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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Winter babe

Fifth day and migraine free today! 

What a relief to wake up this morning without that heavy load bearing down on me....never really had migraine before and now know what it is. Just absolutely no idea doctor seems to think stress. I get the feeling the doctor's diagnosis of stress means "I don't know why you have migraine either "
Meanwhile during the lucid moments I have turned to my own therapy, crochet , and have finished this blanket I was making for a little winter babe....a babe who will be born on 30th December.... a beautiful New Year gift.....a little girl.
My nephew will be a grandfather at 40....they seem to get younger and younger!!!

 This 12 point rainbow ripple star baby blanket pattern is by Celeste Young and can be found here on Ravelry
 It was a breeze except for running out of the yarn in the middle of the process and having to order and wait for more of the right colour to arrive. 
I used a 4:00 hook,Red Heart Soft Baby Steps  Yarn in Aqua,Lavender,White, Strawberry and for each border Coats SMC Micro Grande in white,purple,mint green and soft pink.
 I still had some leftovers of the yarns used so I decided to use them up making a little beanie for the newborn. I added earflaps to it and some ties and I was very pleased with the beanie when I finished it but I felt it needed something else, so I tried this and that but as soon as I saw the cutie little bear ears on Alison Cromwell's Newborn Baby hat pattern I knew I had to try them out. 
I'm sorry but I am not sure now where I got the pattern from...I suspect from Ravelry.

The bow was taken from Michelle R Kovach's pattern found here

From swap to swap: 

I am still participating in the Autumn Glow swap hosted by Blueberry Heart  and my swap parcel to my partner Helen at Moonstruck Creations was finally received three weeks ago.I did indeed go through a few anxious moments there thinking it was lost but it finally turned up at Helen's house,I am pleased to say.  I wouldn't usually think of joining another swap until the one I am participating in has been completed but I enjoyed Tracy's Christmas Cracker swap at Mad about Bags last year so much that I want to do it again. I couldn't resist the temptation,so I'm in and on 11th November we will be assigned our partners!!!

If you would like to participate in Tracy's Christmas Cracker swap you still have time:

I must take this opportunity to thank all bloggers who have offered, in my previous post, to help Spanish Stray's and send supplies for Kerrie's Christmas craft stall.  I am super proud of you and the response I have received. 
Unfortunately I continue to have problems with my mail slipping into some recipient's spam folders and they don't get to see it. 

Here you have Kerrie's address if you have not received my mail :

Kerrie Edwards, Apartado de Correos 176. Los Barrios 11370, Cadiz, Spain

weekend nearly here!!!!

Amanda :-)


  1. Your blanket is beautiful. New mum and new born will love it.
    I've just found your email in my junk folder!!
    Love from Mum

    1. hello Mum
      Many thanks for your is a really warm blanket so I think a little winter baby in the UK is going to appreciate it. How email going into the junk folder that is. I have been told that will continue like that unless the recipient saves the email address in their contacts. A x

  2. The baby blanket is absolutely beautiful, Amanda! And the little hat is so adorable. I love to see the clever crochet things that you make. Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen x

    1. Hello Helen

      Thank you so much for your comments. I must admit I am very satisfied how the hat turned out and it is so dinky!

      Keep well

      Amanda x

  3. The blanket is gorgeous!
    Sorry to speak out of turn re above comment. Sometimes I find it helps to put something in the subject box of the email then they don't end up in junk folder. I learnt this lesson with a friend when lots of my emails ended up there!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      Many thanks for your comment.
      All advice is welcome Julie! I always give my emails a title in the subject box otherwise I get a little message popping up indicating the subject box is empty.I also usually reply using the senders email so there is a subject already in the box. It is so annoying. I also get follower's email in my junk folder too so I have to check my junk folder everytime I check my Inbox .

      Hope you receive this properly!!!

      Amanda xx

  4. Beautiful blanket, and something special that can be kept, hat's a cutie too :) xx

  5. I'm glad you're now relieved of your migraine. Beautiful blanket and a very sweet beanie xx

  6. your blanket is just adorable!! lovely colors!! :) I had started this pattern sometime back but never got to finish because I was using a heavy yarn.
    A grandfather at 40 ? that's too early ! Convey my best wishes to him.
    Take care of your health, sometimes, doctors are of no use.

  7. LOVE your sweet baby blankie, it's just gorgeous - and the little bear hat is fab. That's one lucky wee babe!
    Have a lovely weekend ,

  8. Adorable blanket and beanie, I'm sure both Mum and babe will love it. Sorry to hear you have started migraines, they are really horrible, especially when they last for days, do hope it was just a one off encounter.
    Enjoy your weekend

  9. Hope you're still migraine free... Love your blanket and that little hat is adorable... x

  10. Amanda, WOW!!! That blanket is amazing - you are so clever!!!

  11. Its beautiful. I am glad your migraine has finally gone. I get them and they are so debilitating. I am better now I am taking medication to prevent them, I dont have anywhere near as many nowadays.

  12. I love the blanket Amanda it's so much fun making a star blanket, it's really beautiful, I'm sorry to hear you have had a migraine, I used to get them often but I think it was hormonal, now that my hormones are gone so have the migraines thank goodness. The little beanie is so cute, have a great weekend. :)

  13. Migraines are awful aren't they, glad to hear you are migraine free at last xx your blanket is fabulous I really want to make one in christmas colours may just have to add that project to the to do list. How long did yours take?? Thanks for sharing the cracker swap the numbers are building up nicely and there is always room for more xx

  14. Good Morning Amanda, Oh you poor thing, suffering with a migraine is awful. I have never had a migraine, but my friend suffers and she has to lie down in a darkened room as the light hurts her eyes so much.
    I love your baby blanket it is so gorgeous..... and what can I say about the is fabulous, I love the little ears and the bow is just lovely. The baby will look super cute wearing it...... as if a baby needs to be cuter than they already are.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Best Wishes

  15. Beautiful makes Amanda....The colours in your baby blanket are gorgeous and the little hat is so sweet!!
    Best wishes too that you get those migraines under control....they must be terrible to deal with and it must be very frustrating not to be sure what the actual trigger is...
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Susan x

  16. Glad to read that you're feeling better. Jx


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