's the colors I am using...maybe it's the type of yarn....maybe it's because I seem to always use the same old patterns, I might need a new book with newer patterns.....who knows??? So don't give up, your will mind your mojo again, this happens to all of us!
    Keep well sweetie!
    Shari xx

  19. Hi Amanda, glad the parcel reached you safely and that you liked the chocolate! I know it's not everyones cup of tea :)
    I also have lost my 'mojo', which seems to be happening quite a lot just lately....I blame the bad weather we are having here at the moment,and the fact that I have no heating oil for 9 days!!! I have many things on the go at once (it took me 30 years (yes, 30!!) to complete a hand made rug, much to the amusement of my kids!!) I still can't find the 'one' thing to hold me, but I won't give up looking!! Maybe I'll need a bigger craft room though, as I'm running out of space!!!
    Debi x

  20. Lovely swap and just keep dabbling - I do x

  21. Dabbling is good ... variety is the spice of life and all that :)

  22. Hello Amanda,

    It's been a while! Hope you are well. Just finished reading some of your latest posts...boy, you've been a busy bee!! How interesting that you swap all those darling creations with fellow bloggers; it must always be a nice surprise when you open your parcel! I also think the other swap is neat, the fact that you and your husband have switched roles due to work reasons. Similarly, if I lived in Alicante, I don't think I'd swap it for anything!!

    Keep in touch,

    Poppy xo

  23. Dear Amanda,

    I've only just caught up with this post and it's set me thinking about you. You clearly have a fab imagination Amanda and I cannot help but think that you should write. I also think that working long hours, as you do, takes a lot of energy away and makes it that much trickier to let your imagination flow!

    Yes, I love making my hares, mice, etc.: they make me unbelievably happy but my greatest love is writing and I have put that love on hold because I find it mighty hard to concentrate with three children in my life especially with a 3-year old who talks A LOT. Writing's hard work, don't you think? But surely everything that matters most to us is hard work...and worth it.

    I think I'm trying to say... just write even if it is a few minutes a day! Sorry, do I sound stupidly bossy? Put that imagination down on paper; you've got something going Amanda. I think I found it easier to write once I pinned myself down to a subject I really cared about... perhaps it would be the same for you?

    Warmest wishes,


    1. Hello Stephanie

      Many thanks indeed for visting my blog and for this sound advice.
      Curious that we are on the same wavelength because I had also thought that I'd wait until the summer months when I do not have such a heavy work load and then allow my imagination to run riot then whether it is writing or crafting.
      Its not that I don't enjoy going with the flow I just don't feel totally satisfied with what I've been making and I still feel that one day I will make something or somethings that will thrill me. This does not mean I shall concentrate on one craft as there are always variation of a theme. It goes with out saying that I'll continue to crochet as I am totally addicted to it. :-)

      Keep well

      Amanda :-)


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