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Sunday, 15 December 2013

How I do love thee!

How I do love thee!!!

I have to admit my yarn addiction is getting worse!!!
It doesn't help of course when this madam hovers near by so frequently!!!!

Yarn Fairy

The title of my post today is more than apt as I have indeed recognized the emotions.....the excitement,the feverish feeling,the sweaty brow and twitching damp sticky fingers as I lunge out and grab new yarn that has just come in .....and once in my grasp I hug it to me with a stealthily gesture as if someone would steal it from me. At the same time I seem to hear the words "its precious" tingling in my mind!!!!   In love with yarn!!!!

OH! JOY!!! dear peeps I just have to tell you the good news....a new yarn shop has opened up a few streets down from where I live. A KATIA yarns shop.

 I saw it yesterday lunchtime and of course it was closed and I won't be able to get in to see it and contemplate the wonders until next Saturday as I have a new intensive course at Cruz Roja (Red Cross Alicante) and most shops will be closed when I get it is going to be a long arduous wait....tch!!!

Here's the update on my latest swaps:
My Autumn Glory Swap hosted by Blueberry Heart is on its last leg now and my busy busy swap partner Helen from Moonstruckcreations  over in the UK has been able to get her swap parcel on its way to me the end of November exciting .......I should be receiving it very very soon.
My Christmas Cracker swap hosted by Tracy at Mad about Bags parcel has been received by Louise from ButtonandBabes in the UK and her swap parcel is also winging its way to me so that means another scrumptious parcel to look forward to.    It is so the right time of the year to receive parcels....I do wonder if the postman doesn't just feel really abundantly loved over these christmassy weeks too.

I am sending you the following message from Kerrie from Spanish Strays. Do you remember I sent out an appeal to craft bloggers here? Well she says a big big thank you for the generous donations of craft goodies which she has received for the Spanish Strays Christmas stall.  Here you have some pics of some of the goodies but there are more which you can see on the Spanish strays facebook page here.

 A splendid display and generous donation from Penny at Violet White .
More beautiful craft goodies from Chrissie at Chrissie's blog

Their first Christmas fair was yesterday and Kerrie will also be posting photos on the SS facebook page of the stall and information on how well they did.

My W.I.P are slowly getting done but not fast enough for me when I look at this lovely new yarn that I have brought and I am dying to get my hands on!!!
I am just going to show you peeks of what I am doing at the moment.

 They would , of course, get done much quicker if I concentrated on one thing at a time but I just can't as I get so easily distracted by all the Christmass crafts loveliness I keep seeing on everyones blogs.

I've posted this Sleeping with Cats chart because

  it immediately brought to mind a post from Mouse on her blog  A View from the teapot ,where Mouse comments about the problems caused by her cat sleeping on her pillow every night. The pillow takeover as indicated on the above chart.
 It also coincides with our own problem. Now that it is quite chilly at night our cat tries to wheedle his way into Sr P's side of the bed. I see that is called the spoon on this chart. His maneuvers to wake Sr P up result from the most gentle of taps on Sr Ps head to a frightening horrendous yowl right in his ear which literally makes him jump out of the bed .....Sr P that is not the cat.
Sounds funny doesn't it but not when it is night after night!!!. 

I feel there was something else I had to tell you but it has quite slipped my mind!!!    It will have to keep until my next post which I hope will be in within a week and not two weeks as is the case at present.

Have a wonderful Sunday rest!!!

Amanda :-)


  1. Lovely yarn Amanda and yes I think the addiction does tend to get worse, not helped I fear with a new yarn shop opening so close to you, you have my sympathy haha, I have so many wips too but they are all on hold until after Christmas too much to do and so many blogs to see, Have a great week Amanda. :)

  2. Looking forward to seeing the finished WIP, and it must be sooo frustrating that you cannot get into the new yarn shop!! :) x

  3. I know that yarn feeling - the looks, the strokes, the wanting.
    I know that 'must start another project' feeling too.
    Our cat's a lap warmer and nut bonker!
    Love from Mum

  4. What are you making with this lovely yarn?

  5. I am insanely JEALOUS AOF THE FACT YOU HAVE A Katia shop to go to! My last new yarn was katia n I got 2 of their books! I'm after one of their baby pattern books but I'm afraid I'm on mission impossible here!! I want to own a wool shop JUST to stroke all the pretty colours!!!

  6. Oh my! You are definitely in trouble if you're having these feelings before even stepping into the yarn shop so close to your home. Has your husband been warned of this malady? :-). Love the cat cartoons and the pictures of the generous gifts for charity.

  7. Yarn addiction...hmmmm can we just call it "fantastic fiber appreciation"...or how about "our calling to celebrate creativity using yarn." When you are able I hope you enjoy visiting your new yarn shop, Amanda. Although I chuckled when imagining your husband's encounter with your cat, I remember the adrenalin rush I got when our cat used to talk to me nose to nose when I was sound asleep. I can't recall chuckling...until long after I was fully awake! Merry Christmas :)

  8. Oh you are not the only one with a yarn addiction. My local yarn store is going out of business and I went there twice last week and bought oodles of yarn. At 35-75% off do you blame me? I bought things I bet i never use, but who cares it makes me so happy. I can't wait to hear about the new shop. See it even makes me happy when you buy it!

  9. I love that new yarn feeling!!! It is the best. I have about 4 skeins awaiting my knitting stash and I can't wait to get to it.

  10. There are so many possibilities when you have a new ball of yarn. Just look at all the pretty things you've shown in this post! ENJOY! And Happy holidays!

  11. Amanda, just wanted to stop by and wish you a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy this special time of the year! Hugs, Maria

  12. My New Years day was half taken up with yarn sorting...oh heaven! ^_^ And tomorrow I might pop in to a sale where I know I might see some new!!! Just to look.....perhaps! ^_- Forgive the very late MERRY CHRISTMAS ( puter trouble!) and a very very happy and yarn filled new year for you
    lots of hugs


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