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I am here to enjoy meeting other bloggers and to share my love of craft ,mostly crochet, my thoughts and my daily happenings here in Alicante,Spain, my adopted country. I belong to a local choir because singing and music makes me happy. Flea markets and book shops are two of my favourite places to be. I read lots......sci´fi/fantasy,buried treasure, and off world adventures. I have a passion for history! I walk and walk and walk for about 10 months per year during the hot months I swim.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

A decision and celebrating.

A decision.

As much as I would like to reply to all comments on my posts I am finding it persistently difficult to find time to respond to them. This is due to work!It also looks as if  I'm not going to get my usual break over the summer months either. However in these difficult times I cannot turn my nose up at work!
I know I have mentioned this in previous posts but I still feel I am not pulling my weight where responding to comments and posting on my blog is concerned.

I have two options:
  •  I stop blogging.
  • I continue to lag behind but answer when I can and post when I can and kindly request that all bloggers and followers take note that is the way it has to be with Crafty on the Med until further notice . Further notice as in:  I win the lottery or the other circumstances not of our making are resolved and we don't have to foot the bills. Which will result in working less and blogging more :-)
The first option is unthinkable of course....that would really be the last straw that I have to give up my blog because of work. I count myself lucky in that I like my work but I also thoroughly enjoy blogging so they are just going to have to be compatible.
it is obviously the second option.  

and now to fun things

On 27th July I will have been blogging for two whole years!!!  

I still can't totally explain why I like blogging so very much but I'm going to try, at least to show my appreciation to all those fantastic bloggers I am in contact with.

I love that it gives me an enjoyable objective; a make,a post and answer & give comments.

I love that it makes me think about what is outside of my box,consider other points of view,cultures,circumstances.

I love that it has introduced me to some really wonderful people.

I love the inspiration and creativity it has awaken in me.

I love when bloggers comment on my posts it makes me feel recognized,comprehended....alive.

I love ....yes I could go on but to finish off I love that it is just for me. It is my space.

I must also add that I think the reason I started my blog has been fulfilled numerous times now! 

Therefore I really must celebrate with a GIVEAWAY! I haven't decided what it will be as yet...something has to be something nice. It'll be open to the world and beyond as usual.
I'll give you all the details on 27th July when I start the TWO YEARS GIVEAWAY.

Bye for now 'cos I'm off to the pool to soak!

Amanda :-)


  1. Don't worry about responding, we know you are there.

  2. We know you are responding just not in print :)BTW LOVE the whale I love water and everything that lives there

    1. thanks for your comments Tami....yes I am proud of the photo as I took it myself. The sea is my element I need to live by the sea :-)

      A xx

  3. It has to be option one, we love you too much too lose you. We are all busy and post when we can, some weeks it is more than others. Do what you can and don't put pressure on yourself. We are here for you, and frankly would love to join you by the pool.

  4. Please keep bloggin!!! I love reading your posts! I too am struggling to blog more than once a week at the moment. It is frustrating because I often find myself doing things which would make super posts, but I am too busy doing them rather than writing about them :) Stay in touch, even if it is less often :)

  5. Well, I certainly hope you don't stop blogging because I only just found you.
    It's hard fitting everything in especially when we are outside more at this time of year.
    Enjoy the pool and beach!


  6. It really doesn't matter Amanda, there are lots of bloggers out there who never respond to comments, it is lovely to get a response but I know it's not always possible we all have commitments and to be honest in the Summer it's lovely to be out and enjoying the sunshine while we can. Don't stop blogging I know you enjoy it and we enjoy your posts, just do what you can. I found this interesting and very true.

    Enjoy the pool (wish I could join you) and try not to work too hard! :)

    1. Hi Linda
      Thanks for these comments. I found the advice on the webpage very interesting and I thought I could easily relate to it.

      A xx

  7. I agree with everyone else, you don't have to reply to everyone or every comment, nobody minds. I think we are all so busy, I wish I could spend all day reading blog, replying to and making comments but I can't, right now I'm just well jell that you get to go to the pool....wish I was there! xx

  8. Amanda, dont feel pressurised into feeling you have to respond to every comment. I find it difficult too but I hope fellow bloggers will understand.It would be a shame to not have any blog posts to read because you didnt feel you would have time to reply to comments. Dont worry about it so much, I'm sure a lot of people are in your boat too.

  9. Oh I'm so glad you've chosen the option to keep on blogging. We would miss you too much. I don't know how to respond to comments individually so I guess it removes the pressure a bit. We want you around no matter how often you can visit us and share your life.
    Many blessings,

  10. I really don't expect any replies. I find that I blog when I have time and read posts when I can (there are just so many to read). I'm glad you've decided to continue, you're one of the first blogs I started to follow. enjoy your soak... sigh... :) xx

  11. And I love reading your posts. You post, I read - it doesn't matter how often. Do what you can, when you can. We'll be here.
    Love from Mum

  12. Tis not a crime to not respond to every comment! I am sure most bloggers sometimes do sometimes don't. it does not mean you are bad in any way! NEVER stop blogging!!! Tis such a joy to pop in and read! Everyone has busy lives and can't always do everything....unless they have super pants and are wonder woman/man!! It is of course lovely to hear from you but I for one(and I am sure lots of everyone elses) would never have a bad thought if you did not comment back! Ok?!? Hope I'm not being miss bossy pants....sometimes I get a bit too Yoda-like! ^_^
    Lots of hugs for you( the granny square bag has been much admired btw! I am currently using it as my new project bag and very handy it is too)
    Enjoy the pool! ^_^

  13. But, of course you must keep on blogging! Your posts are always so interesting! I read them all, even if I don't often leave comments...because of lack of time and because I read you on my cell phone!! No one will blame you for not replying. I also find it difficult to do!!
    All the best !!!! And happy blog anniversary!!!!

  14. Amanda, while I love it when you are able to type a note, I, who am supposedly retired, find it impossible to comment on all the blogs I love to read, and I do not expect you or others to always be able to comment. I am coming up on my two year blogging anniversary as well and have been trying to think how to celebrate with some sort of give away, also. Blogging combines many of the creative interests I have and gives me a form of expression for those creative interests which I very much enjoy! Commenting back and forth with other readers or bloggers is a pleasure I had not fully anticipated when I started blogging. While a comment is a gift I love to open, it is precious especially because I realize I can not acknowledge all the lovely posts I get to view, and others share the same reality check :) Blessings to you and yours!
    Gracie xx

  15. Hi Amanda, I'm so glad you decided to continue to blog... It's so much fun and such a creative space in our lives. I believe and hope that the people who comment on my blog know how crazy life can be at times... So I try to tell them all how much I appreciate them in every chance I have, but I also cannot comment on very ones comments. Life is short and we have to make it easier. We all understand and know you care , but ost of al I'm happy you are going to continue to blog .. Much lobe 3)

  16. all noted!!! Happy to know that you are continuing to blog!!!!! ;oD
    xxxxx Ale

  17. Glad you decided to continue blogging, as and when must resonate with all of us, hope you can still find time in your busy schedule to craft. Enjoy the pool

  18. Amanda, just win the lottery then come visit each person who has commented on your blog. Surely that will keep you more busy then now :) Happy Blogging Anniversary ! x

  19. Hey Amanda, congrats on your 2 year bloggiversary, great effort.
    Life gets in the way of blogging at times and it's hard to find time to reply to comments.
    But it's nice to have your voice in Blogland.......
    Hope the dip in the pool did the trick........x

  20. And we all love having you here too, Amanda! You have become, to my mind, an important member of this wonderful blogging community and it would simply not be the same without you.

    I think we are all wearing ourselves a little thin in our desire to connect with more and more (wonderful) people. I'm doing a pretty imperfect job staying in touch but I do feel really happy when I get to visit a handful of blogs in the day to show them that I'm thinking of them.

    Two years already? Gosh! I've just realised that mine must have turned two a month ago. I did well to pop over to see you.

    Hugs from afar and don'( forget to keep a place for me in the pool ;-)

  21. We all love having your blog around and we love having you there. Don't fret about replying. I totally understand but I don't get around to replying myself as often as I should. I have to thank you for the kindness and help you gave me when I started blogging. July 24th will be my first anniversary but I'm going to see Sweet Baby James so I'll have to put off the celebration for a while. I can't wait to see what you come up with for your giveaway. I know it will be something fabulous!!!


  22. Oh I'm glad to hear you didn't decide to stop blogging. Life does seem to get in the way of blogging time. Sometimes I have loads of time to spend here and other times I can only pop in and out. Congratulations on 2 years of blogging.
    Ali x

  23. don't worry about this Amanda, I don't always have time to respond either-what I like to do is when I have time to visit the blogs I follow; to comment on their blog and the way blogger is set up-one never knows if our replys were answered or not unless we have the time to go back and look-and I usually don't have the time for that either

  24. It's funny I have felt exactly the same. I worried about not responding and not catching up with other's posts and not posting enough. So much so that i thought 'I can't do this anymore'. But then I remembered the pleasure I get from posting, reading lovely comments and all the other wonderful things that blogging brings. I thought I'm just going to post when i can and reply when i can and now I feel much better. Hope you do too. xx


Thank you for your comments. I do read them and try to reply to all as well.Please keep them coming. Amanda :-)